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I wish abled people put the same amount of effort and enthusiasm into making sure we have equal access to everything as they put into trying to “cure” us.

They have fundraisers and marathons to raise money for research for finding cures the conditions that may take decades or may never be successfully cured, but not a single activity to fight for accommodations or non-discrimination or accessibility, things that could become realities in a matter of months if the effort was made.

Since April is coming up I think I’m going to do some posts talking about how bad of an organization autism $peaks is.

First hardly any of the money they raise goes towards helping autistics. The majority goes back into funding even more fundraisers and research into a “cure”. Second they don’t listen to autistics. Unlike other organizations there are no autistics in autism $peaks and they refuse to listen to the voices of autistics.

Third autism $peaks really dehumanize autistics in the way that they talk about autism. They’ve been known to say stuff like “autism ruins marriages” and have constantly referred to autistic children as being “missing”. They talk about autism as if it’s a cancer, a disease that needs to be eradicated. If you want a clear picture of how autism $peaks views us autistics then you should watch their 2009 awareness ad titled “I am autism” though I warn you the video is disgusting in how it talks about autism. The video makes autism out to be a creepy stalker that will steal children away from their parents. The whole video is really sickening and I warn you to only watch it if you think you can handle it, maybe read a transcript of it instead if you’re really curious.

Finally they have funded some really terrible things such as the Judge Rotenberg Center which used electro shock “therapy” on autistics. They abuse autistics to stop them from doing things that are normal autistic traits such as stimming. This place needs to be shut down and I’m amazed that it hasn’t been yet. I’ll probably make another post talking more about this place later.

So in conclusion, this April do not “light it up blue” as that is an autism $peaks movement. Autism $peaks us a horribly ableist organization that is practically a hate group. If you support autism $peaks then you are not supporting autistics!

Competition for new Logo

We are holding a competition for our logo!

The prize is a wonderful Seth Rollins Funko pop, $25.00 gift card to WWE shop, as well as full credit for the design in any way we use it. The long term goal of the logo is to have it on a t-shirt that we would sell for a future fundraiser for an undecided non-profit (we are leaning Connor’s cure but nothing is set in stone).  Since that is the main goal at this time, we ask that you be cognizant of the fact that the more colors used in the design, the more expensive it is to get it printed. Also though I’m sure any of our followers know this, we will not post anything we consider offensive or exclusionary to be judged.

All submissions need to be in by March 1st. We will let everyone vote, but final decision does stay with your lovely mods.

 We will announce the winner on April 2nd (aka wrestlemania)  Please submit all works instead of posting and tagging so we can put them all out on the same date, so no design has the advantage of being out two weeks longer. Designs that are tagged instead of submitted will not be considered.

And those are all the rules! We are leaving it up to you and your creativity! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions. Have fun with and we can not wait to see what all you wonderful people come up with!

Love you all your mods @helluvawriter @gelinas22 @wwe-smutfics @laochbaineann @moxtiel

I do not support autism $peaks and neither should you if you care about autistics. Only a really small portion of donations actually goes towards helping autistics; the majority goes back into funding more fundraisers and towards researching “cures”, one if which is research into in vitro scanning for autism so people can abort when they find out their baby is autistic.

They also really dehumanize autism in the way that they talk about it. Thry say stuff like autism ruins marriages, they refer to autistics as a burden and refer to autism itself as an epidemic and a tragedy. They frame autism as something terrible that robs parents of their child. Just listen to the awareness ad that they made around 2009 called “I am Autism”, if you can stomach it that is. The way they talk about autism in the video is disgusting.

Finally autism speaks does not take into account the voices of the very people they claim to represent. Autism speaks us an organization run by non-autistic people.

(5/6) “My biggest challenge? Two words for you: third grade. It’s kind of like second grade but harder. I was a very special student in second grade because I had a brain tumor. A very rare one, actually. I was the only one in the world with this type of brain tumor. Everyone who knew me was shocked! Their heads blew up! I’ve been through a lot of things this past year. But I can tell you, if youget brain cancer, try not to worry! It will be very hard and you will get lots of fevers but you have to be brave. You have to be brave like me because I’m very brave about this thing. And if you don’t know how to be brave, I can teach you. I know the surgery seems scary, but I have four words for you: you’ll be on anesthetics. When you wake up, your head will be wrapped like a mummy and your mom will take a picture and show you. When it’s time to get shots, do a countdown from thirty and tell yourself: ‘Calm down, calm down, calm down.’ Then whenever you’re ready, tell the nurse to go. And if you need more time, ask for more time!”

