The Dysk is burning down, help fund a refurbishment...
I'm a big fan of Discworld, having taken my middle name after it, and when I first got my laptop I felt like it would be like the theatre of my world - hence naming it The Dysk. Now it's burning as bad as the tightpacked Ankh-Morpork's wooden houses in a summer wildfire, and an upgrade is in order.

My laptop has been dying for a long, long time. As I’ve been stuck with crippling depression and am trying my hardest to get a stable form of income, I’m unable to get any loans from my bank that wouldn’t laugh me out of the office, so I’m turning to the kindness of strangers to try and help myself find a way to more routinely talk to friends.

As my main form of social interaction is through social media, having the laptop overheat so badly it needs to be left unplugged for half an hour after as much, or less, time spent browsing the internet is extremely draining to my already limited amount of daily energy.

Not to mention I dreamed of actually being able to spend time with friends in online games - which hasn’t been possible in at least 3 years - is trapping me within dreams and making it hard to tell where I am in time when I wake up.

The funds I’m asking for are to let me buy a new computer that should finally help me catch up with the last generation of games - which will help ground me, allow me to work on a few projects I have in mind (one being a minecraft story pack based around the Myst series, another being getting back into regularly commentating on videos with friends which I’ve been missing dearly) - and hopefully help lead to a return to my depression-neglected hobby of writing.

Please help me save Chrom!!!

Hey, Ina here. I’m sorry for this, but I’m in desperate need of help. 

Chrom has been in and out of the vet for the past 2 months. He has been suffering from chronic urinary blockages back to back. These urinary blockages only happen to male cats and causes them extreme pain and can even lead to death if the cat is unable to urinate. Due to all these emergency vet visits my family has already dished out over $2,000 trying to treat these blockages and since they are rapidly reoccurring the doctor suggested Chrom to get the perineal urethrostomy (P.U. surgery) for cats, which essentially widens his urethra so he can pass any blockage. He already had his 3rd blockage in just of June,13th and is in dire need of this surgery.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford this $3000 surgery and my parents are thinking of putting him to sleep. Chrom is only 4 YEARS OLD and has plenty of time left in this world. I DO NOT want to euthanize him just because we cannot afford a simple surgery.

My step brother made a gofundme here to help raise some money. I’ve only have $500 left in my emergency savings and would really appreciate the help. Even if you can’t donate, please reblog and share this around. I’m seriously determined to help save my sweet prince, Chrom.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. Your help is much appreciated.  ; A ; 


J. Skyler, a trans woman of color, writer, and speaker, has come up with a concise hashtag for signal boosting! Use #TransCrowdFund on both Twitter and tumblr to help boost visibility for your fundraisers or donation pages! I’m hoping to help set up a blog that would specifically reblog anyone using this hashtag, so please contact me or check the tag.

If you’re cis, and would like to help signal boost, please ask the trans person in question before using this hashtag.

URGENT: Help Me Escape My Abusive Family

Hi, I’m Audrey. I’m a 21 year old mentally ill, autistic trans woman living in central New Jersey. One year ago I had a massive breakdown from dysphoria and stress, and after a brief hospitalization, was force to move back in with my parents when they refused to let me live any more in their second property. For the past year I’ve been forced to live in subpar conditions, with a “bedroom” that is nothing more than a five foot wide dining room with sheets over the doorways. I have very little personal storage space, almost no clothes (I have about three outfits, maybe four if I’m really being generous), still not a single bra after a year of hormones (I’m a decently endowed girl too; I’m wearing a tattered bra cami under my shirt in that pic)— Honestly the only thing I do have is an agreement for my father to pay for my hormones, and even that is constantly in jeopardy. Due to these living conditions, I also have close to zero privacy and am frequently overstimulated by constant TV noise day and night.

I am constantly subjected to deadnaming, misgendering, body shaming, and sometimes complete invalidation of both my sexuality and gender. I am frequently threatened with homelessness, physical violence, and while writing this post I was multiply threatened with institutionalization. My stress is so high on a constant basis that I have little to no memory retention, non-verbal periods, frequent dissociative episodes, and what energy that isn’t spent on scrounging for food or stimming to keep some stability is burned sobbing in bed and trying to avoid self-harm or suicide. I’m not happy that those aversions have become a daily struggle.

I need to get out. NOW. It’s been made clear by my parents’ actions that I’m no longer wanted here, and by my guess I have until May to leave. That’s less than a month. I have some friends who’ve offered to help me with money, but I still need more plus somewhere to live, if even temporarily while I find somewhere else to live long-term.

