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Out with the Aliens, in with the Mermaids?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s post is all about romance~ After the death of most of the family left a gaping hole in the lives of Aric and Marie, the two of them decided the best way to fill it was with di- I mean, romantic companionship. 

Aric tried to keep it together for Marie’s sake, but he was never really a family man. When Rachel was alive, since she was an Alien she did pretty much all of the parenting, while Aric focused on his career. He was Mayor of the city, he had a lot to do. Every occasion, birthdays, funerals, had to be turned into a fund raising event for his campaign for Governor. So he didn’t have the most time to be there for her even now.

So Marie started lashing out, sneaking out and getting into trouble. She’d stay out past curfew going to bars and underage drinking *gasp*

All the while Aric was getting older, and he still had the lifetime aspiration of raising 5 children. He had four once, and now that his family was gone he was short on time to complete it. 

Eager to get back in the dating game, he invited all his co-workers and wealthy friends out to a club for his birthday. His best prospect for some lovin’ was his female co-worker and best friend Victoria. He tried to put the moves on her, but she was married and mostly seemed to just be interested in him as a friend.

Marie wasn’t having much luck either. The guy she liked from school, Antonio was at the party, but he didn’t seem to respond to her attempts to get to know him.

But they weren’t about to give up. The next day they invited their romantic interests back over for a Gift Giving Party.

Though Aric did manage to score a kiss under the mistletoe with Victoria, she still seemed pretty oblivious to his feelings and he was getting frustrated with how slowly things were moving.

Meanwhile Antonio straight up rejected Marie’s attempt to kiss him, and on top of that turned down her prom invitation, calling her a weirdo and fleeing the party. Yikes.

So that evening Marie went to prom alone, thinking Antonio would never talk to her again. But magical, often nonsensical things can happen at prom, and to her surprise, once she was there he confessed his feelings for her and asked her to be his girlfriend! All that rejection must have been his awkward attempts at flirting after all, who would have guessed?

Aric decided to give online dating a whirl, since everyone he knew was either too old or too married. He met a pretty young blonde thing named Latisha and after getting to know her, he coaxed her to go out with him on a date.

With his high charisma skill, it didn’t take long for them to get very, very close.

But to his dismay, she rejected his proposal and left the date. It turns out she’s Insane. Great!

Aric would have to try a different, more sleazy and underhanded tactic. He invited her over for their second date one night after Marie had gone to bed.

He got her pregnant and then asked her to move in with him. And once she was part of the household…


So here’s one of the many kickers. Remember how way back when, Pamina was considered by the game to be “cheating” on Wang Bo even though her husband was looong dead? Well I guess it’s not a glitch, not even death do us part in the Sims 3. 

Regardless of Rachel’s death, they’re still married. And not only that, but Latisha was also already dating somebody else, even though when Aric asked her she told him she was single. It turns out not only was Latisha Insane, but she was also Evil and Neurotic and aspired to be a Creature Robot Crossbreeder and all that fun stuff. Oh boy do my Sims know how to pick ‘em.

The most interesting thing about her though, is that apparently she’s a mermaid! I’d never encountered one of them in-game before, so it was a whole new experience suddenly being in charge of one.

Mermaids it seems work a lot like Vampires, in that their food need is slightly different. They can only eat fish or kelp, which can be purchased at the grocery store in town.

They also have a “Hydration” need in place of Hygiene, and have to swim in the ocean once every 48 hours or they’ll lose their mermadic status and revert to normal humans. 

Her scaly legs turn into proper fins when swimming.

So even though his new bride to be was clearly a terrible person and also possibly a gold-digger, she was still carrying his unborn child, so the wedding was on. Marie wasn’t too happy with this turn of events.

They held their wedding on the beach so Latisha could be close to the ocean, and Marie decided to grab a tan instead of participating in the ceremony. 

Latisha also invited her girlfriend who was apparently mourning someone, forced her to watch her get married, and dumped her there. Can’t get much more evil than that.

The wedding happened to be held on Marie’s birthday, so she invited Antonio and I aged them both up to adults right there.

And once they got back home, Aric tracked down the ghost of his dead wife and broke up with her, just so there would be no more complications.

This stone hearted gesture signaled the end of Aric’s old life and the start of his new family, and it seemed that Latisha and Aric weren’t so interested in Marie. Because Aric didn’t want to disturb her brother’s room, and he figured she was an adult now, he let Latisha turn her room into the room for the new baby without consulting Marie. 

This forced poor Marie to move out the day she graduated, but at least Aric bought her a house and offered to pay for most things for her still.

So how will this newly evicted trust-fund kid navigate her new life? Stay tuned to find out!

Sorry this post is so long, a lot happened! I know not many people are really that interested in these anymore, but I’ve been having a really hard time lately and playing has really cheered me up. I love turning it into a story and it seems like a waste not to document the rest of it now when we’re so near to the end of the challenge. So if it’s alright I’ll keep posting these just so I have them to look back on some time and remember the adventures of my Sims.

Happy World Radio Day!

To celebrate let’s take a look at the history of our own campus radio station, CKCU FM 93.1! The station made its first pubic broadcast at midnight on November 14, 1975, making it the oldest campus-based community radio station in Canada. Prior to this historic broadcast, the station had been operating on a more limited basis since the mid-1960s as Radio Carleton. Since 1978, CKCU FM has held an annual fund raising event to help support the station.

From 1979 until the mid-1990s, CKCU FM also published a community magazine named Trans-FM. The magazine served as a way to update listeners about the stations programming. The magazine also featured articles about current events, promotion for local bands and concerts, album reviews and top music charts.

Trans-FM magazines: Carleton University Corporate Archives, CKCU Radio fonds.


b.arc Product Design_CUBE Light / Hanger

a small team of young architect students are preparing for a fund raising event.

the money will be for a total design exhibition (fashion, graphic deisgn, art, crafts, architecture) next year.

this product design is a cube capable of being a hanger and light that sticks to any wall.


I was doing a favour for a friend and cosplayed as Ten for a fund raising event that he was doing at university for charity. But I leave my phone for five minutes whilst I get geared up and they take so many mug shots with it and yet I never noticed until I look through my phone… ‘Swizzle stick’ in mouth as what a friend pointed out. XD XD

Shame on them! If they can’t yet bring themselves to attack Sam directly Sam for not publicly declaring his “not love” for Cait it seems that questioning his favourite charity will do.
Unfortunately for them Bloodwise looks pretty good financially. The vast majority of their funds go to support research with only 0.6% going for salaries and other office expenses. The 19.9% that is used to generate funds is money used to finance mailings and promotions and fund raising events. All charities have these costs and it is a simple fact that it takes money to raise money. What is admirable here is that as their budget has increased the percentage of it spent on these background expenses has decreased and their contributions to research and patient care expenses both have increased. Fans can donate knowing their money will be used responsibly to further a good cause.