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i rly don’t want to seem like im begging, but im kinda freaking out,, pls pls pls boost my fundraiser for me moving out, im getting the keys to my apartment on Friday. ive only been working on avg three days a week so my paychecks aren’t livable…….

im also officially without health insurance and my birth control w/o insurance is $35 a pack which can add up,, im also going to be paying car insurance and my phone bill v soon and adding rent in there, a months paycheck barely covers all of those expenses. im applying to ULTA and a few other places within the next week,, but for now, i rly need help,,,i can offer a promo or reblog one of ur posts or smthn, just pls rb my fundraiser


Kal Penn owns racist troll by raising half a million dollars for Syrian refugees

  • Kal Penn has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Syrian refugees after a Twitter user told him he doesn’t “belong in this country.”
  • Penn, who was born to Gujarati immigrants in New Jersey, created a Crowdrise page titled “Donating to Syrian refugees in the name of the dude who said I don’t belong in America." 
  • As of 8:30 a.m. Eastern on Monday, the tally stood at over $515,000, just shy of its now $550,000 goal. Read more

You can donate to the ACLU this weekend simply by drinking coffee

  • Sprudge, a coffee blog, has launched a #RefugeesWelcome #YesEqual campaign, using coffee to support the cause.
  • From Friday, Feb. 3 through Sunday, Feb. 5, Sprudge has partnered with coffee shops across America to help raise funds for the ACLU.
  • 278 brands, which operate 530 cafes across America, will be participating in the weekend fundraiser. Read more

hi tumblr.

i’m zack, i’m gay, trans and disabled and i have no income whatsoever. i’m also breaking up with my boyfriend and thus i need to get out of berlin soon.

i’m going to the UK, where i have a right to reside and where i’ll be able to access social services and maybe hopefully even find a job or something. but to do that, i need money for plane tickets, preferably by tonight or by tomorrow. any money i get that isn’t for that will go towards food and other necessities. 

my paypal is isakgrozny at gmail dot com. any contribution is hugely welcome.

if you can’t contribute, please at least reblog!! thank you.

help a disabled gay trans guy not starve/end up on the street

hi, i’m zack and i’m still the legal definition of homeless, as i do not have a lease rn and my housing situation is insecure because i can’t afford the rent for the room i’m staying in. i’m trying to fix these things, but it’s gonna take some time. until then, i am dependent on my ex for money and that’s not a state i want to be in.

i need money for pots and pans and dishes, because the ones in this apartment are in an unusable state. further, i need money for food and transport. i’ve got food for the time being, but i can’t cook it, because the kitchen is in an awful state and there’s mould growing in the microwave (and the cooker doesn’t quite work).

basically i’m a little bit fucked? i could use money to tide me over until i can get council housing or a room in a less fucked up apartment and also benefits/PIP/whatever it is i’m entitled to.

my paypal is 

thank you so so much and if you can’t donate, please reblog?


Guys, I finally got to start the college of dreams (Savannah College Of Arts & Design) traveling all the way from Nigeria (Africa) and yet I’m finding it hard financially because of the recession back home. I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you could commission my art or even just reblog someone might like my style of art. But please do share I will really appreciate it and it might help me more than you think…
PLEASE… this will mean the world to me.

Hey everyone! I’m tight for cash right now and I’m trying to move out into an apartment with my fiancé! I’ve got almost enough money to swing it while I wait for her to move in and bring her income, but for now I’m selling pride beanies like these to try and make extra money so I don’t have to steal food from my mom’s pantry down the street haha. I’d really appreciate if you all could spread this around and help me get some orders in! I take payments from through PayPal, and will do beanies in the form of ANY pride flag! They’ll also be better quality than this, this was made in an hour for a local pride festival I didn’t know I was going to lmao. Thanks, and if you can’t buy, please reblog! Thank you!

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@deliadexaerisofficial is fundraising to make it to her partners in Colorado!

Her situation is very dire, she has been evicted from her apartment in North Carolina and is in need of donations. There is a link to her PayPal in the stream description.

Even if you can’t donate, feel free to reblog this post and/or drop in to the chat!