The Saiga (Saiga tatarica): on the verge of extinction

Commonly known as Saiga, Mongolian Saiga, and Saiga Antelope, Saiga tatarica (Bovidae) is a very distinctive looking antelope, with a large, proboscis-like nose which hangs down over its mouth.

The Saiga’s nose has a unique internal structure: the bones are greatly developed and convoluted, and the long nostrils contain numerous hairs, glands and mucous tracts. The trunk-like nose of the Saiga is a striking example of an exaggerated trait, assumed to having evolved as a dust filter for inhaled air. In addition, it functions to elongate the vocal tract in harem saiga males for producing low-formant calls that serve as a cue to body size for conspecifics.

Two subspecies are recognized: Saiga tatarica tatarica, and Saiga tatarica mongolica. The nominate subspecies is found in one location in Russia, while the Mongolian subspecies is found only in western Mongolia.

Renowned for its high reproductive potential, the species was thought to be able to withstand even relatively high levels of hunting for its horns - less than 20 years ago, the total saiga population stood at more than one million, and appeared relatively stable. However, intensified poaching pressures during the 1990s, coupled with a breakdown of law enforcement following the collapse of the Soviet Union, caused numbers to plummet to fewer than 50,000 in just one decade – one of the most sudden and dramatic population crashes of a large mammal ever seen.

Currently the Saiga is classified as Critically Endangered species on the IUCN Red List. 

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Photo credit: [Top: ©Igor Shpilenok | Locality: unknown] - [Bottom: ©Xavier Bayod Farre | Locality: captive at Kölner Zoo, Humboldtkolonie, Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, 2007]


At 7-Eleven’s launch event in Shinjuku Station square, it was announced that a Shingeki no Kyojin Navigation tablet would be part of the new merchandise released in 7-Eleven’s new campaign. 

The tablet is priced at 32,184 yen (with tax and postage included) and has an additional navigation function. Directions are given in character voices with Erwin, Levi, and Armin serving as the main “guides” for the device. The device will also feature Mikasa and Eren giving voice guidance as well. There are over 1,000 words recorded in the device.

Other features included in the device are: 3D maps that change depending on the time of day, tablet wallpaper for an entire year, events, and more! 

This tablet will be released May 22nd and will be delivered in late September.



The Sleep Box - Arch Group Design 

SLEEPBOX is intended primarily to perform one main function - to enable a person to sleep peacefully. But it can also be equipped with various additional functions, depending on the situation. Application of the device can be very broad, not only in the form of paid public service, but also for internal purposes of organizations and companies.

Here are the possible locations for SLEEPBOX:

  • Railroad stations
  • Airports
  • Expocentres
  • Public and shopping centers
  • Accommodation facilities

In countries with warm climate SLEEPBOX can be used on the streets. Thanks to SLEEPBOX any person has an opportunity to spend the night safely and cheaply in case of emergency, or when you have to spend few hours with your baggage.

Russian architects Arch Group have designed a booth for taking a quick nap in busy urban environments.

HH:  I think they are fabulous.  But I would bring my own sheet or cover.


A/W 2016 Collection | Ferm Living

Ferm LIVING continues to create simple yet stunning furnishings for the home with their latest collection. Despite the more subdued palette, each piece is carefully crafted to be a highly functional addition to the home, while also evoking a sense of serenity in the space. Simple shapes shine and a variety of textures add interest to each piece. Highlights from the collection include The Collect Lighting series, where one can mix and match different to create different looks, their sleek Mingle table, and the newest addition to their Herman collection, the Herman lounge chair, and of course, tons and tons of amazing home decor and accessories.

Sims 4 Studio Updates - Sugar v.

Hi all, tonight Studio has a big update that includes improvements to the user interface for creators using the Studio/Warehouse tabs , several much-needed bug fixes, a more functional “My CC” feature, additional updates for the latest patch, and the ability to work with full counter mesh sets. There is a full list of the changes HERE…read on for the highlights:

Counters (finally!!):

There is now a drop down menu for all of what, in the past, needed to be entered as a cheat code.  The menu includes all of Studio’s batch fixes and all the recolor/meshing codes too:

There are new additions to Studio’s automated mesh fixes including fix slot rays which repairs garments that have Sim arms clipping into them, glass shader (CAS) which will automatically update all meshes in all LODs to use the SimGlass shader, and renumber rig and slot so there is no more tedious renumbering of default replacement slot mods.  The bone-fix cheat tested in previous beta versions has been added automatically to Studio so you no longer need to do anything extra to bone-fix your meshes.

