fundamental espionage

Theatrical Advice

An adversary is a sitting target at the opera. A lady should be prepared to utilize all her accessories to finish him before the final act.

And here’s a tip: Make a garrote your weapon of choice at a seated event; only be certain you sit directly behind your quarry. The entire strangulation process is much easier for everyone involved that way.

Finishing School Homework is Hard
  • Sophronia: I’m not certain I could do it.
  • Lady Linette: Do what, dear?
  • Sophronia: Kill someone in cold blood.
  • Lady Linette: Ah, yes, but how do you know until you try?
  • Sophronia: I suppose that’s true.
  • Lady Linette: Besides, dear, you don’t have to do it face‑to‑face; there is always poison.