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Can you rank Jughead's best styles ranging from funeral, construction, serpent, retro, homecoming, sweater, Scottish kilt or nothing but a towel.

This is gonna be such a hard task, since I LOVE his style, but yes! I think I’ll be able to do this!

8th Place: Scottish Kilt
Don’t get me wrong… He looks really good, but… NEXT!

7th Place: Homecoming
Damn it, isn’t he just… Perfect?

6th: Retro
Such an adorable boy!

5th: Construction
These arms…

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4th: Sweater
Okay… I have a thing for Jug in sweaters…

3rd: Nothing but a towel
No words are necessary. (PS: this is in the 3rd place because we didn’t get to see much of that scene XD)

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2nd: Serpent
Oh god… *fans myself*

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1st: The Funeral
Formal Suit + Beanie= My heart exploding! He just looks so cute!

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This was probably the hardest ask I’ve ever answered, tbh… I just love this boy with all my heart, and ranking his looks… Oh, god… This boy is just

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