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for all dedicated bob burger fans remember that episode where bob n linda play napkin darts n bob starts getting pissed because he couldn’t beat her. at the end when shes a shot away from being the winner bob n teddy conjure up a plan where they fart really loud to distract linda. before bob does it he looks @ his reflection in the napkin container n its a frowny face n he’s like ‘omg…what am I doing.’ then he looks @ linda n he smiles very slightly because he realized how much he loves her, supports her, n will never root against her because nothing in his life (besides his kids n thanksgiving) is more important to him than her. I love them so much n they are televisions most loved n functional family to date. 


Your uncles at the family function…

At my grandfather's funeral, I make a joke about being the cautious queer at family functions and my mother doesn’t find it funny. My mother wants to know why I make such a big deal out of things. My mother says, “Believe it or not, your family accepts you.”

She says it smooth and easy, like it’s always been there / like I didn’t have to fight for it / like she never hurled LESBIAN at me as an accusation / like I didn’t have to be thousands of miles away from home to feel comfortable enough to come out / like she didn’t get condolences when I did / like she didn’t ask me to keep a muzzle on it / like she didn’t cry when I moved in with my girlfriend / like she doesn’t know the difference between tolerance and acceptance / like she doesn’t periodically ask if I’m still “doing the gay thing” / like she doesn’t always hope the answer is “no”
—  Trista Mateer

Once upon a time somebody posted something asking about what Guzma would do if one of his grunts accidentally called him dad, as in a parental way. I figure that would be VERY likely, considering the fact that everybody on Team Skull seem like troubled runaway teenagers. 

Not to mention if you think about the actual psychological reasons why kids join gangs is usually because they don’t have a functional family at home, so they go looking for one on the streets. Maybe the real reason why Team Skull grunts do all of that excessive posing before a battle is because they’re trying to be cool and impress their dadboss.

Anyway, I just can’t get the thought out of my head that Guzma’s grunts are really just his adopted misfit kiddos. (whether he’s aware of it or not, lol)

Okay but can we talk about Requiem from the DEH soundtrack and musical?

In case some people needed the definition here it is:

A Requiem is a repose, in musical form, commemorating the dead and praising their life.

We know that the Murphys are not the greatest, most functional family, but their reasons for not singing a Requiem are each different and very telling about their character.

Zoe Murphy will not sing Requiem because she resents the image she held of her brother. She had no clue what he was going through, and only thought he was a slacker, and a psycho stoner. She hated that she had to function in the wake of her train - wreck brother.

She will sing no Requiem because she doesn’t believe he deserves it.

Larry Murphy is disappointed in this son he feels he never really had. “I gave you the world, and you threw it all away”. He felt distanced from Connor, both because of Connor’s issues and Larry’s inability to understand or connect. He won’t sing a Requiem, not because he doesn’t believe he deserves it, but because he feels he really didn’t know his own son. It’s like singing Requiem for a total stranger that you didn’t know or like.

Cynthia Murphy is the contrast. She views a Requiem as giving up on a memory, as allowing Connor to fade away. Evan’s emails give her this illusion of a troubled son she felt she didn’t know, but it’s likely that she tried (Anybody Have a Map? shows this, and her parallels with Evan’s mom). She wants the memory and ideas to live on, so she will not let him fade away and acknowledge that he is gone forever. She will sing no Requiem because she isn’t ready to do so.

Just. Requiem really gets me you guys

(I might analyze the whole soundtrack just because I’m neurotic and hyper focus on everything, so yeah let me know which song/part you want me to analyze)

The signs as things my aunt has said pt 2

Aries: Why do kids always get to eat first?! I’m hungrier!!

Taurus: *at a family function* I honestly only came here for the food and I’m truly disappointed with this potato salad. Should’ve never RSVP’d

Gemini: damn she transformed from a thotapillar to a hoetterfly…I’m proud

Cancer: I left AJ with Cocoa and now I need to go get him
AJ is her phone, Cocoa is her car….

