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in order to prevent my inbox from overflowing and my time from shrinking to nothing, I’ll put up a list of what I think is going to happen (it’s a list because some times what I think diverges from what spoilers say and I hate being wrong and I’m usually not).


Riggs (because spoilers said he’s going to kiss someone) and Meredith (because spoilers say she’d going to kiss someone as well, in one of Mer’s not finest moments - remember she’s going to bicker with Amelia over Derek again on thurs. And Ellen said it’s def not Alex and “it’s not hard to guess [who it is she’s going to suck face with]”)

Riggs and Maggie (cos that’s what it would look like, should I not know any better).

Calzona (would that really be a surprising hookup? really? haven’t we been waiting for that to happen for the last 482250245 years? hasn’t Kevin McKidd been clear enough about that?) AND there’s that photo with the lipstick smudges.


( I’d still like to point out the work proposal has more than one meaning, it might refer to marriage, moving, jobs, etc. my bf actually greeted me last week with a proposal for pizza and the minions movie )

Jo and Alex (I mean, we often forget about them (at least I do), but they have been together for a hell of a long time and they barely have a house and have exchanged ‘I love yous’. plus, the engagement storyline was totally forgotten throughout 12b and I’m not Jo’s biggest fan, but man, just let them be happy and married and normal for once).

Jackson and April (it would be totally weird, but when I saw them at Joe’s talking amicably about the baby’s schedule and when Jackson said all those things about them being friends and feeling the baby kick and whatnot, I couldn’t help but think it might be them - no idea why, I don’t even ship ‘em)

Owen and Amelia. (I KNOW I said many and many and many times I truly believe it’s not them, but I’ve read from what I consider a semi reliable source that it is in fact them, so I’ll leave it be. STILL keep in mind the proposal might be about moving together or about the top secret, Derek involving stuff we know nothing about, so I’ll just leave this up here). (my mind made it okay, because if Amelia is pregnant, which is totally a supposition and just something to make the pieces fit, Owen would totally ask her to marry him) I want them to be happy, but I want to see the relationship work and I want to see them make it work before they take bigger steps like this, Owen did it with Cristina and I would think he’d know better now than to jump to marriage after three seconds they have been a stable couple (as stable as those two can be.) ALSO I just want to see them in their honeymoon period of their relationship, that - I think - is a thousand times better than cheesy, cliched proposal and pregnancy storylines. at least for now, might I remind everyone Amelia ran from an engagement to Seattle? if Amelia doesn’t have commitment issues I’m shonda freaking rhimes (I’m not actually, sigh)

Callie and Penny (let me explain before you kill me. I’m hoping by now Callie will have realized just how big an idiot she’s been recently and will consider dumping Penny who will soon be leaving for ny all by herself - Penny, feeling this, will propose to Callie in the hope of salvaging their relationship, who will obviously say no. in typical grey’s fashion they’re letting us wreck our brains over something stupid. yes, this is contorted and improbable wishful thinking)


doubt I even needed to add this, but it’s definitely Kyle, reason why I briefly thought he and Steph would be one of the couples with the proposal thingy going on, but it’s him. I mean, meningitis? Kind of a crap way to go, but it was to be expected.

I would add Penny, but we all know she’s already a goner.

things to keep in mind:

part of the finale was shot in Mer’s house, where they shoot every freaking thing, but it makes me wonder if it isn’t a Jolex/Omelia engagement party.

another location was one of the Japril wedding churches (other reason I thought they were the ones involved in the proposal scene), which might also mean another wedding (although in none of the BTS pics we ever got anyone dressed even remotely nice enough for that - yes, we got them last year when Richard and Catherine got hitched), funeral (see above category), christening (though April is still pregnant, waaat) or I have no idea what a church could be needed for, unless there’s another time jump involved (PLEASE NO). I’ll put down baby shower, but just because logic - it fits with grey’s drama like Amelia Shepherd with the Kardashians.

we’ve seen BTS pics of Owen and April (who is still obviously pregnant and with a really pretty dress on, which - I might add - was covered up in some of those pics as if it should have been kept under wraps), and Alex and Jo (dressed a lot more casual than April) and the attire suggests nice but not formal, hence engagement party and I would say Jolex immediately, BUT we have no pics at all of Amelia (who could be a little more fancier dressed, but guys this is starting to feel creepily weird).

Meredith and Amelia are going to be wet in the finale (I feel dirty just typing it).

something is happening at the church with a car in the rain. (April’s going to have the baby in the car? it might also mean the church is just an exterior and nothing is actually happening on the inside)