UI changes include a list of all meshes present in a LOD along with the shader they use.  Additionally, duplicate/linked textures have been removed from the texture tab to make things a lot less confusing for recolor artists.

EA changed the way they’re handling the thumbnail cache which broke Studio’s ability to clear individual thumbnails.  We’ve gotten around that by adding a delete thumbnail cache option to the Tools menu.

Debug items can now be accessed using a check box instead of typing in a cheat code, there are many improvements to the workflow for tuning modders, and Studio is better able to handle custom content that works in the game but isn’t made exactly to EA .package specifications.  Additionally, deleting a swatch using “My CC” will not select the last swatch but select the next one on the list.

There is a lot more in the new version and the full list of additions/fixes is HERE.

Thanks to all who have reported bugs and suggested improvements.  With the help of the Studio community we are working toward the best custom content creation and management tool made for any Sims game.

This is, all around, the best version of Studio yet…download it HERE.  

Happy New Year everyone!


Teachers Are Using 3D Printed Manipulatives to Help Children Understand Math ~

Thingiverse: Parabola Manipulative

by jijimath

also it seems as if Klingon ship design has barely changed for hundreds of years

like there are ships in DS9 that are the same design as ships in TOS


what if Klingons really haven’t changed their ship designs?

Klingons build things for function and durability. They build their ships to last for centuries, rather than decades. Klingon ships are flying war bunkers, and just like broken bones, they are repaired in ways that make them stronger. 

A warrior could serve on, and eventually command a ship that their ancestors served on centuries ago!

New ships are manufactured from wreckage of old ones, and their functionality increased by the addition of new and more advanced technology. 

Furthermore, it is Klingon families that own the ships, not the Klingon military. Warrior families have entire fleets to their name, and volunteer the services of their warriors and ships to whatever cause is at hand.

No Klingon ship is ever 100% new. “New” ships are really just old ones that have been retooled and reconfigured using the materials from ships offered as tribute from families in the support of one cause. Many families could contribute smaller ships to the construction of a larger one in order to create a true patchwork of military might.

The Klingon military as an organization is primarily to serve as administrators to make sure familial fleets get to where they need to be and coordinate the war effort.

For Klingons, war is a family thing.

OB Science Time: Epigenetics

To celebrate my finally finishing the semester, I thought I would dish out another OB Science Time, this time in my own fascinating field of epigenetics, and how this relates to the clones of Orphan Black! YAY!!

So what exactly is epigenetics? Epigenetics refers to the heritable alterations in phenotype without changes to genotype, as well as the modifications of gene activity that are not based on alterations of DNA sequence. In other words, there is a heritable and a non-heritable side to the study of epigenetics.

I’ll make this a tad simpler. Almost every cell in your body contains a nucleus that contains all the DNA in your genome. Brain cells, heart cells, skin cells, kidney cells - they all have the exact same DNA. But then why are some genes only expressed in certain cells, causing every cell type to have different functions? Chromosomal modifications. Certain additions to the chromosome (methyl groups, acetyl groups, ubiquitin, etc.) will cause changes in expression of the genes on that part of the chromosome.

Now some of this is inherited from the parents. When mitosis occurs and the DNA is duplicated, the chromosomal modifications are duplicated to ensure that the expression patterns of the genes is maintained. The same happens in the gametes when meiosis occurs, so the epigenetics of the parents is passed down to the child.

But you can also acquire new epigenetic modifications. Cellular interactions, foreign materials, the microenvironment of the cell, the activities of the person, and many other things can cause alterations in the epigenome of a person. The womb is considered to be an important influence on the epigenome, right down to the minute microenvironments, which is why even identical twins can have epigenetic differences because they are experiencing different microenvironments.

So this is an extremely fascinating field, but what does it mean for twins, or even, say, a whole bunch of clones in some great experimental conspiracy on a certain Canadian sci-fi show? Well, it basically means that, even though all the Leda clones have the exact same genome, they can have many differences in their epigenomes, causing all the differences we see between them. 

But epigenetics is specifically interesting when it comes to the clone disease! We know that Sarah and Helena are both fertile, meaning they do not express the synthetic infertility sequence that Ethan created. Now this could be due to a mutation in their sequence, or a complete absence of the sequence from their genome. But then why couldn’t Cosima just use Sarah’s bone marrow for the transplant, because she wouldn’t have the same sequence.