We are currently holding a fundraiser to help study and cure rare cancers like Gabe’s. Almost 1000 people have donated so far. I hope that over the course of the series, more people will consider donating. Rare and specialized cancers like Gabe’s require innovation. And there are numerous instances of dedicated researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center making life-saving breakthroughs with small amounts of money. We can make a difference:
Simon Cowell and Louis Tomlinson pay £15k for paintings from artist, 11
Stars splashed out on Rhea Kara's artworks - with proceeds going towards vital research into Rett Syndrome which she has vowed to find a cure for
By Rachel Bishop

22:39, 31 OCT 2016  UPDATED 23:50, 31 OCT 2016  BY RACHEL BISHOP

Stars splashed out on Rhea Kara’s artworks  - with proceeds going towards vital research into Rett Syndrome which she has vowed to find a cure for.

Good Morning Britain Fundraiser of the year Rhea Kara joined a host of winners at the Pride of Britain Awards tonight - and she got the seal of approval from Simon Cowell and Louis Tomlinson.

The 11-year-old artist’s incredible fundraising efforts for Rett Syndrome were recognised tonight as comedy duo Ant and Dec handed her the Young Fundraisers Award.

Rhea was so moved by the plight of children with the incurable condition that she painted a picture each day for 100 days and sold them, raising thousands for research .

Spice Girls Geri Horner and Emma Bunton brought on two of her paintings and the Geordie boys then auctioned it off.

Louis Tomlinson and Simon Cowell paid £15,000 each for the artworks.

On stage, Susanna said: “You have such an exceptional talent as an artist. You are fantastic and have done so much for the cause.”

Dec said: “You have used your talent selflessly and you really deserve that award. Well done.”

Speaking afterwards Susanna told the Mirror: “When we were judging his award, what stood out about Rhea was her selflessness.

"She feels the disease and the pain even though she is not directly affected.”

Ben added: “She has an incredible passion for art, that has manifested itself in a brilliant way to raise money.

Rhea was handed her award - introduced by Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard - at the awards hosted at the Grosvenor Hotel.

Speaking afterwards, Rhea said: "Having Simon Cowell bidding on one of my paintings was so exciting. I was a bit nervous before but I am just so excited to be here."I loved being on stage with Ant and Dec.

“No matter what it takes I’ll keep going.

"My friend Hannah didn’t do anything to deserve her situation, I’m going to keep fundraising until I find a cure for her.”

Our winners include children facing daunting adversity, inspirational campaigners, members of the emergency services who went beyond the call of duty, and people who displayed awe-inspiring courage to save others.

Good Morning Britain Young Fundraiser of the Year Rhea Kara with Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Ben Shephard

help a human out: #stillkickinthis may roundup

6 months. It’s been 6 months since Aaron died. It seems impossible, both that time has moved at all and that I am writing a sentence that uses the word “died” and “Aaron” because whaaaaaat?? 

This month is a little bit different, because this month’s post has a sponsor. DON’T STOP READING IT IS A GOOD STORY. The folks at Angel on my Shoulder emailed me and said, hey, we provide support for friends, families, patients and caregivers affected by cancer. Things like free summer camps and supportive experiences for all kinds of people touched by cancer, would you ever write about us? And I said, NO WAY WHO CARES ABOUT THAT? JK I said, yes, of course, what a wonderful thing you are doing. Because it really is such a wonderful thing for people to spend their lives doing. So, this post about people who need a little help is brought to you by people who are doing a lot of good for kids who have experienced and immeasurable loss. And they are donating their money directly to one of these causes below. So, it’s quite a circle of awesome. 

Angel on My Shoulder programs span things for kids, things for families, and things for patients. 

Their kids camps are all listed here (Ralph is too itty-bitty for this, but maybe someday!)

Like any non-profit, they rely on volunteers. See if your skills are a match? 

And I mean, they probs wouldn’t hate a donation? IDK.

Pretty neat, right? And again, as the sponsor of this post they’ve agreed to donate some cash money dollars to one of our #stillkickinthis humans. Rad rad rad.

6 months ago, the whole internet scooped us up in its loving arms and now, I want to do a little bit of that for some other people who need a little bit of love. I do my best to include everything that people send to me, but I’m sure things slip through the cracks. 

So, here we go:

Steph and I used to work together. And one day, she stopped by my cube to tell me she had breast cancer and we cried a little bit and laughed a lot and then she went to treatment. She lost all of her hair and was still beautiful. She grew it back into a cute little pixie. She came to work like nothing was up. And then one day she felt not great and went to the doctor and bam, she has leukemia. THE FUCK, UNIVERSE. Also important: sign up for the Be The Match registry. PEOPLE MIGHT NEED YOUR MARROW AND LIKE, DO YOU NEED ALL OF IT PROBABLY NOT.

