please help :(

i wrote to this blog about fundraising for an abortion and i’m really hoping someone can help me out. my name is sam and i’m a trans guy living in california. i’ve only come out to myself as trans recently and am in a relationship with a really awesome guy who i was with before i realized i was trans. unfortunatrly, part of the reason i realized i’m trans is because i experience dysphoria. me and my boyfriend found out i’m about 13 weeks pregnant about a week ago (i’m really skinny and i haven’t gained much weight so i didn’t know until now). neither him or i are in a good financial position for this, and i can’t help but feel really uncomfortble thinking about what’s inside of me. i thought about adopting out, but whenever i think about being pregnant or giving birth, i just start freaking out. i really need this to be over as soon as possible.

i called a clinic near me and they said for how far along i am, it’ll be about $855. since i’m in cali, i don’t need a parent’s permission, and so far, i’ve mnaged to keep it a secret, which is for the best when it comes to my family. i hate asking for help like this, but i just cant see any other way i can afford this. i really hope someone here can help me.

i set up a paypal account just for this and any donations can be sent to thank you so much, i’m really greatful for any help i can get.

Hi Sam. I’m so sorry to hear about the position you’re in, we can absolutely try to help you out. If anyone has a few dollars lying around, please consider donating to Sam. Big hugs to you, hang in there! We’ll help get you through this.

Trans couple facing homelessness... help desperately needed.

I’m a chronically ill wheelchair user with a progressive illness and I can’t care for myself without assistance. My wife is a closeted trans woman, an engineer who has been having a lot of trouble getting a job. She’s been applying non-stop and using her spare time to care for me.

We don’t have enough money for rent. Without donations, we will be homeless on July 1st. I can’t walk or eat or do much of anything without help, and it would kill me. My wife would face violence. We need to have a home.

I can’t offer much, but if you include a request for a doodle when you donate I’ll draw as many as I can and post them on @caseydickdraws a new art sideblog. I just installed some free drawing software. It’s hard on my hands, but I really want to offer something in return. I feel so guilty for even asking for help, but I’m out of options.

My Paypal is and there is a direct donation button on my website,

More details are included below the cut. I can provide proof if asked. If you have nothing to spare, please, please reblog this. Things are dire.

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help a disabled gay jew eat and get around

i’m isak and i’m a gay trans jew living in edinburgh and i’m Flat Broke™ and severely disabled (some kind of schizospectrum disorder, severe ADHD, bipolar I, also chronic fatigue syndrome that means i’m confined to my bed most of the day). i need money for transportation and food, esp. so i can make it to tonight’s seder and bc my boyfriend’s visiting this weekend and i’d like us to eat something other than ramen or tinned soup.

i’m not receiving any benefits rn, though not for lack of trying.

my paypal is

any donation, no matter how small, helps. if you can’t donate, please reblog! thank you.

but like, please, please, if you can, donate something. i would like to make it to tonight’s seder—it’s the first night of pesach, it’s personally significant to me, as well as a super major holy day in general, but i’m in the middle of a pretty bad spell of low energy and high pain and i’m unable to take the bus and walk, but getting an uber is currently beyond my means. i only need like £20 to be able to get an uber there and back.

it’d be also nice to have some cash to get take-out or something moderately nice at a local cafe when my boyfriend visits, but that’s very much in the roses category, of the proverbial bread and roses.


Hey I’m struggling with staying enrolled in college and can’t afford to basically live rn and if it wasn’t for my roommate id be homeless. I’m crying in the hospital parking garage after my abusive parents kinda went “well if you’re suicidal it’s not our problem you’re just faking and have no reason to be feeling this way”. My ptsd is making it hard for me to feel safe anywhere and I’m disassociating so badly. Anyways, if anyone would like to donate $3 to my PayPal so I can buy some soy milk to drink while I cry over my financial struggles, inability to get healthcare, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and the physical effects of my self destructive behaviors (inability to digest food, not being able to perceive reality, scars from self harm all over, etc) that would be awesome! I’m probably gonna die anyways whether it’s by suicide or by how physically unhealthy my body is being treated so I figured instead of asking for handouts to stay in school and have basic living stuffs, soy milk is my new priority. Please don’t ask me about my situation further because I’m honestly too exhausted to reply to anyone after breaking outta this fucking hospital.

