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People just need to ask themselves if they're here for Harry's views on Politics or his music? Like when you first saw him, did you ask yourself, oh, I wonder what his stand on climate change, war and equal rights? People just need to stop analyzing everything he says and didn't choose to say and enjoy what he's been giving us.

He said that equal rights were fundamental for him. He said that supporting others who are not like him is fundamental for him. You are allowed to think differently than Harry Styles and Harry Styles is allowed to think differently from you. 

I thought the sentiment was lovely. That’s it. I didn’t read into it further, but I also don’t read into what Harry says, because I don’t believe he says things for the sake of them being analyzed to death. Harry is very much It is what it is.

Obviously he’s in a place of privilege that most of us are not in. He has used his privilege for a lot of good, but apparently saying that he believes equal rights are more fundamental than political makes him the devil reincarnate. 

So many people want Harry to be this way or that way, and when he finally does speak on issues that he doesn’t normally comment on, you all go “Wait! No! Not that! That’s not what we wanted you to say!” Which is incredibly unfair to him. Sometimes, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Just because Harry says something you don’t agree with doesn’t mean you have to point towards every other celebrity who has said that equal rights are political rather than fundamental and drag him for thinking differently. 

He’s allowed to have an opinion, but I don’t blame him for not frequently speaking on those issues after seeing how everyone reacts to a single sentence uttered on a French talk show. 


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Seriously, I think having Satou makes the difference between Haropuro and other idol groups. Other idol agencies will never ever think of training such a refractory child for an idol, having a poor vocabulary and a limited literacy and no pliability. Even if they did, they’d promote her focusing only on her eccentric character and end up selling out as one-hit wonder. I suppose Haropuro will be the only agency which would treat her and other members equally and take much time on training her up to a performer. I’m also impressed with Tsunku to have predicted that Satou would start to show her true quality at 22, even though “youth” is considered the fundamental resource for idols in general. Since Haropuro have spent an enormous amount of time on training up Sayu, Gaki-san, or Berikyuu, they must have a lot of confidence in finding out talents and in the experience of training them up. I think it’s the Haropuro’s uniqueness.

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I'm so tired of seeing 260 gif sets of Kylo Ren to "cool motive, still murder" with like "lol who cares about his backstory he murdered children and his dad" in all the tags clapping each other on the back. When will that die? The self satisfied superiority is tiring.


I haven’t seen the gifsets, but I’ve seen plenty of posts that just snidely toss in the one gif. I just keep being like–um, have you ever seen Star Wars? The series that dedicated one movie to the murderous villain’s redemption and three more + a TV series to his ~~~cool motives~~~? 

Like. Whatever else might be said about the prequels (I am certainly not the biggest fan!), no reasonable person can say they don’t exist. If you’re insisting that SW should ignore bad characters’ motives and background because they’re bad, end of story, you’re essentially saying that Star Wars should not be Star Wars. And if you come out of TFA thinking radical change is on the agenda–well, I don’t know what to say to you, LOL.

Also, this is rambling, but there’s an assumption that I’m seeing on all sides and find incredibly irritating:

We know virtually nothing about Luke’s Jedi training facility. Pablo Hidalgo remarked on Twitter that it wasn’t really an academy, as everyone keeps assuming. And, specifically, everyone seems to be assuming that it was the PT Jedi Order v. 2.0, with a creche full of children and some older apprentices à la Ben. And that Luke is part Yoda (detached, enigmatic grandmaster training up tiny children as warriors) and part Obi-Wan (dutiful, rule-abiding, faithfully trying to hold to the precepts of the past). 

Except??? The WHOLE POINT of ROTJ is Luke growing to the point where he can listen to what Yoda has to say, and Obi-Wan, and Vader, and Palpatine–the pairs of potential mentors are blatantly mirrored–and understand, and take what’s valuable but strike out his own path. And of those four, the one whose values he actually accepts is ANAKIN. 

Like. Obi-Wan dedicated the entirety of his brief time with Luke to teaching him to use the lightsaber in exactly the same way he was taught as a child by Yoda. The weapon is the defining quality of a Jedi–he says so outright in the PT. People point out that Yoda says Luke has to “face” Darth Vader again to be a true Jedi, not kill–that’s Luke’s (tbh perfectly reasonable) interpretation. However, when he tells Obi-Wan that he won’t kill his father, Obi-Wan says outright that then the Emperor will have won. Luke comes away from his Jedi mentors with the understanding that, in their view, he must confront and kill his father. 

