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East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Photo by raaen99

Another gem in E. Melbourne.

From Flickr:

Art Deco Block of Flats - East Melbourne

In East Melbourne, just off busy Wellington Parade in the little cul-de-sac of Garden Avenue is a blissfully quiet piece of “between the wars” Melbourne.

The entire avenue is made up of wonderful Functionaist Moderne blocks of flats. This red brick complex is one of the more remarkable blocks with its rounded drawing room windows, white painted frames which stand out against the red of the bricks. Unlike many Art Deco buildings which focussed on a vertical emphasis, Functionalist Moderne buildings often featured horizontal emphasis, which is why it has horizontal white painted concrete stripes between the blocks of windows and a horizontal band of feature bricks above the ground floor flat windows. Even the lamp in the garden is in a wonderful Art Deco style!

Please also note the lucky horseshoe on the outer windowsill of the ground floor bay window.


Bohuslav Fuchs, City of Brno Pavilion, Brno, Czechoslovakia, (1927-1928)

In 1923 Bohuslav Fuchs participated in a competition to design the city of Brno’s new exhibition ground on Bauer’s Ramp. Although his design ranked third, the architect would influence the appearance of the exhibition ground later, when he designed the City of Brno Pavilion.
This plain block structure with a ferro-concrete skeleton and brickwork wallings rested on pillars and opened towards lake view on it’s eastern side. The entrance hall was lit by a glassed wall via a monumental staircase connecting both exhibition floors, while the upper level was lit by skylights. The red ceramic cladding at the main entrance was accompanied by a ceramic sculpture by Josef Kubíček. The hall served its original purpose for a short time only. In the following years it was a post office, then a warehouse, At present it hosts rehearsals of the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra.

winesweatandtears  asked:

What are your thoughts on the Nordic/Scandinavian functionalist architecture of the 1930s-1960s? With architects like Gunnar Asplund and a few other notable ones?

Nordic/Scandinavian architecture of that period holds a special place in my heart. Maybe because I learned about it only after I was in school and did a project about Villa Mairea. It felt very different from the architecture I knew (aka tropical architecture). The truth is that even if the phrase “form follow functions” sounds as a one size fits all proposition that would cover all, the functionalist architecture of that part of the world has a very regional aesthetic and organization that in my opinion went on to influence architects all over the world.

The City Library of Stockholm E.G. Asplund