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Dear followers, this is my living will.

Lately, it’s been quaking a lot here in Chile, so if a quake higher than 8.2 comes around and I die, I just wanted you to know that I made a letter for you all. It’s in my school locker and two of my closest friends have a copy of the key. If you can’t find those friends, the key is the one that’s hanging around my neck.

Also, there is a protected folder on my laptop named Bite The Booty, full of sketches of Victuuri and Zimbits that I’ve never posted. Password is #LetKatsudonGetMarried2k17. Please post it.

Crown Princess Victoria will fill in for her mother tomorrow, March 21st, by attending the Stockholm Peace Talks Meeting at City Hall.

Queen Silvia, along with Princess Madeleine, are expected to attend the funeral of Prince Richard of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, the late husband of Princess Benedikte of Denmark. Princess Benedikte is Princess Madeleine’s godmother.

—  Svenskdam

According to information provided to the Swedish Women’s Weekly, we can now confirm that the entire Swedish Royal Family will be in place at Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister’s funeral.

As we previously reported  the Countess died on June 26 at 91 years old. The funeral will be held in southern Sweden on July 12, two days before Victoria’s 40th birthday. The date was chosen because the entire royal family will be gathered.

—  Svenksdam
Good morning stranger

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Fandom: Reign
Relationship: Charles x Reader

“Good morning stranger,” you whispered as you entered Charles’ chambers. It was the day after the death of King Francis. Charles had spent the whole night in your chambers talking and crying, though he would never admit it. Now the servants were prepping him for the funeral, then his crowning ceremony. Today he will say goodbye to his brother and replace him, all on the same day.

“Morning love,” He croaked, you knew the lack of sleep was getting to him. You walked closer as he fixed his sleeve. You swept a piece of his hair behind his ear. As you stared into his puffy blue eyes your heart ached worse. You already were grieving over you dear friend, but to see the boy you love in this state made the pain worse.

“Could you give us a moment please my dears? Just wait outside the doors, I’ll call you when we are ready.” You spoke calmly to the servants who filled the room, they bowed towards Charles and exited the chambers.

“How are you feeling, my love?”  Charles questioned as the last servant left. You turned back to him with shock on your face.

“How I’m feeling doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are ready for tonight’s events.” Charles smiled at you.

“You are the greatest thing in my life, and I know you are hurting too. You and Francis were close, Don’t hesitate to share your feelings with me just because he was my brother.” You felt a tear run down your face and Charles soft thumb wiped it away.

“I’m so sorry I’m crying,” Charles shook his head.

“Don’t be, just promise me you will be by my side at the funeral.” You shook your head, the tears flowing faster.

“I’ll just embarrass you,”

“You never could, my queen.” You gasped

“Charles. Do you really mean that?” He nodded and smiled for the first time that week.

“Francis and Mary approved it before he passed, tomorrow we will be married and you will be crowned queen of France.” You jumped on him hugging him as tight as you could, forgetting everything that had happened. Just you and your future king, everything and everyone didn’t matter.

“I love you Charles, i am so sorry for how the world has been to you but I am certain things will get better.”

“I love you, my queen,” he leaned his forehead against yours a smile spread to both of your faces.

“And I you, my king. I’ll never leave your side.”

“The words I always want to hear.”


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