You’re Fired (So Yeah You Win) - Ch. 3

Pairings: Clexa, Octaven
Rating: M (for now)
Words: 6k+
Part: 3/?  

Summary: The one where Clarke draws Lexa’s name for the office Secret Santa, not knowing Lexa is the President of the company she works for. The gag gift she gets her is a bit… unconventional. A dildo. It’s a dildo.

Aka, the Secret Santa AU

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“I need you to be at the airport by six.”

“Please tell me you mean p.m.”


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Spain returns Colombian treasure seized from drug gangs

Spain has returned to Colombia 691 indigenous artefacts seized in a police operation 11 years ago.

Most of the ceramic items are of huge cultural and archaeological value, and date back to 1400 BC.

They had been smuggled out of South America by a man linked to the drug gangs, the embassy in Madrid said.

Following a court order in Spain in June, the items have now been handed over to the Colombian authorities and taken back to Bogota.

They were placed in the Museum of America in Madrid while the long legal battle proceeded.

Some of the items, including ceramic sculptures, funeral urns and musical instruments, went on display at the museum in June. Read more.

The most recent crosser, 105, had been found in Maverick County, no ID, no fingerprint match, and his DNA had been sent for testing. The 104th crosser was identified quickly: a 41-year-old from Mexico whose family was working with the consulate to bring home his remains. The 103 crossers who had come before them had their own sad endings or non-endings. There was a man whose entire family lived in North Carolina, who had been trying to travel to join them, and instead of a welcome party they ended up having a funeral with an urn of ashes. There was another man who was found with nothing but a roll of U.S. bills, all $100s, and a love letter in English that was too decomposed to read much of except for the last line, “I can’t wait for you to hold me again.”
Sorry Jon, but you’re wrong

I just read an EW interview in which Jon Bokencamp said the following:

Red values loyalty above all else, and Mr. Kaplan betrayed him in the most impossible way. Remember, Reddington killed Newton Phillips in season 1 by suffocating him with a plastic bag from a funeral urn. He shot an old woman (Diane Fowler) after she betrayed him. Hell, he shot Pee Wee Herman! The man is ruthless. In Red’s mind, Mr. Kaplan had to go.

Except this was nowhere near the same thing. Newton was coerced and bribed and as a result Luli died. Diane Fowler was never loyal to Red, and she had a hand in Luli’s death, so yes she had to go. Mr. Vargas attempted to kill Dembe and set up Red and Liz to either save his own life or for money.

What Kaplan did hasn’t cost any of Red’s people their lives and it was following a primary order of Red’s: Protect Elizabeth. The idea that Red would feel he had to kill his oldest friend for trying to protect the person he loved most is hard for me to believe. Red does appreciate nuance in circumstances and has shown restraint when it suits him. 

He didn’t kill Madeline Pratt when she set him and Liz up for the theft of the statue. As far as we know, he hasn’t killed her for handing him over to the Kings.

He didn’t kill Dr. Orchard for forcing Liz through a dangerous memory retrieval procedure.

He didn’t kill the Major for sending Red ‘defective merchandise’ and allowing Tom to switch allegiance to Berlin.

He didn’t kill the FBI executive with dangerous knowledge of his relationship to the FBI who exposed him to the people at the Shell Island Retreat.

So yes Jon, Red is ruthless, but we’ve had reason to hope he’d come up with a fairer punishment than death.

Decorative elaboration. Terra-cotta funeral urn from Oaxaca.

Man in the Primitive World; an introduction to anthropology

E. Adamson Hoebel
New York: McGraw-Hill, 1958.