Apple’s App Store staff are very obviously potheads because this app would never be allowed on the store a few years back.

I am honestly surprised it was allowed now. Yes pot is not bad, yes its legal for now in CA, but on the store? Of course I see apps that are allowed that are literally 100% rip offs of other apps, so much so they even use the real apps screen shots and everything. So I dont expect as much out of the screening process there at UFO to be central anymore.

Plus, this new iPhone 8 is going to cost $2000 and will come with a bag of Indica and some seeds and glass that wraps all the way around, will allow your friends to tether to it, have 500GB internet, and be available in Festival colors for rich kids starting at $12,000.

I feel like I should put on some Fundoobiest, but to be honest, listening to weed music or watching weed tv is really fucking depressing without weed.

With great power comes great responsibility. And with great weed comes great freedom from anxiety disorder and PTSD.