Now, if Sarah and Helena both had the exact same sequence, but had epigenetic modifications that were silencing the synthetic sequence, that would explain why their own cells are not an option. Giving Cosima a transplant from Sarah could maybe have a chance of working, but most likely, the environment of Cosima’s body would maintain the epigenetic patterns that were already present, and would remove the modifications silencing Sarah’s gene, making the whole transplant moot (hehe). And Sarah’s genetics would be no assistance in gene therapy, because gene therapy involves the injection of a single naked gene, without any modifications, so the epigenetic modifications would be removed before the injection.

So, basically, not only is epigenetics a completely fascinating field in reality, it can help explain some of what we have seen in Orphan Black!!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, don’t be afraid to hit me up so we can discuss all the science!!! And for more OB Science Time click here :D


Atelier 8000 design cuboidal mountain hut for Slovakia

Designed as part of an architectural design competition, this mountain hut almost resembles a rubiks cube left lying in the snow. While still in an early design stage, if built the building would be constructed from birch and adorned with an outer skin of photovoltaic cells and aluminium. 

Inside, the interior spaces are open and clad almost entirely in wood. Slanted and irregular thanks to the lopsided positioning of the exterior, the three main floors are drowned in natural light and would house a snowmobile garage, ski storage and bathrooms, as well as a restaurant and recovery area. Due to its location, the building would have to rely upon sustainable technologies to function; in addition to the solar cells, the cube would feature on-site wastewater treatment, rainwater collection and a biofuel generator. 

See more at: Gizmag


We are recruiting new staff members for DAILYEXO’s team. If you have some time to spare and are passionate about EXO, please consider applying for the position of a poster or a translator.


  • Posting staff: A familiarity with Tumblr’s basic functions. Any additional skills required will be taught through training.

  • Translators: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai. A good command of both the source (Korean, Chinese, Japanese) and target languages (English) is essential.


  • Position: Please specify the position(s) for which you are applying; specify the language(s) if applying as a translator.

  • Name: A nickname or similar, which may be used in addressing you.

  • Age group: Stating your exact age is not required, but a general age group must be provided.

  • Contact details: If you cannot be contacted through the Tumblr account you used when applying, please provide you Line ID or similar.


  • The applications are to be sent in through the submission box, or the Ask.
  • To facilitate easier communication, please ensure your ‘Ask’ is enabled, and that you are logged in to your Tumblr account while sending in the application. Anonymous applications can not be processed.
  • All applicants will be contacted within no more than two days of applying. If no reply is received, the application did not reach us.
  • All applications details will be kept confidential. They will be visible only to the Admin, and deleted once the application is processed.
  • Please note that DAILYEXO is run on a strictly non-profit basis.

Here’s Chepe enjoying a little hammock time at the AIUNAU sloth sanctuary in Colombia. The genius of a sloth’s physiology is that they naturally hook on and hang from branches like a living happy hairy hammock. But Chepe arrived at the sanctuary with a badly injured back leg, which could no longer function, so he needs additional support in order to exercise his sloth-like right to relax.

So are Otherkin just a Tumblr fad?
Put simply, no.
It is claimed that otherkin have been around since the 70’s (claimed in an otherkin timeline which, sadly, is currently down for maintenance with the person’s site). However the earliest solid internet resource can be traced back to 1990’s, with the Elfkind Digest.
From this digest the otherkin subculture slowly emerged, maintaining a mostly online presence. Because of this reason, otherkin have (of course) decided to utilize Tumblr as a place to post and to discuss as well as their other resources. However, Tumblr isn’t the primary residence of most otherkin, and many actually claim that it is a poor place to try and establish a functioning community.
In addition to the internet presence, some claim that the concepts behind otherkin have roots in long-standing beliefs in human history.
If in doubt just remember that Tumblr was launched in 2007—17 years after the founding of Elfkind Digest and about 35 years after the first entry in the currently unavailable otherkin timeline.
—  From Justanotherkin’s FAQ
Stop saying “tumblr has gone too far” when this concept is literally older than modern internet.
For additional resources:

Superomniphobic tape adheres to any surface

Arun Kota, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Colorado State University, has made a superomniphobic tape that, when adhered to any surface, gives the surface liquid-repelling properties. This recent breakthrough has been published by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Superomniphobic surfaces are extremely repellent to all liquids, made possible by an air cushion that lies between a liquid and a solid surface. With more than 10 years of research in this area, Kota has made many breakthroughs in super-repellent coatings. This latest product is similar in flexibility to Scotch Tape, but has the additional functionality of being extremely liquid-repellant.

