Today I was given dozens (possibly hundreds, I didn’t count) of foundations, concealers and powders from Cover FX. I just need to figure out if it’s feasible to start the makeup fund back up on a bigger level. I want to get all these products out to the trans girls who need them, but I don’t have the money it would take to ship packages out to every person (between $10-$20 per package since I live in Canada and most of you are Stateside).

The task of finding people who need this makeup and corresponding with them, then matching their color, then packing their kits and shipping them out is quite daunting to me so I’m going to take on only as much as I can.

I’m once again accepting donations to my paypal (, BUT please only donate to me if you’re totally financially secure - this isn’t urgent and there are tons of people who could use the financial help first, not the least of which are the people being brutalized by racist cops.

If you can donate, I appreciate it greatly - please let me know your tumblr account in your donation message and I’ll try to include you in a shout-out post.

If you want more information on some of the makeup kits I’ve donated over the last couple years, check out


WE'RE 100% FUNDED!!!

We did it! Love is a Game has reached its $11,000 goal! This is a magnificent day for us and we are just overwhelmed with gratitude!

We want to thank each and every one of you for your support whether it was through the Kickstarter or just reblogging a post. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!

We can’t wait and we’re going to work hard and try to reach some of our stretch goals! We have so much time left!

Thank you so much everyone, from the bottom of our hearts!

Take your drink over to that beachside table there and watch another beautiful Lucid Cove sunset, while Ahnoui and Dahlarz figure out how to handle their exercise mad Daddy and tell him about how R4st4B0t does not live with them anymore.

Story updates will continue to be posted through this hot weekend..hopefully no last minute pre- trip stuff happens to interrupt my mellowing time.

Color of sky is what comes in this custom world by Cink..same guy who made Candyfornia and Pumpkin Flood..two other custom worlds I play and have shown here.

My boyfriend and I are currently in a rough situation where we need to come up with enough money to move out by September. We both work- but we hardly make enough money at this very moment to move out BY september, let alone the end of this year. I’ve become quite desperate for any amount of help from anyone, so I’ve decided to start a Go Fund Me page for donations!

Donating any small amount or even spreading this on social media is hugely appreciated !! And I will be opening up new commissions soon to help me raise money for this move.


“Goddammit Atsushi stop adopting all these strays!”
*rolls around in the void* Gahhhhhh I just love @crystal013’s headcanon of Atsushi!
I need more cute cats and cute dorks in my lifeeeeee
I might make a digital version of this if you guys want!
Now if you excuse me I have homework from hell. *cries and closes the void*
Help Lumi and Mars with family future and transition fund!! | Youcaring

hey y'all, as a lot of you know, my fiancé @lumi-reis has started her transition, and she and I have been together for about 4 years now, and we’ve gone through so much and ultimately we want to spend the rest of our lives together. so we finally put together a youcaring page to help with part of Lumi’s transition and for the family we plan on starting together later in the future!!

please go to the link to read more, and please consider donating!!! any amount helps and we are sosososo appreciative of any support you have to give. it would also really help if everyone reblogged this link! thank you so much, you all are so amazing!!!!
Click here to support Help Me Stay In School by Cheyenne Printup
Thanks for taking time to read about my situation. I'm coming into my Sophomore year of college and stayed on campus this summer to continue working my job with the school. In order to stay in school housing, I also needed to take classes through the summer, which I thought was a plus. Just befo...

Thanks for taking time to read about my situation. I’m coming into my Sophomore year of college and stayed on campus this summer to continue working my job with the school. In order to stay in school housing, I also needed to take classes through the summer, which I thought was a plus.

Just before summer sessions began, some classes were canceled, but I was assured (verbally) that I was set. AFTER the final refund date (when you can drop classes without being billed), I was told I wasn’t taking enough credit hours to receive Financial Aid. My job on campus is secure, but does not pay near enough to cover housing, food, tuition and supplies needed to continue. I’m working hard to maintain my 3.255+ GPA and make my own way.

If not for the misinformation and lateness of their notification, I could have managed well enough instead of being desperate. Even if you can’t help monetarily, a share on my behalf would be much appreciated. Please? Thanks so much!!

Guys I am really screwed right now. If you can’t donate a few dollars can you AT LEAST share this so I can continue my education?

ok something i’ve noticed recently in the pjo fandom is that there is barely anything about the villains?? what’s with this aversion to villains in the fanbase?? reblog this if you love yourself a good villain bc rick has a ton

!!!!!!!!!PUPPY IN NEED!!!!!!!!!
This is Marcellus, he is my friends puppy!! He is only 5 months old and has had an unfortunate accident with his eye, he is going to need enucleation surgery to get the eye removed but it can be very pricey and if it doesn’t happen soon it has more risk of infection. My friend has no source of income and has started a go fund me for Marcellus. If you could donate or reblog that’d be fantastic!!!!!!!! It only takes a second, thank you 💕