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Hello! My name is Floid. I am a FTM nonbinary individual, artist, and friend. I have been saving up for more than 3 years to reach my goal of top surgery, but I still need a little extra help. I have found that recently my dysphoria has been getting worse and worse, and I feel that I can no longer...

for those who would like to help :) <3

tw my fuckin face

Hello my dears.

Things are.. rough. Im not going to lie. It really breaks my heart to have to do this, but if you guys could share this around I would be so, so appreciative.

I might lose my childhood home. Long story short, things got bad and we couldn’t bounce back like usual. If you cant donate, thats so, so okay. If you could get the word out that works just as well!

I promise this is the only time I will put this here! Starting Sunday I’ll be back to the usual stuff and actually answer things haha<3 I adore you all and wish you a wonderful weekend<3<3

The link for my family go fund me:
St. Jude Up 'til Dawn
Check out St. Jude Up 'til Dawn to help raise money for the kids of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Hey guys! Help me raise funds for the kids of St. Jude!I’m staying up ‘til dawn to raise awareness and support for the kids of St. Jude.

You don’t have to donate a ton, every little bit counts! Here are a few examples of how your gift could be used to support the patients of St. Jude:

  • $10 can help St. Jude provide a new toy for hospital play areas or recreational areas at St. Jude housing facilities.
  • $30 can help St. Jude provide a St. Jude family with meals for one day in the Kay Kafe, the St. Jude cafeteria.
  • $57 can help St. Jude provide necessities for parents who may have hurriedly left home after their child’s diagnosis.
  • $250 can help provide one red blood cell transfusion; children undergoing treatment for cancer and other deadly diseases often need transfusions.

When you make a donation using this information, your donation will be used to provide breakthrough research, treatment and cures. Items listed here are representative of services and supplies that are part of the treatment and care of children at St. Jude. The cost of each item or service is an approximation, and will vary based on actual costs incurred and individual patient needs. Your donation will be used for the general operating needs of St. Jude, where no family ever receives a bill for treatment, lodging, travel or food — because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.

Thank you for your support – every dollar makes a difference!

If you can’t donate, please reblog and spread the word!
My Annual Nanowrimo Fundraiser - Mishan Denna's fundraising page for National Novel Writing Month
Dear Friends, Family, and Righteous Supporters, On November 20, National Novel Writing Month will be bringing together the most mighty of endurance novelists for an event that will define our generation forever. I&#39;m speaking, of course, of

Hey Everyone!

I know I haven’t been around too much lately and for that I apologize. I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month starting November 1st! I will be attempting to write 50,000 words in the month of November. And while doing this, I will be helping raise funds for the National Novel Writing Month charity that teaches creative writing classes to both adults and children all over the world.

Every year, they have an annual fundraising dinner called the Night of Writing Dangerously, where fundraisers get to go eat, write, and mingle with other writers who attend! I need to raise at least 300.00 to go and would love to make it this year! 

I know money is tight, so if you are unable to donate I completely understand but any little bit counts! Even if you can just reblog this for me hopefully if I get enough word out I will be able to crush my goal and really get this charity the funds it deserves and needs to continue to do it’s great work!

Thank you so much!


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Please help me save Chrom!!!

Hey, Ina here. I’m sorry for this, but I’m in desperate need of help. 

Chrom has been in and out of the vet for the past 2 months. He has been suffering from chronic urinary blockages back to back. These urinary blockages only happen to male cats and causes them extreme pain and can even lead to death if the cat is unable to urinate. Due to all these emergency vet visits my family has already dished out over $2,000 trying to treat these blockages and since they are rapidly reoccurring the doctor suggested Chrom to get the perineal urethrostomy (P.U. surgery) for cats, which essentially widens his urethra so he can pass any blockage. He already had his 3rd blockage in just of June,13th and is in dire need of this surgery.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford this $3000 surgery and my parents are thinking of putting him to sleep. Chrom is only 4 YEARS OLD and has plenty of time left in this world. I DO NOT want to euthanize him just because we cannot afford a simple surgery.

