Character Fundamentals: Male and Female Torso
In this tutorial I offer my personal approach on drawing the torso, with tons of tips, approach and mindset. My tutorials are designed for both beginners and intermediate artists, and are aimed to teach the basic knowledge required to draw/design characters quickly and without reliance on references. No programs are required - these tips can be applied to both traditional and digital artwork. This tutorial pack contains the following: - 10 page PDF Tutorial with in depth approach to drawing and constructing the torso (including basic muscles charts and skeletal structure). - Demo video

Hey guys! Just added a brand new tutorial to my Gumroad!

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A long time ago, I put a good amount of thought into matching all of my gear. Everything either being Multicam, coyote, or Ranger green. But after a little while, I learned that what I was doing was superficial and greatly distracting from the big picture. I stopped worrying about my kit, and starting worrying about my training. The fundamentals…

How to run a carbine fast. How to utilize leverage and friction on a pistol to control recoil as effectively as possible. How to maintain and increase my balance of speed and accuracy. Etc.

The kit in this picture doesn’t all match perfectly. And I don’t care. Nor should you. Put more thought into your training than your gear, and you will be a much more effective shooter.

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