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-Merch giveaway! -

-Most of this stuff is some leftover items i got from The Confessions Tour! But in the process of sorting everything out i found a signed Megosh poster that i included. -


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  • will be picking a winner at random
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  • sorry i will be shipping only in the U.S

i will be picking the winner one month from now, May 12th, 2015    

  -picking the night of the 12th, so anytime between 7:00 PM midnight (eastern time)-

Giveaway Inclues:

  • Alesana Army PMA T-shirt (size small) 
  • Alesana “Confessions” wristband
  • The Ivory poster
  • The Confessions Tour poster signed by all of Alesana ( doesn’t look like its signed because they used black sharpie, but i promise it’s signed) 
  • Vanity Strikes CD (they played on the Buffalo, New York date) 
  • Megosh Posted (signed by Derv, Finch and Josh) 
  • The Funeral Portrait CD
  • The Confessions Tour VIP laminate 



Dirk Gently fans! Tomorrow is the SEASON FINALE of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, 9/8c on BBC America and we’ve got another reason for you to watch!

Watch live (East or West Coast airing) and look for a special hashtag on-screen. Tweet it and you’ll be entered to win one of the following costume pieces worn in the actual show:

  • A Mexican Funeral band tee (size small/extra small)
  • Future!Todd’s tank top (size small/extra small)
  • Bart’s construction uniform 
  • Bart’s button-down shirt
  • Gordon Rimmer/Todd’s fur coat, complete with fake blood!

Winners will be selected at random, and as these are actual costume pieces worn by Elijah Wood, Fiona Dourif, and Aaron Douglas, there’s no options for sizing. Click here for full terms and conditions. Good luck, and don’t forget that season two is coming in 2017!

midnight ; hemmings au  pt 2 

Luke didn’t bother to get up from his perch on his headstone. Instead, he waited for Hayley to approach, his white eyes watching her closely. She pulled her jacket closer around her as a cold breeze blew through the graveyard. She walked closer to him, stopping at the end of his grave, toes teasing the loose soil that would soon grow grass.

She stared at him for a moment, taking in his appearance. He was dressed similarly to what he was wearing at the funeral home – a white tee shirt, simple black skinny jeans and black leather boots. His black hoop was still taking up rent in his lip. Dark hollows hung beneath his eyes, and his hair was flat, pieces falling in his eyes.

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