When Palpatine urges Luke to kill his father, he’s not echoing Vader’s ultimatum (always very different) but the Jedi’s. And Luke’s rejection is simultaneously a rejection of being what his father has become, Palpatine’s miserable bound servant (the look at his hand) and an affirmation of his father’s values as what it really means to be a Jedi. I am a Jedi, like my father before me he says, as he throws away the weapon that everyone keeps telling him is what makes a Jedi a Jedi, as he rejects the dogma (forever-will-it-dominate-your(his)-destiny) that Yoda, Obi-Wan, Palpatine are all insisting on. That Anakin himself hopelessly accepts, now that his radical conceptions of Jedi doctrine and Jedi identity–which last up until ESB–have been crushed out of him. But it’s that way of being a Jedi, questioning the protocols, taking risks, re-envisioning what it means to be one, that Luke embraces.

- I mean, this cool-motive-still-murder rhetoric really does sound startlingly like Yoda in ESB. Luke wants to know what made Vader into who he is, how the Dark Side works, ask all these questions. Yoda’s answer has exactly nothing to do with Anakin as an individual with particular motives (even though Anakin specifically went to him for advice in the issue that precipitated his fall). It’s simply the kneejerk: some people choose the quick and easy way. Their motives don’t matter, just that they threw it all away, and turned evil, and there’s no turning away from that. They’ve functionally ceased to exist as anything but agents of evil. (And he outright tells him to stop asking questions.)

And all things considered, why should we assume that Luke’s training must have been the PT all over again? That, somehow, a grand total of one (1) Jedi managed to recreate the old system and was training up a generation of children (people have been suggesting infants, even??) bc that’s how they did it, and was all about peace and detachment with Ben bc that’s how they did it, and after Ben slaughtered all the children (?) Luke withdrew to become a sad brooding hermit bc that’s what they did (the movie itself says he went actively searching for the roots of the Jedi) and


(Disclaimer: killing adults and teenagers is still murder, very bad. On this one, I’m more annoyed on Luke’s behalf.)

I’ve been working since I was 8 months old. I think taking a break is fundamental for child stars in general. It allows them to step outside themselves, it allows them to see themselves more objectively, but most importantly, it allows them to get real life experiences, real life stories, and as an artist, that’s what you pull off of. For emotional debt, for emotional range, for all of that. So if you have no stories to tell, and you’ve led no life in any realistic sense, then you can’t go anywhere. And that’s why it was important to me to step away.


“Why are old people such pussies? Is it gradual, or one day you just wake up and you look in the mirror and you say: ‘Today I am a giant fucking pussy’?”

Selena Gomez as Dot in “The Fundamentals of Caring” (2016)

The story Kubo-sensei decided to share was nice to hear because (I assume) it came directly from him (the only thing we’ve had since the manga ended, (not including, “To Ichigo, Rukia, the whole Bleach cast, and everyone reading here. I offer my gratitude for 15 incredible years”) and I’ve been desperately wanting to hear something, anything from him, Even a “Yo” would’ve left me screaming by this point.

Now, I don’t hold any resentment, I don’t even have a bitter attitude towards the man, I still like him quite a lot. How this may be received…well my fandom is more than a little kind when respectfully treated, even in a difference of opinions, but I expect some, ‘two faced,’‘you’re lying,’ ‘you only care about your ship” comments from…other fandoms.

HOWEVER, (there it is detractors)…

This new found attention directed at Bleach is, at an Olympic-level stretch, almost cheaply sweet.

Now let me be the type of honest that makes some people uncomfortable.

Bleach. Fell. Off.

It got dethroned, it’s crown got smashed, it’s previously enough-to-fill-the-oceans fandom degenerated to a maybe-we-can-fill-few-hundred-swimming-pools fandom, and it fucking blows.

Legions and legions are mad, are pissed and not because they feel entitled to Kubo’s creative processes, but because they had faith, and a lot of it.

They believed Tite Kubo was a phenomenal writer and they were fundamentally proven wrong.

15 years of trust and commitment and love and support and belief in the faith that Kubo is amazing, Kubo is the best, Kubo knows just what he’s doing, Kubo made this legend and will find a way to keep it a legend. They believed that, okay, even if the two belonging to the ship I love so much don’t get to have each other, the story aside from that will be good because of Kubo.

That faith got fucking spit on. That sting when we were told “5 chapters remaining” turned into a burn when we saw that there was nothing apart from a ship and a ship war to fall back on. That burn turned into a cancer when we learned that this, this is what Kubo-sensei “always wanted”.