I need your help. If you would like to donate money, please follow this link ( Even a dollar will help. If you don’t want to use YouCaring, you can also send me money through Google Wallet @ toa4461(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you want to offer me housing, please contact me through Tumblr Messenger, Skype username omnuspowered, Line messenger name Blitzfrau, or email me directly @ toa4461(at)gmail(dot)com. While I have a very slight preference to stay in an area where I can still access my endocrinologist through reasonable-distance travel (Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia, PA) I’m open to any offer regardless of location.

If you can offer neither, please, PLEASE signal boost this. I need to get to safety, and I can only do that with the help of others.
Im underage and in need of an abortion
Hi I am 16 years old. I live in the state of Georgia where if you're underage like me you need a parent to be notified at least 24 hours prior to an abortion. I hope to get a judicial bypass on that. I had unprotected sex on 6/16/16. The very next morning less then 24 hours later I took Plan-b one...

This person is trying to crowdfund an abortion procedure, so if anyone can help out, it would be super appreciated! Any little bit counts. I’ll be making a donation myself after work. Even if you can’t donate, a reblog to get the word out would be very helpful!

  • Simple backgrounds +$5:  example 1 | example 2
  • Will do character sheets, 2 Waist Ups and 1 Fullbody for $50 on request!
  • Re: Gore - Some blood and mild injuries are OK
  • Re: NSFW - this includes fetish art
    Re: Furry/Anthro - Mostly human characters with wings/horns/ect are OK Undertale characters are fine as well!
    Feel free to ask if you’re unsure. I’ll let you know if I can do it!
  • Email me at: with your name/username & “commission” in the subject line + your paypal email (so I can send an invoice), references/details & a few sentences about the personality/relationships of the character(s)
  • I’ll send you an invoice via paypal, and you’ll be added to the queue as soon as I receive payment!
  • Commissions Queue is Here, so that you can see what’s being worked on. They’ll be completed in order of payment received!
  • I’ll send a sketch with flats where you can let me know of any major changes you’d like me to make
  • All commissions will be posted on my art blog/twitter/dA after you’ve received them so let me know what blog, if any, you would like me to link to for when I post it!

Hi everyone, I’m sorry to ask but I need your help!

I’ve created a fundraiser HERE and more detail about the situation can be found there, but to summarise:

I am a disabled trans person in an incredibly violent and abusive situation which has had repercussions for both my mental and physical health. The situation is rapidly deteriorating; my mother and I desperately need a safe place to live. We are both disabled and unable to work, and my abuser has total control over our current income, this is the only way I can get the money together so that we can leave.

If I felt I could do this all on commissions I would, but the situation is now life threatening and we need to leave as soon as possible.

Thank you SO MUCH to anyone that commissions me or donates!!!

If you can’t afford to help financially, reblogging would also help so much! I’ll try to follow everyone that reblogs this (via my main @spokenofthesoul) since that’s all I can offer besides my art for your help.
Jae's Transgendered Journey
This fundraiser is for Jae, a male to female transgender, to help with all of her medical expenses and journey to becoming the woman she needs to be. I am Jae's girlfriend, Emily. We’ve been together for over a year and I’ve seen Jae transform everyday. From being called Jason to becoming the Jae...


I am writing this post today with very unfortunate news. I have recently lost my health insurance. I was under a plan that my mom no longer receives and because things aren’t the best between her and I (after a lot of backlash with coming-out), it has been very difficult to even talk to her about when I will get it again. I have a very important appointment with my endocrinologist in the next week; I am suppose to start hormone replacement therapy. I was rescheduling these appointments so I could save enough money to cryopreserve my sperm because I do hope to be a mother one day. Finally when things seemed working in my favor, I lost my insurance and I am unable to pay for this visit and the hormones. 

I started a fundraiser around a week ago asking for support to help me with the cost of cryopreservation, facial hair removal, and clothing. I have gathered a lot of support and help in this short span. For that, I am very very grateful. However, with these recent events in mind, I am now in desperate need. These appointments are extremely expensive so I will now use the money that was allocated for clothing on doctor visits. 

If everyone reading this could even donate a single dollar that would help me beyond comprehension. 

I am women trapped in a body that I wasn’t suppose to be born in. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. 

