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Hi, my name is Patience and I am a movement photographer and photojournalist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Last November I had the opportunity to go to Ferguson, Missouri with four of my friends to stand in solidarity with protesters. As you may know, Ferguson is the town where police officer...

Friends & allies,

If you are looking to further & support the work of a black activist in the #BlackLivesMatter movement then look no further than this post. Patience is an amazing photographer who I went to both Ferguson & Baltimore with. I am sure that you’ve seen some of her photos around Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook as her work is awe-inspiring & gives a unique insight into these spaces. 

She needs funds to help her purchase a laptop & a new camera. Patience is fully deserving & worthy of all the funds that she receives. Please do not hesitate to support her. If you haven’t seen her work, head over to her blog

Please consider supporting Patience. If you cannot donate money, please help by reblogging this. For the allies who always ask how they can help, this is one of many ways. Thank you.
Click here to support Car Payment by Dat Rump
Hey everyone, my name is Boss. I'm an agender individual currently living with my disabled mother. Currently I live in Las Vegas trying to find work, recently our car had ran into some trouble, and had broken down multiple times. We ended up having to use our car payment to pay for some expenses...

Hey everyone, my Boss as you would know, and I’m an agender individual. So this is actually kind of emergency. In short, my mother and I’s car keeps breaking down, and we ended up having to use the car payment to pay for the fixes. I am asking for $375 to make that payment. It is time sensitive, simply because they’re threatening to take away the car. 
Honestly, I feel bad for the ordeal, so if you donate $15 or more I will do a bust/full-body flat color picture as presented here. 

I really don’t care if I have dozens of people, I’d just like one less thing to worry about. Please email me at if you ask about the flat color, or message me on gofundme. 
If you don’t wish to donate on gofundme, you can donate to my paypal also at
Thank you to all in advance who support me. 

Hey guys! I saw this back a little while ago and I really starting thinking about it. As someone with a mental health history, music has helped me through a lot. That’s why I’ve started The Light Behind Your Eyes Project. It’s a project that raises money to help kids, teens, and young adults, who have a mental health history, (depression, suicidal, schizophrenic) to get get concert tickets to see the band hat saved their life. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of money so I cannot afford to do it on my own if you could donate that would be amazing. My goal is $1,000 and once we get the funds we need, we will start a tumblr page too. I am also looking for eole that are willing to help me. Whether you’re good with coding or finances or anything please shoot me an ask. Or if you want my PayPal shoot me an ask too. Thank you for reading and I hope you consider helping out. I will post the link one last time below: 


So my band is raising money to go to Disney in May of 2016. This would be a wonderful experience for all of us but we come from such a small town that we may or may not get enough money for the 60+ students planning to attend. Please, even if you just share this to get the word out, help us out.

Ava Pride Band is an award winning band from Ava High School in Ava, Missouri. It is the goal of the band that each and every high school band member has the opportunity to attend our first ever band trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, May of 2016.

Ava High School is located in a rural area in the Ozarks where the average income is roughly $22,000 per year. The opportunity to attend this trip will be a once in a lifetime chance for many of the students. Many students will not have the ability to attend this trip without generous donations from others. Everyone attending the trip is expected to make monthly payments towards their trip however there are several students that have not even been able to make their first payment.

The cost of the trip is around $900 per student and at this time there are 61 students that are working hard to try to earn their way on this trip.

Every penny donated will go to the band and will be divided equally among all students that are signed up to participate in this trip. Your donation will go a long way towards offering a student memories that will last a lifetime. Each and every donation is appreciated and no donation is too small.

**All donations will be directly deposited into an account held by the Band Boosters for the students.
Click here to support The Dove Family Fund by Yoko Tsuki
Hello, my name is Mai (or Yoko). I'm 23 years-old, and I'm currently looking for work in the area where I'm living in now. Last year, I was forced to leave the college where I was attending--and then home because the environment there was so stressful--it began to affect my health and well, it...

Every penny helps.

I don’t normally like asking for help but we’re struggling and the financial situation is beyond our control right now.  Reblogging this even helps.  We need every penny that we can get.

Thank you,


Seeking a bit of help.

While I usually wouldn’t resort to this, I am afraid I must ask of you all a favour.

I am in need of a total of $250 to pay for electricity, which is needed for my everyday living and in my search for a job. That means I obviously do not have a stable job to pay for it and am forced to get the money from elsewhere. I have a gofundme but I also have a PayPal under the e-mail

My most sincere thanks to those who can spare to support me and give me the chance to keep going, it is truly not something easy to ask of you. Every little bit helps.

So seriously thank you to all of you.