Let’s do the only comparison between manga I can stomach.

The Naruto fandom had a heavy artillery of unhappy fans spitting spite at the ending of that legend, yes? Nasty war on that front, we can all agree.

Yet, why is that fandom still booming, why did the anime get to finish, why was the possibility of a sequel even remotely plausible?

Because despite what you may feel about ships, the plot was resolved well enough. The next generation held promise.

You could find happiness in the goodbye. Was it perfect? FUCK NO. Was it presented in a way that you would undoubtedly find something to keep believing in, something to fall back into some type of peace? FUCK YES.

The characters stayed. They were preserved and resolved. The clans, the main characters, the influences, the antagonists, the children, the elders, all of them stayed true.

Bringing this back to Bleach and…we don’t even know (literally we have no fucking clue) where the damning vast majority of our characters ended up.

The only thing that was solid about Bleach is that we knew who the canon couples were. That’s it.

That’s why we fight so much, we lost everything else, but arguments on our ships keep going, because hell they’ve always kept us passionate (and deep inside we want to stay passionate). Why stop now when there’s nothing else?

I’m sure we would all be a lot happier if we got to talk about the Vizard, or the Karakura gang, or Halibel, Nel and Grimmjow, or the Shinigami, or the Quincy, or Urahara Shōten crew, or the Zero Division, or Isshin, Masaki, Ryuken, and Katagiri, or the thousands of other things we can wonder about, but no longer have the option to understand.

And guess what the catcher in the discourse is? We fucking can’t. We have less than shit to go by, we don’t even know if some of the characters we love are breathing.

Ichigo doesn’t get his Shinigami like Naruto got his Hokage or Luffy will get his Pirate King. Ichigo gets the rotting of a legend on his shoulders.

Rukia got herself a half-ass title of captain and nothing to show for it. She got shafted something brutal. She has to bare the brunt of the rot as well.

What the fuck does Renji do? Whose lieutenant is he? Did he reach Byakuya? Who the fuck will ever know.

Orihime didn’t get to live out even one of her 5 lifetime dream jobs. She didn’t get her all defining moment with Ichigo. She got an apron and a first-name basis.

Uryu is alone and doing something we haven’t been shown he has a single iota of interest in. He didn’t get to be part of that rag-tag team he wanted so bad.

Sado is alone and doing something against his identity and moral compass in some remote part of Japan. Far away from the only one he promised to fight for.

Call me delusional, bankrupt in morals, call my mentality trash, but I can’t believe that this is what the man I looked up to for 8 years aspired to.

And not in the “Oh, this is such a shock.How could I be betrayed like this! How could he do this to me? I can’t believe I was wrong” kind of way. I’m made of steel, this was nothing.

I mean this in the most hopeless, resigned way.

I do wish this announcement got me to feel something more along the lines of pathos instead of logos, but it just didn’t.

I was pissed about the fact that people turned this into a shipping issue instead of a fundamental problem about the general manga (meaning my statement would have to include shipping one way or the other), I was confused with a weird sense/understanding of how highly the IchiHime fandom view themselves (that was certainly a trip), I was skeptical about the newest development.. but that was it. No core-deep, heartfelt emotion past through me.

Though, it’s an odd thing to me that instead of putting this story in his final chapter or the coveted “extra material,” he instead decided to use a social media platform with primary attraction in the West to lead an Eastern-based story to conclusion. If he wanted everybody to know and if he wanted to find this darling little boy, why wouldn’t he put it into the one source he knew everybody would see? The manga.

Why through a platform he left (twitter is at base, a shit storm where the worst forms of all people out come to play) because of the hate his characters, himself, and his story got? Twitter should be not be the measuring stick or expectation barriers of anything.

I get that he felt he still needed to do something, but if it was so harsh on his mind, I can’t understand why he didn’t talk about this boy immediately like he did about the one holding Ichigo’s namesake somewhere in the real world.

I still love Kubo. I hope he finds out who this boy was. I hope he can talk with the boys family and remember why he loved Bleach once more.

But you would be stupid to pretend Kubo managed to love Bleach in the end as much as he did in the beginning.

Remember the sketches in the beginning of every chapter, his little notes to us,  telling us about his need to diet, almost feeling his tears of joy when he found out a precious baby boy held the name-sake of Ichigo (because Ichigo was Kubo’s baby boy no less), his unusual involvement in the sketches of the anime, his all-consuming involvement in Fade to Black,  calling Rukia his daughter, the scalding hot burn to those who told him they hate Orihime, saying he wishes Rangiku were his big sister, the omakes, the constant color pages,  how Ichigo was carefully (and unintentionally) crafted to have been the greatest, most unorthodox heroes to ever grace the world?