I made it this far and do not plan on giving up 💖

Please please help save us from eviction

I’ve been posting all day about the fact we desperately need donations to reach our target of £550 by Tuesday and avoid eviction from my childhood home, and I’m sorry, but I’m making another post about it now - I’m desperate and I will do anything to stay. so far we’ve reached £176 towards our goal, and I am so grateful, but I need to ask for more. we’re selling what we can, but it’s not going to be enough without your help.

look at my house. I can’t leave here. I can’t watch this place get sold and torn down for a new build. my childhood cats are buried in the garden. my dad built this swing for me and there’s a pond full of newts and frogs I used to catch and give names to when I was little. my rabbit and two guinea pigs are buried on the hill behind the house and every goldfish I ever owned is buried under the lawn. a stray cat called violet lives in our barn and cries when she wants us to put a plate of food out for her, and we have a rescue cat called daisy who lives in the house with us and won’t go outside unless someone accompanies her, because she’s afraid of everything - she’ll have to be rehomed if we’re forced out of here.

please. please help us stay. I wouldn’t ask if i didn’t need to, but i will not survive being evicted from this place. it is my heart and soul. I’ve had nightmares about being tossed out ever since I was 5 years old, and I can’t live through the reality. the lease is supposed to pass on to me when my mum gets too old to handle it, and I intend to raise my own family here, bring whatever partner I end up with back here to share in it - this is my home, the only one I have. I simply can’t lose it.

thank you for sharing. please give whatever you can. I’ve never been this afraid or this desperate before.

my paypal is 

and i have a youcaring fundraiser here if you’re more comfortable with that

there’s also a shorter post here if you’d prefer to save your dash
Click here to support Support Deirdre and her family! by SimplEagle Deviant
Excerpt: "In January of this year, we had a family situation that resulted in the loss of all sources of income for our family and last month we received a notice to evict from our family home. Needless to say, things are very dire for my children and I at this time. So, when the opportunity aro...

This is the GoFundMe support fundraiser to help Deirdre (@bisouknits) and her family to help them out.

Please do share the GoFundMe and this everywhere you can as well as go check out the links to purchase your own EPIC SWAG.

Thank you.

Click here to support Help Sophia Escape Sex Work by Sophia Ciavarella
Hi Everyone, My name is Sophia. I'm a trans girl just passing my first anniversary of HRT. I’m sorry to do this but I really need your help. My life has been really rough for a long time. I've been tossed around from abuser to abuser and between my mental disabilities and, well, being a trans wo...

I hate doing this but please consider donating to my go fund me to help me get out of sex work. I feel so helpless right now and it would mean so much to me

Emergency Cat Help

Hey guys! My name is Jesse, and I need help rehoming cats from a hoarding situation in Turlock, CA before I move out-of-state at the end of May 2016.


The cats are well-socialized and mostly healthy (there are some with age-related dental problems and some that have urinary tract issues, and because of the area they all have fleas). Most are spayed/neutered. They range in age from 6 months to 12 years old. Details and photos of individual cats can be found HERE, though some information is out-of-date.

Who is hoarding the cats?

An older woman. She can’t physically or financially care for them, but also hasn’t taken my advice about adopting them out via PetFinder or other sites.

Why can’t the local shelter or rescue organizations help?

Because the stray and feral cat problem here is so serious that none of them have space. Here are some things I’ve been told when calling around:

  • “We only pick up ferals and animals that are dying.” - Animal Control
  • “We euthanize all kittens under 4 weeks old because no one’s available to foster them.” - Animal Control
  • “We’re not taking cats that are black, brown, or gray because they’re not adoptable enough.” - a rescue
  • “We’ve adopted out less than a dozen cats in the last year.” - a rescue with cats on display in a major pet store

I also don’t have a car or local friends who can drive, so I’m very limited in terms of where I can look for help. The best I’ve been able to do is get most of the cats spayed/neutered. Unfortunately I’m low-income, and so even if I find places that have openings, surrendering cats is a problem because there’s a fee for that.

How can I help?

  • signal boost this post
  • contact me about adopting a cat
  • contact me about fostering a cat
  • donate money for travel costs or surrender fees in case I find rescues with openings

Contact information:
Transgender Package Fundraiser
Imagine if you didn't feel comfortable in your own body. Imagine if it felt foreign to you, so unlike you, in fact, that people couldn't recognize you for who you are. Imagine people confusing you for the wrong gender, constantly. t would be exhausting and humiliating. This is a reality suffered...

Here’s the link to the fundraiser! Please, please, please donate and reblog. we’re going to need every cent we can get to continue to pay for these packages. The more donations we get in, the more and better quality care packages we can send out. We have a long list of hopefuls, so please don’t hesitate to donate a little and make life better for countless transgender folks.