My step brother made a gofundme here to help raise some money. I’ve only have $500 left in my emergency savings and would really appreciate the help. Even if you can’t donate, please reblog and share this around. I’m seriously determined to help save my sweet prince, Chrom.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. Your help is much appreciated.  ; A ; 


rough text, huh?

this is how my father talks to me when he decides he doesn’t like me anymore, and because i’m asking for my money which unfortunately only he has access to right now, he once again does not like me. :)

i need out of this town. i need out of this state. i need, mostly, away from this. he has said mean shit along these lines to me since i was 11 years old and i’m tired of feeling pushed around and afraid of him.

would you help me do that?

u may also be asking urself, why is ur dad so mad at u, salem?

thats me in the middle, talking into the bullhorn, doing what i love even during the times that it hurts the most.

i’m 24 years old and have been organizing protests, vigils, etc since 2012 and he’s finally mad because his friends don’t like it. yes, you guessed it, he is yelling at me for supporting blm and for being an organizer in my lgbtq community locally. especially the latter, bc i am Recognizable.

so yeah, help me move tf away from this mess and into a new life where i can… continue to do this! and live in relative peace w/ my four beautiful cats, bc i love them and i love to work w/ my communities and facilitate healing, action, and education


J. Skyler, a trans woman of color, writer, and speaker, has come up with a concise hashtag for signal boosting! Use #TransCrowdFund on both Twitter and tumblr to help boost visibility for your fundraisers or donation pages! I’m hoping to help set up a blog that would specifically reblog anyone using this hashtag, so please contact me or check the tag.

If you’re cis, and would like to help signal boost, please ask the trans person in question before using this hashtag.

  • Simple backgrounds +$5:  example 1 | example 2
  • Will do character sheets, 2 Waist Ups and 1 Fullbody for $50 on request!
  • Re: Gore - Some blood and mild injuries are OK
  • Re: NSFW - this includes fetish art
    Re: Furry/Anthro - Mostly human characters with wings/horns/ect are OK Undertale characters are fine as well!
    Feel free to ask if you’re unsure. I’ll let you know if I can do it!
  • Email me at: with your name/username & “commission” in the subject line + your paypal email (so I can send an invoice), references/details & a few sentences about the personality/relationships of the character(s)
  • I’ll send you an invoice via paypal, and you’ll be added to the queue as soon as I receive payment!
  • Commissions Queue is Here, so that you can see what’s being worked on. They’ll be completed in order of payment received!
  • I’ll send a sketch with flats where you can let me know of any major changes you’d like me to make
  • All commissions will be posted on my art blog/twitter/dA after you’ve received them so let me know what blog, if any, you would like me to link to for when I post it!

Hi everyone, I’m sorry to ask but I need your help!

I’ve created a fundraiser HERE and more detail about the situation can be found there, but to summarise:

I am a disabled trans person in an incredibly violent and abusive situation which has had repercussions for both my mental and physical health. The situation is rapidly deteriorating; my mother and I desperately need a safe place to live. We are both disabled and unable to work, and my abuser has total control over our current income, this is the only way I can get the money together so that we can leave.

If I felt I could do this all on commissions I would, but the situation is now life threatening and we need to leave as soon as possible.

Thank you SO MUCH to anyone that commissions me or donates!!!

If you can’t afford to help financially, reblogging would also help so much! I’ll try to follow everyone that reblogs this (via my main @spokenofthesoul) since that’s all I can offer besides my art for your help.
Im underage and in need of an abortion
Hi I am 16 years old. I live in the state of Georgia where if you're underage like me you need a parent to be notified at least 24 hours prior to an abortion. I hope to get a judicial bypass on that. I had unprotected sex on 6/16/16. The very next morning less then 24 hours later I took Plan-b one...

This person is trying to crowdfund an abortion procedure, so if anyone can help out, it would be super appreciated! Any little bit counts. I’ll be making a donation myself after work. Even if you can’t donate, a reblog to get the word out would be very helpful!
Jae's Transgendered Journey
This fundraiser is for Jae, a male to female transgender, to help with all of her medical expenses and journey to becoming the woman she needs to be. I am Jae's girlfriend, Emily. We’ve been together for over a year and I’ve seen Jae transform everyday. From being called Jason to becoming the Jae...


I am writing this post today with very unfortunate news. I have recently lost my health insurance. I was under a plan that my mom no longer receives and because things aren’t the best between her and I (after a lot of backlash with coming-out), it has been very difficult to even talk to her about when I will get it again. I have a very important appointment with my endocrinologist in the next week; I am suppose to start hormone replacement therapy. I was rescheduling these appointments so I could save enough money to cryopreserve my sperm because I do hope to be a mother one day. Finally when things seemed working in my favor, I lost my insurance and I am unable to pay for this visit and the hormones. 

I started a fundraiser around a week ago asking for support to help me with the cost of cryopreservation, facial hair removal, and clothing. I have gathered a lot of support and help in this short span. For that, I am very very grateful. However, with these recent events in mind, I am now in desperate need. These appointments are extremely expensive so I will now use the money that was allocated for clothing on doctor visits. 

If everyone reading this could even donate a single dollar that would help me beyond comprehension. 

I am women trapped in a body that I wasn’t suppose to be born in. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. 