You could feel the passion,you could feel the excitement, you could feel he was happy.

I know his health would essentially halt that, but did any one you actually manage to feel any of his happiness or …anything besides an empty sort of gut feeling that ‘I just need to finish’ shine through?

He felt empty I think.

And maybe all of this is true, maybe this is what he’s always wanted… or maybe this was a way to try and comfort some fans.,coworkers, etc. who were scared for him and what became of Bleach, maybe this is press by the skeevy company he worked for, maybe this is an attempt to stop his sad/angry fans, the professionals wondering where it went wrong, the certifiable columnists, the disappointment of those representing his work, the fuck up monetary-driven Shonen Jump with all the disrespect in the world declaring Bleach a “gag manga”, etc.

Maybe this was a way to calmly end it all because his health was killing him and nobody cared to help.

Whether this is heartily true or a concocted business method to preserve the prestige of Bleach and Shonen Jump, you can’t tell me this is how Kubo wanted the biggest piece of his life, his legacy, and what will be remembered of him after his death to be.

No one can ever convince me that Kubo-sensei wanted this for himself or any of his characters. You can’t logically tell me is where Bleach was going to go. His characters, his babies no matter which way you look at it, he can’t have wanted them to get to this.

You realize he told flat out us how many times he felt like giving up and pulling the plug… does that seem in any way a healthy and happy mentality to live by?

Even if the letters willed him along it was only to a point of “let me just finish’ not “let me keep going.” The story he was producing, he told us it made him feel like a failure, that he himself felt his quality was only going down…

I’m so worried about him and we can’t fucking do a single thing to help and it kills me.

Everything post Bleach seems like a a fix-it recon mission and Kubo-sensei’s words seem like a miserable apology and a hope of comfort.

I can’t feel any happiness from him now, I can’t even feel relief. He had to end and cut and butcher his 15 year lifeline because his health failed him.

Shipping put 7 dimensions away. This can’t be what Kubo fucking wanted “since chapter one.”

I still think Kubo is great, now I just want to know that he is okay. Everything else I can deal with myself.

I’m grateful to him. He gave me Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Uryu, Sado, Renji. He gave me the humans, and the Shinigami, and the Fullbringers, and the Quincy, and the whatever they may be and I adore him for that.

I think he’s sad.

If one day can change a life, 15 years can change a universe.

As nearly as I can tell, the nominees for the president-elect’s Cabinet fall into several different categories. There are the people you’d pretty much expect from any Republican administration. (James Mattis, Stephen Flynn, Ryan Zinke). There are the people who understand the mission of their departments and have spent their lives undermining it. (Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Rick Perry at Energy, Andrew Puzder at Labor). And there are the people who are fundamentally clueless about the general nature of public service. (Rex Tillerson at State.) On Tuesday night, DeVos demonstrated that she is that rarest of Trump administration fauna: Someone who fits capably into all three categories.

Lütjens Padmanabhan Architekten 

Double-House, Zurich, Switzerland, 2011

This highly sophisticated semi-detached house plays on the looseness of its suburban context by making willful moves in volume and facade.  Robert Venturi’s ‘witty mannerism’ is a precedent for the game being played out on the elevation, compositional rules are set and broken;

“The main facades are based on a three-bay window configuration, while the windows of the lateral facades are ordered around a single central axis. This formed the fundamental framework, providing a general sense of order, to be manipulated and distorted by specific, local moves.”


Even though I feel like I improved through Illo 365, I know that I was extremely lacking in drawing fundamentals/SKETCHING in general. So this year I will (attempt) to fix that with Sketch12!!

To make it easier on myself (and my wallet haha), I bought 5.5x8.5in, 108pg sketchbooks, one for each month. I’m determined to fill it with observational drawings, thumbnails, gestures, color studies, whatever! The goal is to get faster, draw less stickmen, to get BETTER!

At the end of each month I’ll put up scans of (almost) all the pages, from the crappiest to the bestest (lies). Come join me! Lets cry together! 

Other random resolutions include:

  • Finishing the script for The Lonely Vincent Bellingham (pipedream = start the webcomic by the end of the year)
  • Buying a car
  • Work on some semblance of a social/love life (HA!)
  • Also defeat acne

Happy 2014 everybody!!