The Geeks Are Always Right
  • But then all the comic books started coming true. - Oh. Interesting. (the comic book geeks, ASiB)
  • CREEPY GUY (holding a funeral urn): She’s not my real aunt. She’s been replaced – I know she has. I know human ash. (ASiB)
  • It had to be him! There’s no-one else it can be! Do you not see? … It’s like he’s coming back. (Philip Anderson, MHR)
  • LESTRADE: Derren Brown?! Let it go. Sherlock’s dead. - ANDERSON: Is he? … I believe in Sherlock Holmes. (TEH)
  • Howard Shilcott, the train guy
  • Because they are right, and we are wrong. (TAB)
the signs as latin phrases

thanks to @ravendcr

vulneror, non vincor / i am wounded, not defeated.

sit sine spina / let it be without thorns.

viresco et surgo / i flourish and rise up

cadenti porrigo dextram  / i reach out my hand to the man who’s falling

alis aspicio astra / rising on my wings, I gaze at the stars

volando reptilia sperno / as I fly, I scorn creeping things

dum vivo, spero / so long as I live, I hope

ex urna resurgam / i shall rise up again from the funeral urn


optima sperando, spiro  / by hoping for the best, I breathe

audio, sed taceo / i I listen, but am silent

cadenti porrigo dextram / i reach out my hand to the man who’s falling

lumen caeleste sequamur / let us follow the heavenly light

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music tag!!!
rules: put your music on shuffle and answer the following questions, then tag ten people!!
tagged by: @luminous-phil

the first song describes how you feel: seventeen by alessia cara (maybe bc I can’t wait to be seventeen aye)

the second song describes your love life: your love’s like by sabrina carpenter (it’s like pizza)

the third song will be played at your wedding: he can only hold her by amy winehouse (Amy was the first female singer i ever listened to so I’m fine with that)

add “in my pants” to the fourth song: feel no ways in your pants by drake (…..)

the fifth song will be played at your funeral: III. Urn by childish gambino (very peaceful)

the sixth song is your theme song: we can’t stop by miley cyrus (hell yes)

the seventh song will be played when you think of someone: ribs by lorde (honestly I would like that)

(some music/artist recommendations even tho it’s not part of the tag: alessia cara, AlunaGeorge, atlas bound, banks, beach goons, tori kelly, TØP, the black keys, carly rae jepsen, frank ocean, gallant, and phoebe ryan:) edit: and Thirdstory is cool and very lovely. there are a lot of many other artists but that’s a whole different post)

i tag: basically anyone who likes this post because it’s 12am and I’m to tired to think of my dudes.