A Shia

A Shia is never scared to listen to any speaker from any religion, because a Shia knows a) there is no harm in gaining more knowledge, and b) we are not scared (threatened) to listen to anything you have to say. A school that is scared of listening to another lecturer from another school is one that believes it is a shaky school. So they don’t want to go and listen to anyone else (as to not rock their fragile foundation).

— Sayed Ammar Nakshawani.

Shirou Fujimoto and the current Paladin, Arthur Angel, both came from the Asylum. But it was shut down sixteen years ago… because this is where the Blue Night happened.

According to the official report, Satan incarnated himself. And conceived children with Yuri Egin, a lower-class exorcist. That all happened here.


Running the Haley Strategic 22422 drill with the American Defense UIC 2 that I’m testing. 7 yards from targets, each target one yard apart. Is this a realistic defensive drill? Nope. Is it a good drill to work fundamentals of target transitions, trigger control, and fast sight picture? Absolutely. Give it a shot!

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Morocco Pavilion: Fundamental(ism)s
Morocco is one of the new additions to this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale. Its pavilion will narrate the journey of urban and architectural ambition in Morocco, focusing on the theme of ‘habitation’. The presentation includes one building per decade over the past 100 years, as well as a series of contemporary speculations around the inhabitation of the Sahara.