Hi Im Maizie !

Im a 19 year old trans girl, and in early January I was kicked out of my home, by my abusive family. For my mental health, this change was quite positive, however I have no support from my family when it comes to medications, appointment costs, or even food. My dad is also unwilling to give me the information for my health insurance. For this reason I have very little to afford appointments and medication for my transition. I am currently on spironolactone, a testosterone blocker, and have been for about one and a half (1 ½) months. I have upcoming appointments with a GP for hormone treatment, and plan to funnel money towards this cost and others like it. Subsequent costs for hormone medication will also be payed for through this. Unfortunately it is likely that I will also need to direct a portion of these funds towards basic living costs such as food and rent. Thank you so much for your time and generosity.

If there’s anyway you could donate that would mean the world to me, and if not if you could simply share this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and I love you all.



Hello there!! My name is Cat and I’m currently doing a fund raiser in order to help my Boyfriend @spoiledcitrus get away from his family and over to England to start school!!

You can read the full story on the fund page but here is a summary!:
Adrian Diaz, is a 19 year-old mentally ill Latino trans man. He has a loving and caring nature, given that in the future he’d like to be a therapist/counsellor for the mentally ill and/or disabled. 
AJ is currently living in an unhealthy and abusive household. His parents and grandmother are physically, mentally, and verbally abusive towards him. They are also extremely homophobic and transphobic, which means he is misgendered on a constant basis and must hide his relationship with me in order for him not to be beaten or kicked out. Even though he has to hide his identity, there is still the very real possibility of them kicking him out in the streets for not complying with them.

We have been looking into getting him over to England to attend College here in my City’s college. Unfortunately it is going to be expensive. £13,000 for 4 A-level subjects that is. 

Currently both me and AJ are working in order to achieve this amount but we have a deadline (April 2017) and we won’t have enough to achieve this in time. This is why I’ve set up a fundraiser !! It will help ease the load off of us and help us to be able to get him out of there!


I have also got a Redbubble (which will be updated with more designs soon!) and a Commission’s page if you want to buy something instead!!

Redbubble | Commissions

Thank you and have a nice day <3

Body/Hair Butter Fundraiser

As some of yall already know, my position ended last month and I haven’t been able to find another job yet. Then, last week, someone stole my car. And my vacation, which I had saved up for for months and had just paid off the main portion when I lost my job, is in two weeks! I have absolutely no money for my bills or the hotel or souvenirs. My bills themselves are about $1100. :( 

I’m not talented like many people on here. I can’t write, draw, knit, sing, etc. I was racking my brain trying to figure out something I could offer for donations when a friend suggested my homemade whipped shea butter cremes

I’ve been making homemade body butter for a while now and I’ve been giving them out as gifts. They are all natural and you can use it as both a body and hair moisturizer/conditioner. My mom, who wears her hair natural, actually stopped using other products and just uses mine now! :D 

Ingredients I use:

*unrefined shea butter

*unrefined coconut oil

*extra virgin olive oil 

*castor oil

*aloe vera gel


*various essential oils 

I just got some pure grapeseed and avocado oils too! 

So, I will send every donor a thank you package with a container of whipped shea butter. You let me know what you want used and I’ll make it for you! 

Alternatively, if you’re brave, I can make you a personalized face wash using pure castile soap and other ingredients. I haven’t tried this yet so it’ll be something new! 

My paypal email is (there is also a Donate button on my front page). 

I appreciate anything yall can spare and please reblog, even if you can’t donate! 


Originally posted by moonstruckgirluniverse


Hello guys, usually I wouldn’t do something like this but the situation is very serious so I need to ask for your help!

Last month we got a notice from the bank which says that we haven’t paid the house payment for a long time. (over 4 months) and we have to pay 1300$ before the end of August or they will kick out us from the house. And if you know me you would probably know that I live only with my mom and she works so hard to pay the bills and we hardly have any money for food. I have been looking for a job for a long time but I always end up being rejected because I am not one of them (my nationality is different than the country where I live in) so it’s really hard for me to find a job or any help.

SO PLEASE if you can, please donate to us even 1$ is so important right now. In exchange I could offer you edits/graphics/gifs etc. since I am an editor. My paypal email is  even if you can’t help with money please reblog it I will really appreciate it. I will be looking forward to your help because once I was homeless and I don’t want to be again.
Korean Shaman Initiation Ceremony Fundraiser
(Hopefully I can add a video in a few days.) 안녕하세요! I am honored to have a calling, being chosen by my Gods to walk this path. My mother and I contacted a manshin (Korean shaman), currently located in 인천 Incheon City, South Korea. She read my fortune after my mother explained to her why we thought...