Adonijah hill is a huge comic book nerd with glioblastoma. Sound like someone we knew? He has a beautiful family, which he’s been taking care of on his own since his wife died unexpectedly last December. He’s going through another risky brain surgery, while raising his four kids on his own. Send love, money, vibes. 

I met Mason through Tumblr(!!!) on his 18th birthday, when he took the time to write me a beautiful, lovely note when he could have been partying his face off instead. Mason is trans, living his truth, and being a strong, brave human in this world. He is also working hard to fund his full transition, completely on his own, with no help from his parents. But a little bit of help from the internet. <3

Okay. Get ready to cry your eyes out. Auggie is one of 30 kids in the US with Huntington’s Disease. There is no cure, and it will kill him. His father is currently dying of the same thing. All we want to do is to make this little guy’s life as easy as possible for the time he has left. Love love love you Auggie.

Robyn is a tiger wife raising money to help the love of her life get a clinical trial for his stage IV lung cancer. Lung cancer doesn’t GAF if you ever smoked, which is not cool and not fair. 

Kat is in COLLEGE with a rare brain tumor. Also, her fundraiser is SO CLOSE to being Still Kickin and yes I am trying to get a t-shirt to her! 

Matt Tonak is a part of the digital marketing community here in Minneapolis. He’s a dad and a good guy. Oh, and one day he went to the doctor with a fever that wouldn’t go away and there was something in his brain but they didn’t know what and NOW he has a diagnosis and I don’t really understand it BUT he needs ANOTHER brain surgery. I can tell you from experience that shit ain’t cheap. 

Jereme lost his father to brain cancer and he is avenging him with a mega bike race. He can only participate if he meets his funding goal. <3 

Aaron was lucky to have short term disability and an employer who supported him through three years of chemo and radiation. Not everyone gets that, and Lindsay is a mom with cancer who needs our help. 

Malikah survived malaria and epilepsy and is dedicating her time and energy towards fundraising for research and a cure. Love her bravery and tenacity. 

So many people sent me Justin’s fundraiser. What started as a fund for treatment is now a memorial fund for his wife and child. It is a big loss. A monumental loss. I am holding his little family in my heart and I hope you do the same.

Jackie and Parris are parents. And they each have life-threatening diseases. AND Jackie just got laid off because, again, NOT EVERY EMPLOYER ACTUALLY GAF and that is SO MESSED UP. 

Shannon is a mother of four with breast cancer. Those four kids need their mama and their mama needs us. 

By all accounts, Rusty Cheney was one hell of a guy. He died in a plane crash, on his way home to his wife and two children. His friends are keeping his memory alive and working to support his family. 

Mona is an oncology nurse turned oncology patient. She has bi-lateral breast cancer, and three kids, and needs our help. 

Male breast cancer is real. It’s fucked up and it sucks and this dad has it. 

Matt Vogel is a brain tumor survivor who had to drop out of medical school after a severe brain hemorrhage. <3 

(6/6) “If your child has brain cancer, I can give you some advice. First I would say to you: Oh my gosh! Your child has brain cancer. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’m sure you’re feeling very sad, but don’t be worried because my mom was sad too. I actually have five words for you: It’s the saddest thing ever. So you can be sad whenever you want. If your child is sad, something you can do is tell them to never give up. If they are getting a needle, you’ll probably feel them squeezing your hand really, really, really tight. Tell them: ‘Don’t worry. This is a one time thing.’ The hardest part will be seeing your child with a line to a machine that gives them weird medications that might hurt and make them sad. Then you can give your child a lot of hugs because that will make them less sad. And your child will say: ‘Don’t worry Mom, I love you and I’m going to make it through this.’ And then you can hug them even more.”

We are currently holding a fundraiser to help study and cure rare cancers like Gabe’s. So far we’ve raised $50,000 from 1400 donations. That’s a great start. If even one percent of the people who follow this page were to donate, that would be 175,000 donations and the results would be staggering. A relatively tiny amount of us could have a giant impact. So please consider being counted! Rare and specialized cancers like Gabe’s require innovation. There are numerous instances of dedicated researchers making life-saving breakthroughs at Memorial Sloan Kettering with small amounts of money. Please donate here:

Seating himself at the piano, [Darren] Criss admitted he hadn’t yet determined which songs he’d sing. “The one thing about being your own accompanist is that you don’t have to figure out what you’re playing until you get there,” he said, before launching into heartfelt renditions of “Crazy Love” and “Let It Be.”
“I thought I’d pull a caper for a second,” he then added, before announcing another auction prize. He suggested the audience bid to have [Lea] Michele join him onstage for a song and so, for a price of $5,000, Michele ascended the stage and the two “Glee” stars sang a clearly unrehearsed, yet charming duet of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”
—  Darren Criss, Lea Michele perform at Taste for a Cure fundraiser (

Since starting her small lemonade stand last spring, 5-year-old Na'ama Uzan has raised more than $25,000, all of which will go to support her brother’s neurological disability. Her brother, Nadav, has Angelman Syndrome, a rare disability that has made it difficult for him to walk and speak. The 7-year-old boy also suffers from frequent seizures.