I get a lot of questions about (mostly) top surgery fundraisers so I made a video talking about 3 tips in helping your campaign! Good luck!


alright guys so basically I haven’t been on very much. but I wanted to try and spread the word as best I can. I’ve been talking to this girl and she lives 20 hours away from me. 1,350 miles exactly. we’re trying to raise money to get me out to Houston from Detroit. so if you’d like, go away and go to for donations, and if you cannot donate, at least reblog this so we can get the word out. I’d love to see this girl and show her what she means to me. thanks guys! xo


Painting and gardening, what Luna’s life consists of. She purchased the Extra Creative lifetime reward so her paintings are selling for a lot of money.

Her plants are growing so quickly back to back, like, as soon as she harvests them they grow right after. She has gained so much funds from her garden alone so she renovated her bedroom just a tiny bit.

She is going to age up to an adult soon and right now her funds are at $38,103.


Fund Raiser:

Sparklepaws’ Fursuit Fund

Firstly, LINK!

Hey guys! So this has taken some thinking, but several of my followers and a couple of friends have asked that I start a Fursuit Fund for my fursona. I never thought much about it before, but it seems like a cool idea! (More information in the links above and below).

It feels really weird asking for money, especially since it’s for something fun. I’m used to spending my income on logical things and wouldn’t dream of using my paycheck on something over $100. But maybe it’s time I enjoyed life a bit and tried something new!

So after some research I decided I’m going to attempt raising money for a suit from Kilcodo Costumes. They’re super awesome and really bring out the character well. It costs about $1500, but my fursona might be considered complicated so it could be a bit more.

Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone who offered to help me with this, it was super surprising to learn there were people who actually want to donate. And of course, a huge hug for all of my super awesome followers for supporting me!

Secondly, LINK!

Emergency Commissions!

Yup! You heard it here first, folks. ^-^ Commissions are open. I’ll take on ANY and ALL commissions, provided they follow this small guideline:

1. Nothing racist/sexist/or otherwise derogatory towards anyone or any group.

2. I can actually draw what you want me to. (For example, I don’t personally think I can draw complicated machinery.. I could TRY if you want, but I will tell you if I’m not sure I can draw it well. If you don’t care and want me to just try it anyway, I will.)

Reason commissions are open: Around the middle of August, I’ll be moving up to Cleveland, OH for college again this year. Unfortunately, on-campus housing is full and the full ride I worked my ass off for doesn’t cover off-campus housing so I’m pretty much fucked. I’m trying to raise enough to pay for the cheapest apartment I can find. Once I get up there, I can immediately go job searching and get a steady source of income while being a full-time student. Even if you can’t afford/don’t want to commission any artwork from me, PLEASE consider reblogging this so someone who might want to can find this, that alone would mean the absolute world to me right now!

From this point, I’ll post examples and prices for my work, categorized by medium/style/etc. I’m sure you guys know how this junk works, lol. ^^;

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White House Says Obama Will Oppose Congress Cutting off Planned Parenthood Funds

White House Says Obama Will Oppose Congress Cutting off Planned Parenthood Funds

The Planned Parenthood logo is pictured outside a clinic in Boston, Massachusetts, June 27, 2014. (PHOTO CREDIT: Reuters/Dominick Reuter) The White House said on Thursday that U.S. President Barack Obama would oppose any efforts by Congress to divert money from Planned Parenthood, a health organization that performs abortions at its clinics. (more…)

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College is about 5-6 weeks away while BronyCon 2015 is about 3 weeks away; and I am in need of funds.

Ever since I have graduated high school, I had to return the tablet I had since it was a school rental. I did not think that funds would be a big issue for BronyCon until just recently. My dad is deciding whether or not I should get a graphics tablet or I’m gonna have to buy one myself. But it’s not likely he will buy me one due to college funds still in need of payment. So, I am putting this message out there to let you guys know that I am doing emergency commissions to support myself and ease my dad’s stress. I am planning on purchasing a Bamboo Splash. [ $80 ]

I will be doing pencil and paper commissions, but these will only be simple sketches and lineart. I will then take a picture of the finished pieces and send them to you. These will be set to $10 per piece.

I will also do animated avatars for you guys. These prices will be set based on how long you want them. But if you guys need to know the price, it will be $25 for an pony animated avatar while anything non-pony related will be set to $45.

If you guys don’t have the money, but are willing to donate, please do send me a message/ask.
Click here to support my Camera Funds by Patrick Jr Caulton

This is something I hate asking for, but I really need around $80-100, I’m trying to save up for a Nikon 600D with a kit lens, yes I know that model is old, but I really like it, I really love photography, and I really wish to have a better camera so badly

If anyone is able to donate, please help me, anything helps, also anyone who donate I’ll make them a SFM Poster. No restrictions either, it can be NSFW or SFW

If you’re able to donate, please click here - If that link does not work, please go to my donation page here and click Donate at the bottom

When you’ve sent the donation, please send me a message here/skype or steam with your transaction ID and we can chat about your personal poster.

Thank you for reading <3


I started a gofundme to publically keep track of donations!

No one has donated yet from my other post so hopfully a gofundme can help!