Please reblog to signal boost! I am a mentally ill, bisexual woman of color looking to save up ~26k USD in order to be initiated in my people’s dying indigenous religion/tradition. 


Hey guys, I’m super in need of Tumblr’s sharing powers right now. Well, not me, but quite a few amazing animals. You can read the story of my home in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania - or, as I call it, Cat Planet - on the Go Fund Me page, but I’d like to talk about it from my point of view.

I’ve always been a cat girl. From the time I was born, my household has always had at least one cat. They’ve been a constant part of my life, and a rather huge part as well. For the past fifteen years (more than HALF of my life), my Dad, along with his fiancee, have been taking in, and taking care of stray cats. We took in whatever our local shelter didn’t have room for, and that was a lot. Easily hundreds of cats have come through our home, and plenty found it to be their last stop. If a cat couldn’t find a home, we kept them. No questions, no hesitation. And yeah, that means we ended up keeping upwards of thirty cats as our own, while always having another 10-20 fosters housed there as well. I think our record amount of kitties total was in the 70’s somewhere. Crazy, right? Well, if I’m honest, it was a little insane. That house belongs to those cats. My Dad remodeled our upstairs living room into a cat room, as well as half of the basement. He completely fenced in our back yard to keep them safe (and our neighbors complacent), and built structures for them to play on. 

Everywhere you went, there were cats. Cats, cats, and more cats. Cats of all ages, shapes, breeds, temperaments, cats with one eye, cats with missing limbs. Cats with skin conditions that required regular care and medicine, cats with terminal illnesses that we just wanted to make feel safe and loved for as long as we could. We gave a home to cats that most people would turn down, or give up on, and that was MORE than worth how hard it was to live in a house that was basically owned by them. The amount of hard work put into that place on a daily basis is nuts, almost too much for even three of us (only two now that I’ve moved out), but we did it. My Dad did it. We had a few people turn us into animal control and the health department over the years, but passed every single surprise inspection we ever had.

However, as the article on the Go Fund Me page will tell you, about a year ago now, someone turned us over to the township, beginning a year-long legal battle for control over the house. Whoever did this, apparently said that our cats were getting out and ruining her tomato plants, which is a blatant lie, as NONE of the cats could ever get out. Obviously, a ton of responsibility comes with running what is basically a cat sanctuary, and we ALWAYS kept track of which cats were outside. We’d notice within half an hour if one of them had somehow gotten out of the yard. It’s definitely happened, but only a handful of times in fifteen years, and they never get further than a house or two away. Definitely nowhere near anyone who has any tomato plants.

Either way, long story short, apparently our town put forth an ordinance in 2009 (YEARS after we started this whole thing) limiting the number of animals, and this was what they were pinning us on. It would be an entire year of back and forth court dates, appeals, and my poor Dad worrying night and day about the future of these precious animals, before the board ruled against him. So, right now, he can either appeal, or starting August, they’re going to start hitting him with thousands of dollars in fees. Now, my Dad has never had a lot of money, so this is really, really awful. He’s stuck, and has nowhere to turn. Natrona Heights is a dirt ball of a town, so there is NO property value to be had, on TOP of living directly across the street from a steel mill. Seriously. No property value to be had, and even if someone, somewhere DID buy the property, it wouldn’t be for anywhere NEAR what he’d need to relocate. He wants to find a decent patch of land somewhere to take the cats, and be able to care for them without any more disruptions.

I can’t speak well enough about my Dad. I’m so proud to be his daughter. I’ve never known anyone so astoundingly selfless and hard working. All he’s ever wanted to do is help the people he loves, and help these animals. He built everything you see in the back yard, built TWO cat rooms in our house, hauls 50lbs of cat litter out of the house every week, spent every extra penny he had, spent every extra MINUTE he could spare, on these cats. I’ve watched him hold sick kittens the size of his hand and bottle-feed them, I’ve watched him play with them, TALK to them, CRY over them, and put his whole goddamn heart into taking care of, and loving them. It breaks my heart to see this all happen to him, and I know it breaks his heart to have to worry about all this, when he could be focusing more on them.

Please, even if you can only spare a few dollars, ANYTHING will help. I’m asking you, pleading with you, to lend a hand to my Dad, so he can continue to help these cats. If he can’t get out of that town, there’s no knowing what will happen. Please help me keep this wonderful cat sanctuary going.

GoFundMe: Can be found here