fundamental espionage

Theatrical Advice

An adversary is a sitting target at the opera. A lady should be prepared to utilize all her accessories to finish him before the final act.

And here’s a tip: Make a garrote your weapon of choice at a seated event; only be certain you sit directly behind your quarry. The entire strangulation process is much easier for everyone involved that way.

Finishing School Homework is Hard
  • Sophronia: I’m not certain I could do it.
  • Lady Linette: Do what, dear?
  • Sophronia: Kill someone in cold blood.
  • Lady Linette: Ah, yes, but how do you know until you try?
  • Sophronia: I suppose that’s true.
  • Lady Linette: Besides, dear, you don’t have to do it face‑to‑face; there is always poison.

Introducing Lady Linette de Limmone, our instructor of music, creative arts and physical culture, which includes battledore, shuttlecock, croquet and the challenging art of tumbling in petticoats, one of our most difficult lessons.

Lady Linette is responsible for instructing students in intelligence gathering, principles of deceit, fundamental espionage, and rudimentary seduction—which does not happen until next year (so please, contain your excitement).

She is known for her liberal hand with accessories and rouge, as well as her beauty. We at the Academy stand by her post, though we encourage you not to ask after the “lady” in her title.

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