Insect battles clue to evolution

It may seem peaceful in this University of Florida organic garden, but there’s plenty of action if you look closer. NSF-funded entomologist Christine Miller and her team are studying how insects compete and even fight for a mate, as a key to better understanding animal behavior, diversity and evolution. Turns out there’s much to learn from animal warfare, even when the animals are barely visible - watch the research in action:

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J. Skyler, a trans woman of color, writer, and speaker, has come up with a concise hashtag for signal boosting! Use #TransCrowdFund on both Twitter and tumblr to help boost visibility for your fundraisers or donation pages! I’m hoping to help set up a blog that would specifically reblog anyone using this hashtag, so please contact me or check the tag.

If you’re cis, and would like to help signal boost, please ask the trans person in question before using this hashtag.

Victor Ho (@jeongguksbf @studyblook) is currently in danger of being thrown out of his home, beaten, and/or further abused because his mother discovered the fact that he is transgender by seeing his preferred name on his university’s Dean’s list.

His mother is historically abusive, both physically and mentally, and it is not safe for him to stay at this home any longer. Unfortunately, this means that if he leaves, they will likely cut him off from funding that goes into his college fund, which is crucial to his education. More than anything else, he doesn’t want to drop out of college because he finally had the courage to get out of his parents’ house who have been holding that money against him in an attempt to make him stay and continue to be their slave. His mother has forced him into a profession he didn’t want, forced him to isolate himself because she didn’t approve of his friends, and has never supported him emotionally past keeping him alive enough to take care of her. She is extremely abusive and his father does nothing to stop this, while his two younger siblings seem to care little to nothing for him and only serve to make matters worse.

We need enough money, before anything else, to get Victor out of his parents’ house and somewhere safe. We’re not sure how much this would be, but we estimated a few thousand dollars to cover a month or two of rent, travel expenses, food, etc until we can figure something better out. We just want him out of that house as soon as possible, and that’s all that matters.

If you’d like to donate to Victor directly through paypal, his account is Please keep in mind that his dead name is on this account. Do not use or refer to him as this name. Thank you!