The reaction that he gave was so real! He cried because of the story of the music video, the story line just made him miss hiss wife! bless his heart! 

Here are all the Error messages in Undertale, excluding the ones that are repeats of just “error”

When playing the second time through, if the game didn’t save your preference for cinnamon or buttscotch, Toriel says this

Snowdin newspaper staff error:

Game doesn’t know if Papyrus captured you error makes him say this:

Error that occurs if Papyrus somehow called you the second time without calling you the first time, he calls and just says:

Message for sparing Mad Dummy:

Message if the text box were to appear during Undyne’s spear attacks

Aaron related error

Dog absorbing the artifact error:

picking up the Artifact message:

Cup of water error:

Attempting to give Undyne water error:

Error when game doesn’t know if you bought stuff at the bakesale in the ruins

Mettaton related errors

Burgerpants error makes him say this

Error during the ultimate battle against Asriel:

If you get the last possible error, caused by an error in your answer to Asgore asking if you want to be the ambassador for humans and monsters, he says

If there is an error with the item IDs

random error

random error

random error

Funny test messages:

and my favorite, a test message using Sans and Papyrus