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EXTINCT - Campaign Posters

The concept behind my Final Major Project was to create an innovative fundraising campaign that sheds light on the global wildlife crisis and generates funds for the The World Wide Fund for Nature. 

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Today I fucked showing my teacher a picture of Pepe

So I’m a part of my school’s Art and Literary Magazine club, and it’s run by one of the coolest teachers. Since it’s early in the year, there were no submissions yet. So, the group spent the majority of the meeting of making posters about submissions and how to fundraise.

The poster-making was glorious. The posters all had memes or jokes on them to catch the attention of people walking past, each making a joke about submissions. You name it, the meme was there: John Cena, illuminati, Mother Russia and especially Pepe.

The Pepe posters were the favorite of the club. All the kids were making jokes about it for the whole meeting, until he teacher asked what Pepe was.

Me, being the trash I am, decided to show him a picture and teach him about Pepe the frog. I google searched pictures of Pepe, found the basic one of him just making a sad face, and showed it to my teacher. But here’s the thing, I only quickly glanced at the next picture and I thought it was Pepe smoking a joint. Turns out, it was much, much worse.

I gave him my phone and told him not to swipe to the side because the next one was Pepe smoking a joint, since I figured it wasn’t school appropriate. He ignored me, swiped anyway, and said “Uh…that’s not a joint”

I looked at the picture, and I was terribly wrong. Pepe wasn’t smoking a joint. What I thought was a joint was actually a dick. He laughed so hard and my face turned bright red.

Naturally, my fellow club members wanted to know what was going on. My teacher stopped laughing long enough to tell me he’ll remember it for years, and that I had to tell them what happened. Embarrassed, I just blurted “I accidentally showed him Pepe smoking a dick”. The teacher just laughed harder, and I can never look him in the eyes again.

Long story short, I showed my teacher a picture of Pepe smoking a dick by accident.