Fun notes:

There are actual plates that are riveted into that leather.

Over 100 Rivets were used in the creation of the Stark armor.

Unlike most “Cat Armor” that you will see online. Ours provides full neck protection, gut protection, while maintaining Mobility.

Thus making this actual functional cat armor.

So if somebody sends you one of the pictures of cat armor that go around… reply with us. =^.^=


Surprise CC time! Today I bring 2 career rewards + a debug decor item from Ambitions, converted to functional dollhouses! Now your sim kids (and adults) can play with a traditional manor, a modern skyscraper or a spoopy graveyard!

This project was a bit more challenging to do since they all had some kind of issue: the graveyard and tower meshes were facing a weird way, and Sims would clip through the manor. It’s been a while since I’ve touched these, but I do remember rotating the meshes for the first two, as well as moving the slots a bit behind and making the tower recolorable.

Issue: the sims’ hands will float in midair where they would normally place their hands on the dollhouse, but they don’t do it too often and you could chalk it up to them reaching out if you’re taking screenshots :)


+ They don’t require Ambitions and won’t interfere with the career rewards if you do have Ambitions.
+ Up to 2 Sims can play at the same time.
+ They all cost $250 and you can find them under Kids \ Toys.
+ The tower and manor are recolorable (4 channels), the graveyard isn’t.

Download them all here!

Credits: 1, 2

Update April 24th, 2017: added default replacement versions. One small mention: I don’t have Decades Stuff and can’t check if YSL’s version (whom I got and cloned it from) is cloned or not.

This is an edit of two objects: a gift from Seasons (’Rainbow Light’, the wire lamp), and the disco ball sculpture from Decades Stuff (’Lightsplosion’). For some reason, EA decided to make them decorative sculptures even though they absolutely should be lamps.

+ Basegame compatible, do not require Seasons or Decades Stuff.
+ Rainbow Light costs $25, Lightsplosion! costs $75.
+ Both can be found under Bedroom, Nursery and Table Lamps.
+ They can be adjusted just like any other lamp; you can also pick them up and move them around in Live Mode.
+ Both have 2 recolorable channels and 3 presets.
+ Credit for the Lightsplosion files: Yves Sim Laurent


Default replacements (require Seasons or Decades Stuff)
Non-default replacements

Note: the Seasons Easter eggs are officially on indefinite hiatus as I can’t quite figure out why the textures end up so damn crappy in-game. In other news, I’ve learned to slooowly drag vertices around in Blender! Several at a time! :D


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2x8 k dumbells. Frog,tripod, sithru transition. Never thought that 2 eights can weigh so much:) 👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥🌊🌊🌊⛰⛰⛰🌬🌬🌬🔥🔥🔥
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Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto is the brightest representative of the Scandinavian style of functionalism. Visiting card of the architect became comfortable, aesthetic and functional buildings, harmoniously combined with the surrounding landscape.
At the very beginning of the creative path Aalto sought new constructive forms, giving preference to natural materials. In the early thirties, the architect moved to the capital, opens a firm to produce interior items.

The first buildings were built according to the projects of the Finnish architect in Turku in the late twenties of the last century. The buildings did not differ from other mass projects - they were designed in the form of a parallelepiped with straight rows of windows.

However, the project of the first own house, which was built in 1934 in the capital, is distinguished by the presence of characteristic signs of the Scandinavian direction of the functional style.

Scandinavian functional style Aalto was close to the organic architectural style. The architect simultaneously reveals the properties of natural materials and organically enters architecture into the surrounding nature.
The favorite undulating form is used by Aalto everywhere. The Finnish architect owns the idea that the building is a continuation of space, and nature and architecture are a single whole. His projects are characterized by an exact correspondence of the shape of each structure to its purpose, while the buildings are organically combined with the landscape.