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A friend of mine recently left her job to follow her dream of starting a fresh juice company. It’s been great to see her go from idea to Kickstarter campaign to running a legit small business. It’s also been amazing to see her resourcefulness. To fund her business she needed to get a part time job. Instead of spending time looking for a part-time job and then committing to a specific schedule she started driving for Lyft. Lyft was perfect for her because she wanted a flexible schedule and the ability to focus 100% on the juice business when she needed to. Without Lyft it would have been more difficult to get her business off the ground.

I thought it’d be fun to catalog all the low commitment ways to leverage your skills and assets to fund your dream.

Advercar - If you drive you can post ads on your car to earn extra income.
GetAround - If you own a car, it’s probably unused most of the day. GetAround let’s you rent it when it’s not in use.
Lyft - Lyft is a peer-to-peer ride service that pays drivers $35/hr.
RelayRides - Car rental community that’s comparable to GetAround.
Sidecar - A ride service that’s similar to Lyft.
Zimride - Owned by the same people that run Lyft, Zimride enables ridesharing and carpooling. For example, if you’re going to Tahoe with a friend and have a couple extra seats in your car you can sell those seats to people going to same place on Zimride.

Airbnb(aff) - The Big Kahuna, Airbnb is the company that got the sharing economy rolling. For the uninitiated, Airbnb lets you rent out your space, whether it’s an house, apartment or spare bedroom.
VRBO - Similar to Airbnb though more focused on vacation rentals.

Products and services - If you create physical products or sell services, check out the following sites to make it easier to sell.
Etsy - An easy way to set up a store online for your goods.
Zaarly - A well designed way to set up a storefront for your product or service. Services include everything from cooking lessons to dog walking.

Expertise: - This site connects experts with people looking for advice. If you’re an expert at something, sign up to this site and people will pay you for your advice.
Skillshare - Teach people new skills and share your knowledge.
TaskRabbit(aff) - Get paid to run errands and do other tasks.
Vayable - Become a tour guide in your city.

Getable - If you have construction equipment, rent it out on Getable.
SnapGoods - Rent out all sorts of other stuff including gadgets, musical instruments, tools and photo equipment.

Let me know if I’m missing anything from this list in the comments. What other ways can you fund your dreams?

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