Leo: “better call CHEVY with the FAKE hair” (Chevy is her ex boo’s new boo 🐸☕️)

Virgo: *when she was pregnant for her daughter*
aunt: yup, she’s going to be potty trained at 2, walking at 5, and she’ll have a steady paying job at 11.
aunt: no months

Libra: that cable guy outside looks like he could be my daughter’s new step daddy 😏

aunt: let’s play a game: tell me a secret
me:…okay. You’re gonna tell me one too, right?
aunt: wow you just ruined all the fun. I don’t wanna play anymore

Sagittarius: *driving when a bicyclist comes in front of us*
aunt: *turns to smile at me in the passenger seat* how many points will I get if I hit him?

Capricorn: I may be a bitch, but I’m a classy bitch. I am the classiest bitch of all the classy bitches, therefore, I am the best bitch and that’s all the matters.

aunt: I’ve cried one too many times this month
me: how many times have you cried?
aunt: once

TV: in the aaaarms ooof an angeeel
aunt: *holding on to my dog, sobbing*

this looks like some non functional family reunion

chen: Idk maybe we wouldnt have come 2 hours late if a special someone would’ve drove the righ fucking way 
lay: I should’ve married your sister

ksoo:..and..hows your alcohol problem going
sehun: idk kyungsoo hows your divorce going 

Yuanfen - Part 6

Characters - Bucky x Reader, Steve - tons of Steve

Word Count - 2374

Warnings - Angst

A/N - This part got away from me, it’s mainly about Steve ngl. I swear this series has its own mind. Please dont hesitant to tell me what you think! This is an AU. 缘分 (Yuanfen) is a Chinese word that has no direct English translation and (roughly) means “A relationship that is brought together by a force such as destiny or fate.“

Yuanfen Masterlist

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as a fanfiction author, the holes in ACOTAR series worldbuilding sometimes drive me insane. Do you know we don’t know what Prythian’s currency is called? Why don’t any of the high fae have canon last names; does Rhysand not have a surname or do we just not know it? if the former, how does a very traditionally patriarchal and rigid high society that cares a lot about lineage function without ~family names? What the fuck is higher education like anywhere in Prythian? What the fuck are the limitations on any of the magical powers we’re shown, like, can you winnow to places you’ve never been before? How many other people can you winnow with you? Can everyone who can winnow winnow all the way across Prythian in a heartbeat, or are there gradations of power by way of speed or distance? How common is winnowing anyway? Does using a lot of magic exhaust a reserve of some kind or cause physical strain? Or could Rhysand just cover the entire fucking planet in darkness without it being a big deal? Do the courts not talk to each other to the extreme that they’re essentially in different time periods because they’ve evolved technologically at separate paces? What is the deal with technological advancements period? they have indoor plumbing, Lucien’s eye suggests advanced prosthetics– even if they’re magically aided, why would they not also have magically-aided electric lights? Or does the use and availability of magic discourage technological experimentation? Is that a problem? Are there people who are against that? Even if Prythian is just supposed to be a vague, frozen in time fairyworld, what are the humans outside up to? Did fae invent toilets? With magic? Have the humans who used to be slaves figured out how to replicate them without magic yet? Like are we talking 1200s, plague-and-darkness humans, or 1820s, societally complicated and rapidly philosophically evolving humans?

i have questions

The Signs as Family Members
  • Aries: Brings the alcohol to every function
  • Taurus: Lazy uncle that asks to borrow 20 bucks every time they see you
  • Gemini: Your parents sibling that lets you get away with everything and accidentally gave you alcohol when you were 8
  • Cancer: Step parent that tries to get to know you when you clearly don't like them
  • Leo: Your parents sibling that you go to for advice and when your parents say no so they can back you up
  • Virgo: The glue that holds the family together
  • Libra: The try hard dad that doesn't understand his teenage daughter
  • Scorpio: The sibling that hasn't left their room in three months and you're getting kind of worried
  • Sagittarius: The problematic family member who starts the party but is also the reason why it ends
  • Capricorn: Vodka aunt
  • Aquarius: Never shows up to family functions
  • Pisces: Annoying cousin that admires you