Read more about Na’ama’s fundraiser here.

Bilbo and the 13 Dwarves: I think I’m done!

I was a little concerned about spinning Gandalf off from Merlin (Sword in the Stone) because the two movies have different styles, but giving Gandalf the cartoon pink nose helped marry the styles better I think. 

Now here’s the TL:DR part but if you want a free printable PDF of this I hope you’ll keep reading….

This art was created as a fundraising for the 2014 MS Walk for a Cure fundraiser. For the past two years my wife has done the 10km walk and I’ve done the sit on my ass and bug people online for donations part. The first year we raised $5000 and last year we raised $10000! This year we’d like to raise at least $10000 again :)

My wife still needs to put some of the details for the annual walk on her pledge page and we’re tweaking some of the other ‘incentives’ I’ll be offering to encourage pledges so please keep an eye on my tumblr/fb/twitters for more information soon! The walk is May 5th. I am still open to suggestions as to incentives but I think the beard dying will at least return :)

Please like and reblog.

“All Lives Matters” is the equivalent of going to trying to shut down a cancer research fundraiser because all diseases should be cured in your opinion.

A lot of you may not know this but I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I was Diagnosed June 23rd 2004, 10 years ago. Having Juvenile Diabetes means that my pancreas no longer produces insulin which is a hormone that breaks down sugar and carbohydrates. I will have to be Insulin dependent for as long as it takes for a cure to be found. Being diagnosed with Diabetes was a new chapter that would change my life forever. Having been diagnosed at a young age you don’t understand what’s going on and think of just one question, “why me?” and ten years later I can say I still don’t really know why. But what I’m starting to believe is that I was given this to educate people everywhere. To help bring hope to those suffering from chronic diseases of every way. When people donate and help out we sense a beautiful future. We know we have a chance. Having Diabetes is not easy to deal with emotionally and physically. Everyday I depend on maintaining my blood sugar by pricking my finger and taking shots 6-8 times a day. I am at risk of developing Kidney Failure, losing limbs, nerve damage, going bling and many more complications. By knocking out diabetes we can knock out the troubles and stress of losing faith. I am frequently scared of my future as time goes by. How limited my life could be. With that on the back of my mind I still try to not let my disease take over my life. I will not let it kill my dreams, hold me back nor lose myself from what I have around me.

With the help of my family and friends I hope to be able to get us one step closer to a cure. To knock out Diabetes we need to fund for research and I’m hoping that this is where you will pitch in. Not only for me but for everyone all over the world.

Right now I can only hope and dream of a world without diabetes. I world without finger pricks, insulin shots, blood draws and tears. A world without exhausting highs and terrifying lows. No more worries.

Every year the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) holds an amazing event bringing families and friends together to help stand for a cure and fundraise to help money for a cure. To show the support and love we are surrounded with.

Since 1970 JDRF had been raising money for a cure. We have been able to come up with over $900 million dollars.

This comes from the support of all of you. We depend on your help. Any amount of a donation can help us one step closer to a cure. Everything counts.

I’m hoping that you will join me In funding with a donation or helping me collect money with your friends and family. Help educated and branch out to fund for a cure.

I will once again be participating I The Walk To Cure Diabetes. A 5k walk consisting of those who strive for a cure and to help people like me.

So I invite you to join me and lace up those running shoes in my team “Karenz Carebears!”! Walking team participants, money, checks and funding ideas would be amazingly helpful! Ideas like bake sales, lemonade stands, recycling money, car washes, yard sales and an idea for my fellow ravers: kandi sales or providing a portion of money made at events to by cause and team. Also help educate those around you and help them understand and be willing to help.

I will be holding many events soon including a wine tasting and small dance events events with local DJs and people willing to volunteer.

You guys can be the reason I smile and have hope. Every year I’m able to raise a bigger group and money.

If you would like to help in any way ease contact me via Facebook, Instagram or through a tumblr message.

Thank you for time and help. I hope to hear from you soon!

Much Love,

Karen Lopez
(Glitz Glitch)