function...i cannot

Wrestling has ruined me. I cannot function in everyday life without hearing/seeing something that reminds me of wrestling.

Song: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day-”

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*someone drops their glass at a restaurant*

*hears someone revving up their motorcycle*

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*hears a violin*

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*someone says the word glorious*

  • me on the internet: wow girls sure are pretty huh here's some pickup lines that I'd totally use and some jokes about how lesbian I am
  • me in actual proximity to a girl: on floor, cannot remember own name, forgot the entire english language, stares at her until she notices and then spontaneously combusts, friends laugh at me, someone screams in the background
Summer Sentence Starters

“It’s summer!”

“Why do bugs exist?”

“We need a pool.”

“Schools out!”

“What are you going to do this summer?”

“This summer I think I’m going to (finish with something for your muse to do).”

“We should do something this summer.”

“Dude… I got stuck in summer school.”

“For all that I hate school, I cannot function properly with the structure it gives my life.”

“Time to stay inside and not do anything productive for three months.”

“Who turned up the sun?”

“I think I got burned going out to my mailbox this morning.”

“Are you going to get a job this summer?”

“I hate the summer. It forces me to spend time in my house with my family.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do this summer. Sometimes school lunches were the only meal I got.”

“Last summer of high school! What do you want to do?”

“Want to spend the summer at my house?”

“Summer birthdays are the best!”

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how would daniel comfort you when you're sad? can you pls write it in the bullet point scenario form pls i love your writing!!

  • you’re always hesitant to call/text him because you’re worried that he’s busy so most of the time you end up bottling it up
  • one day he finally found time and visited you only to find you laying on the couch with an arm over your face with some wet tears staining your cheeks and you just looked so…..vulnerable and weak
  • “hey babe? are you all right?” and immediately after he said that he was like dammit kang daniel of course nOT
  • you sat up so that he could sit next to you on the couch but you didn’t say anything bc like…you rly didn’t want to be a burden to him with your troubles
  • this is where daniel grabs your head and let it rest on his huge busan shoulders
  • he’s actually not TOO good with knowing how to comfort people when they’re sad and usually he’s very forward like “oh screw him he doesn’t matter” 
  • he’s the type to follow logic rather than feelings kind but even though his words may not do the best effect he gives the BEST physical comfort
  • it feels so warm and safe in his arms like everything will be okay as long as you have him
  • your head on his shoulders and his hand gently rubbing your waist….the feeling is so soft and nice
  • he even leaned in to kiss your tears and then tried really hard to not laugh bc that was like some ong-level cheese he did
  • u sniffed and was like babe that was so cheesy and daniel just couldn’t help but laugh a lil and apologize with another kiss on your neck
  • he grabs your hand at this point and asks if you wanna just walk around town and window shop and just have a cute lil you-and-me day
  • daniel: anything else i can do for you babe?
  • you: can i feel your abs
  • daniel:
  • daniel:
  • daniel: sweats
  • you: i was kiDDING
  • in the end you may slowly tell him about what actually happened during the walk
  • daniel may not be the best at using his words to help but he’ll listen attentively and just holding his large busan hands gives you the strength you need to get through whatever it is
  • that and his cute ass bunny smile how can u not feel better knowing that this man has such a cute bunny smile and that it’s all yours 

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Me flirting
  • Someone: hey did it hurt when you fell from hea-
  • Me: I have such low awareness of my own identity that I cannot function without someone else to copy off of. My emotions range from numbness to seething rage to extreme giddiness in the span of a few minutes. Sometimes I harm myself when I feel like I'm being ignored, which is usually not relevant to the situation at hand considering I feel ignored literally all the time. If I don't get a significant amount of attention I come under the impression that I myself do not exist, and I rely on everyone else's opinions to tell me whether something is good or bad. Sometimes I participate in risky behavior when I feel like the worst person ever, which is always. I can
  • Them: oh my god stop
random assorted trb notes

tdt part 1 | tdt part 2

just some things from my trb reread i’d like to share with the class (not in any particular order, including linear bc time is fake). this is long and obnoxious but i forgot how much i loved this book so, who cares

  • gansey and ronan order half sausage and half avocado pizza all the time and it might be the only thing they eat
  • ronan and adam fight a lot but they make up within the day
    • adam and gansey on the other hand have had at least one fight that lasted two weeks (i think) and they barely spoke. it ended when ronan said something offensive
  • i’m only gonna say this once but ashley was playing declan and smarter than she looked and got zero respect from any of the boys, including gansey and adam, and i hope she’s in the dreamer trilogy and spits in their eyes
  • adam’s pov is so dramatic and funny. examples:
    • ronan walked out of his room and “a cloud like there would never be sun again crossed declan’s face.” (direct quote)
    • refers to ronan’s “lizard smile”
    • “adam was, all at once, fatigued with ronan and his uselessness”

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“You’re staring,” Nico noted.

“I am not,” Will said. “I am merely assessing how well Paolo’s arms are functioning after surgery.”


I finished ToA today, and instantly started doodling fanart.
It’s everything and more than what I was hoping for.

Also Nico needs to take a down a couple notches
One of my favorite scenes. Enjoy guys<3

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