funeral hall

We are the suicide kids
The generation between x and y
Who saw the end of world but didn’t know what it meant
Who have more slit wrists and psych appointments then opportunities
I wish this was a brighter poem
But we are the kids who hid from the abuse behind masks of false smiles
We know how to work harder because we’re competing with people twice our age and skill
And no matter how much training we can’t fix it
There’s more drugs then hope
And everyone knows a drug dealer, or 6
We are the abused that became abusers
Giving each other mental scars I’m not sure will ever heal
We are the kids who don’t know what’s behind the mask
Because we never got a chance to explore
I’m not blaming our parents
They did the very best they could in a world that changed so drastically
I can’t say I’d do it any different
I tried to grab on to the remnants of what I thought our identity was
But it got lost somewhere between the lines of the people we want to be and who we are
A generation that’s so sick of having to carry knives and pepper spray
Who know what it’s like to sit silent in a room full of predators
We aren’t perfect
But our killjoy noise stains the flag
Most of us have fallen into some kind of hell
We call it home easily
Always know someone who lost their war
We are comfortable at graveyards
At ease in church halls from funerals
Have a list of songs they can’t play anymore
And maybe this time we’ll do better
But this is all we’ve got

Even tho the lining is still just pinned, I’m presenting it as finished, cause I’m not sure when I’ll get around to getting more thread for this project.

I’m very happy with the effect! I am throwing away my cloak pattern though, I get uneven hems, and I need a better one. But it worked well enough for what I wanted on this.

Hopefully whenever I do a shoot with this, it will be on a windy day, and you’ll be able to see the gorgeous lining color.
And @myrddin-emrys I’ll need you for this!!

Anyway, quick piece finished. Onto other things. Not sure what will be next.

The Starks (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader) Chapter 5

Bit short

I’m trying my best not to make this series crappy

The next chapter is something I wrote last year, the part I was so eager to write so I just wrote ahead;;;; So I think that would be the most exciting chapter in the whole series. I think. Hopefully you will enjoy that and this one as well!

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When [Name] called Peter he didn’t answer. She called him again but still no answer.

“Why isn’t he answering?” She said, worried.

“I don’t know. He hadn’t answer my call.” Ned looked equally worried as she was.

Peter had been ignoring their calls and didn’t even come to school since the last field trip.

“Maybe he’s sick.” Ned suggested.

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Theoden’s Funeral Cloak side-by-side…

Theoden only has four looks in LotR: Everyday, Bespelled, Armour and Mourning.
I had two done, and I figured an easy, quick cloak would be a fun project and give me the funeral cloak Theoden wears.
Even tho my trim was store bought and not painstakingly hand sewn, I’m still very pleased. It’s such a good piece for more moody Theoden photos, or to even wear with other things!

The Art of Flower Arrangements

Prompt: Florist

Summary: While working at her older brother’s flower shop, Rukia had arranged many bouquets. She often wondered how it would feel to receive one. Maybe she wouldn’t need to wonder anymore when a cute boy started frequenting the shop.

You can also read it here.

Rukia yawned tiredly. All she wanted to do was go home, take a nap, and then start writing her essay which was due on Monday, but she had put it off for weeks and had officially run out of time. Instead, she was at her part-time job, trying to stay awake. She looked at her phone and realized she still had three more hours to go until her shift ended. “Damnit.” She complained, her brows furrowing. Sighing, Rukia looked out of the window, and tried to pass the time by watching the people go by, ignoring the shop.

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Sir Peter Hall: Theatre giant dies aged 86

Founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company and former National Theatre director Sir Peter Hall has died at the age of 86.

He died on Monday at University College hospital in London, surrounded by his family, the National Theatre said.

During his career he staged the English language premiere of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and the world premiere of Harold Pinter’s Homecoming.

Sir Peter had been diagnosed with dementia in 2011.

There will be a private family funeral, with details of a memorial service to be announced at a later date.

Sir Peter became director of the National in 1973 and was responsible for the theatre’s move from the Old Vic to the purpose-built complex on the South Bank.

He founded the RSC at the age of just 29 in 1960 and then led the company until 1968.

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A couple of hours ago, Saudi Arabia bombed a funeral hall in Yemen. 

The plane then hovered and waited until rescuers came to the scene and bombed the funeral hall again.

This “double-tap” strike, a horrifying tactic often used by US drones and now Saudi planes, is intended to target anyone who comes to the aid or to mourn the victims. A close collaboration by the richest countries to kill Yemeni civilians, but who gives a rat’s ass, Yemenis are ‘too poor’ to matter!

[STARCAST] “Are you curious of Choi Dal Po?”…Lee Jong Suk’s 30 hours for ‘Pinocchio’

We were at the press conference of SBS-TV ‘Pinocchio’ on 3rd. A question was asked to Lee Jong Suk. “Lee Jong Suk are you realizing your popularity these days?” Lee Jong Suk opened his mouth after a deep thought for a little while. A shy smile was on his face. “Since I feel disconnected from the outside world…. I’m not realizing my popularity. However, I heard that the response is very good. I’m shooting the drama happily.”

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