I made it this far and do not plan on giving up 💖
Click here to support Help pay for (berry's) Garry's wing surgery.
Garry is a 5-year-old Blue Indian Ringneck Parakeet. You might recognise him from This vine or This video. For a while Berry has had recurring issues with broken blood feathers. Blood feathers or pin feathers are newly growing feathers on a bird that are still attached to an open blood supply. If...

Hey guys! Heres a link to the fundraiser for Berry. Even if you dont have anything to donate please reblog! I’ll be updating it as often as I can! thanks!!

Emergency Cat Help

Hey guys! My name is Jesse, and I need help rehoming cats from a hoarding situation in Turlock, CA before I move out-of-state at the end of May 2016.


The cats are well-socialized and mostly healthy (there are some with age-related dental problems and some that have urinary tract issues, and because of the area they all have fleas). Most are spayed/neutered. They range in age from 6 months to 12 years old. Details and photos of individual cats can be found HERE, though some information is out-of-date.

Who is hoarding the cats?

An older woman. She can’t physically or financially care for them, but also hasn’t taken my advice about adopting them out via PetFinder or other sites.

Why can’t the local shelter or rescue organizations help?

Because the stray and feral cat problem here is so serious that none of them have space. Here are some things I’ve been told when calling around:

  • “We only pick up ferals and animals that are dying.” - Animal Control
  • “We euthanize all kittens under 4 weeks old because no one’s available to foster them.” - Animal Control
  • “We’re not taking cats that are black, brown, or gray because they’re not adoptable enough.” - a rescue
  • “We’ve adopted out less than a dozen cats in the last year.” - a rescue with cats on display in a major pet store

I also don’t have a car or local friends who can drive, so I’m very limited in terms of where I can look for help. The best I’ve been able to do is get most of the cats spayed/neutered. Unfortunately I’m low-income, and so even if I find places that have openings, surrendering cats is a problem because there’s a fee for that.

How can I help?

  • signal boost this post
  • contact me about adopting a cat
  • contact me about fostering a cat
  • donate money for travel costs or surrender fees in case I find rescues with openings

Contact information: 


Chase is having top surgery tomorrow! Which means we have until the end of October to raise the final $700 he needs to safely take time off of work to heal!

Grab any of our BTLM products here to help #SupportChase! Or donate directly to his fundraiser here

We want to thank everybody who’s already donated, everyone who’s reblogged each of our posts and boosted this campaign, for helping Support Chase. We’re almost there!

All profits from BTLM products outside of operational costs to keep them in stock go directly towards our BTLM fund and Chase’s fundraiser.

-W2R Team
Click here to Help Batwynn Feel Better
...I owe thousands in medical bills, and yet still need more expensive testing and treatment. In addition to serious medical problems, I'm trying to transition from FtM and lack the funds to even make a basic start...

Because of my current difficulties with my health, i’ve started up a GoFundMe. 

* Please read the description there for more details, proof of medical bills, and some mild whining. Signal boost if you can! 

Thank you!

Body/Hair Butter Fundraiser

As some of yall already know, my position ended last month and I haven’t been able to find another job yet. Then, last week, someone stole my car. And my vacation, which I had saved up for for months and had just paid off the main portion when I lost my job, is in two weeks! I have absolutely no money for my bills or the hotel or souvenirs. My bills themselves are about $1100. :( 

I’m not talented like many people on here. I can’t write, draw, knit, sing, etc. I was racking my brain trying to figure out something I could offer for donations when a friend suggested my homemade whipped shea butter cremes

I’ve been making homemade body butter for a while now and I’ve been giving them out as gifts. They are all natural and you can use it as both a body and hair moisturizer/conditioner. My mom, who wears her hair natural, actually stopped using other products and just uses mine now! :D 

Ingredients I use:

*unrefined shea butter

*unrefined coconut oil

*extra virgin olive oil 

*castor oil

*aloe vera gel


*various essential oils 

I just got some pure grapeseed and avocado oils too! 

So, I will send every donor a thank you package with a container of whipped shea butter. You let me know what you want used and I’ll make it for you! 

Alternatively, if you’re brave, I can make you a personalized face wash using pure castile soap and other ingredients. I haven’t tried this yet so it’ll be something new! 

My paypal email is (there is also a Donate button on my front page). 

I appreciate anything yall can spare and please reblog, even if you can’t donate! 


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Korean Shaman Initiation Ceremony Fundraiser
(Hopefully I can add a video in a few days.) 안녕하세요! I am honored to have a calling, being chosen by my Gods to walk this path. My mother and I contacted a manshin (Korean shaman), currently located in 인천 Incheon City, South Korea. She read my fortune after my mother explained to her why we thought...

Please reblog to signal boost! I am a mentally ill, bisexual woman of color looking to save up ~26k USD in order to be initiated in my people’s dying indigenous religion/tradition.