I have like $10 bucks rn and I’m probably gonna use that on soy milk too but I’ll probably run out in a few days so ima leave this here ♡ hopefully you’re all doing better than I am today. Pet your animals for me ♡

sup guys, i’m isak and i’m a disabled gay trans jew in an unsettled living situation with no income and no family support. i’ve applied for welfare here in the UK, but it’s going to take some time before i see any money from it, between needing to secure a british bank account (which is very hard to do without a decent proof of address, which i didn’t have until saturday) and needing to send in various documents.

i’m flat broke. 

i need money for transport, so i can make it to shabbat services, and i need money for food and clothing, because, just as an example, i currently have one and a half pairs of socks and they’re, uh, not in great shape.

i would like to have some money to get the occasional nice thing for myself, like fancy coffee or chocolate or something. i’m being up front about this: i am in a really shitty situation right now, i’m virtually bedbound due to CFS/ME and i suffer from schizoaffective disorder that heavily fucks with my mood and my ability to enjoy things. i want to have some nice things in my life, occasionally.

my (new, british) paypal is

anything you can donate helps immensely. if you can’t donate, please reblog! thank you

so things are p. dire right now

i’m profoundly disabled (schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type, CFS, hypermobility, a damaged left ulnar nerve) and unable to work.

my benefits claim is in limbo. there’s a chance it’ll be denied based on my immigration status, leaving me with no further options. i’m estranged from family, because they don’t accept the fact i’m trans so i cannot turn to them for help.

i have EUR 27 in my bank account rn. i can’t afford rent or bills or food for the rest of the month. i have no idea how i’m going to survive.

my paypal is

i’m really, really desperate. please, please help me. anything at all you can give helps. if you cannot donate, please reblog. thank you.

Hello my name is Katie. I am a deaf person navigating the world and it is very hard sometimes. I use hearing aids to function on a day to day basis. I am using Susquehanna Service Dogs to get a service dog and it is an expense I am unable to meet. The overall cost of a dog is $20,000 but they charge $5,000. I have already passed their initial application process. Any little bit is appreciated. If for some reason, it does not work out, all money will be refunded. Thank you. 



Thank you!!!!


Hi! Everything here’s a recap of the video above and vice versa, so you’re good with just the one. (Probably this though, because the less exposure to my face, the less chance you’ll develop some incurable eye disease previously unknown to mankind).

My name’s Willem Anderson and I’m a bisexual Latinx trans man from Puerto Rico, who is currently spending the summer working in Tennessee. I’m deeply closeted due to extremely homophobic family who would immediately disown me without a penny to my name, which has led to serious bouts of depression, self-loathing, suicidal thoughts, etc. I cannot continue to live with family any longer due to a fear of what I might do to myself if this cycle of emotional abuse continues, so I need to move out.

I’ve applied to Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New York, specifically to become a paramedic. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since senior year of high school, and New York is where I’ve wanted to live since I was a teeny tater tot. The GED should cover most costs, but I have no way to get there or place to live once I do- here’s where you come in!

I need to raise $10,000 by the end of the summer- preferably the end of July- in order to buy a used car in good enough shape to last me through college and big enough to temporarily live in, insurance, gas, etc. My PayPal is ( -it’s under my birth name but it’s me I promise!!!) I will be posting receipts and keeping you up-to-date on how much is raised and what I spend it on, and if over $10,000 is raised I will be donating the remainder to a charity of YOU GUYS’ CHOICE!

If you have a dollar (heck, if it lets you donate pocket change, go for it!), please help scrawny gay out! If not, I entirely understand, times are tough and there are a LOT of these floating around- but simply reblogging this with a caption would be the greatest thing you could possible do with your life in the next 2 minutes, so why don'tcha?

help a disabled gay trans guy not starve/end up on the street

hi, i’m zack and i’m still the legal definition of homeless, as i do not have a lease rn and my housing situation is insecure because i can’t afford the rent for the room i’m staying in. i’m trying to fix these things, but it’s gonna take some time. until then, i am dependent on my ex for money and that’s not a state i want to be in.

i need money for pots and pans and dishes, because the ones in this apartment are in an unusable state. further, i need money for food and transport. i’ve got food for the time being, but i can’t cook it, because the kitchen is in an awful state and there’s mould growing in the microwave (and the cooker doesn’t quite work).

basically i’m a little bit fucked? i could use money to tide me over until i can get council housing or a room in a less fucked up apartment and also benefits/PIP/whatever it is i’m entitled to.

my paypal is 

thank you so so much and if you can’t donate, please reblog?

yo, i hate having to ask again, but i’m very sick and very schizophrenic and navigating bureaucracy is very taxing, so they’re not paying me ESA yet, even though i’m entitled and long story short, i don’t have money to feed myself rn. 

i’m a gay, trans, GNC, crippled/psychotic/mobility-impaired russian jew living in scotland. it turns out i’m still the legal definition of homeless in scotland because i have no formal agreement allowing me to live where i live, i can’t turn to my abusive family for help because they’ll use it as leverage to bring me back to ireland where they have direct control over me.

if you can donate so i can eat and afford transportation to/from shul and to/from mental health groups and stuff like that, that’d great. 

my paypal is

i’m very grateful for all and any donations. thank you. if you can’t donate, please reblog.