I also don’t know what I was thinking

All the other parts of Demon Boyfriends series here

I finally finished the art for issue 9! Hey you know what’s a good idea for Christmas? Original art! Most of the first couple issues (all of the “special” first) have been sold. But I’ve still got plenty of pages from these later issues. Contact me if you’ve got something in mind and I’ll give you a price!

Edit: Oh hey! Cara McGee also is selling over the garden wall art from the comics she has been drawing! Her Tumblr handle is

Dipper does some thinking

(I hate this part, everything looks so bad, but whatever, I’m posting it anyway)

Continuation of: this

Also here are some random Tomco comics that belongs to this au if you didn’t see it before: sexting and Marco ask about Tom’s tongue 

So I like the headcanon where Greg sleeps with Wirt when he has nightmares as much as the next guy, but let me propose to you this: Greg also moves alot in his sleep so things like this tend to happen quite often and Wirt just has to deal with it lol.

Ah, the things you do for little brothers :)

paeyyythehumanoid  asked:

Will the otgw charms be available during cf? Excited to see you there btw!!

Can’t wait to meet you and YES! It’s less than half of the original stock now, so be sure to grab it before… well who know? It might run out this time!

To those who can’t attend Comic Fiesta 2016 but interested in buying them, I have them up in my store!

Note: not planning in reprinting these, even if I do reprint them, they won’t be the same thing (will be clear transparent and more expensive)