Kota, doctoral student Hamed Vahabi, and postdoctoral fellow Wei Wang, developed the unusual tape. Though simple at first glance, the technology’s potential impact is extraordinary, the researchers say.

The concept of superomniphobic surfaces isn’t new. Researchers have been studying superomniphobic coatings since about 2007, and currently superomniphobic coatings can be sprayed, deposited or etched onto any surface for a similar effect; however, it requires costly equipment, complex techniques, and must be done by an experienced professional.

Read more.

NASA Selects Five Mars Orbiter Concept Studies

NASA has selected five U.S. aerospace companies to conduct concept studies for a potential future Mars orbiter mission. Such a mission would continue key capabilities including telecommunications and global high-resolution imaging in support of the agency’s Journey to Mars.

The companies contracted for these four-month studies are: The Boeing Company in Huntington Beach, California; Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Denver; Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems in Redondo Beach, California; Orbital ATK in Dulles, Virginia; and Space Systems/Loral in Palo Alto, California.

“We’re excited to continue planning for the next decade of Mars exploration,” said Geoffrey Yoder, acting associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington.

The concept studies will address how a potential new Mars orbiter mission could best provide communications, imaging and operational capabilities. They also will assess the possibilities for supporting additional scientific instruments and functionalities, in addition to optical communications. The orbiter concept under study would take advantage of U.S. industry’s technology capacities by using solar electric propulsion to provide flexible launch, mission and orbit capabilities.

The Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group, an organization designed to provide input to NASA from the Mars research science community, published a report six months ago on recommended science objectives for a Mars orbiter. These studies will provide input for assessing the feasibility of addressing these objectives. NASA also is pursuing partnership interest in contributing to this potential mission.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, is managing the concept studies under the direction of the agency’s Mars Exploration Program.

NASA is on an ambitious Journey to Mars that includes sending humans to the Red Planet in the 2030s. The agency’s robotic spacecraft are leading the way, with two active rovers, three active orbiters, the planned launch of the InSight lander in 2018, and development of the Mars 2020 rover.

Studio News

The 3/26 Patch

Hi everyone, with today’s patch Studio’s CAS recolor and meshing features were both temporarily rendered non-functional.  An additional issue appears to be that CAS categorization is messed up for previously created CC CAS garments. Some, if not all, of these items are showing up in all categories instead of showing up in the right one(s) only.  

Studio is working on these issues and will update for the patch as soon as possible.

If you have identified other issues resulting from today’s patch that affect Studio or Sims 4 Custom Content please let us know.

Studio’s Half Year Point

As many of you know Studio forums has a Wish List where members of the community post suggestions for new features or improvements to old ones. Now that Studio has passed the half year mark the list has been updated to remove wishes that were fulfilled and make room for new suggestions and ideas.  The list below is a summary of everything that was posted in our Wish List that has been implemented in Studio:  

CAS & Anim

  • Custom & Multicolor Swatch Thumbnails
  • Custom Catalog Thumbnails for CAS
  • Functional New Hair Meshes
  • Import/Export/Edit CAS Bump & Shadow Maps
  • Import CAS RLES (no edit yet)
  • CAS Categorization
  • Export/Import/Edit Shoes, Clothes, Hats
  • Custom Content Standalone Recolors for CAS
  • Multiple Swatch Color Cloning for CAS
  • Custom Poses & Animations
  • Improvements to Blender UI/Model
  • Delete CAS Images from .package
  • CAS meshes compatible with sliders
  • Fix eye color thumbnails on the thumbnail list
  • “Apply to All Swatches” button for CAS
  • Neck and leg seam removed from new CAS meshes


  • Wall Recolors
  • Wall Bump and Specular Map Import/Export/Edit through Studio tab
  • Floor Recolors
  • Terrain Paint Recolors
  • Object Recolors
  • Default replacement object recolors
  • Object Categorization
  • Access to Debug Objects
  • Custom Catalog Thumbnails for Objects
  • Object Tuning Editing (currently swaps only)
  • “Apply to All Swatches” button for Object Tags
  • Complete Object Override
  • New Object Meshes
  • Sorting of Debug & 0 dollar items to a special thumbnail list
  • Studio interface for Auto-Corner Walls with batch export
  • Object recolors and meshes that work with the Design Tool


  • Settings: Blender Path
  • Color Picker for Thumbnails Uses Hex Codes and RGB
  • Save and Continue Working
  • Save As
  • Path to .package Included in the top bar with generic User Name
  • Swatch Thumbnail Box Scrollbar
  • Clear button for custom swatch thumbnails
  • Speed up project load time
  • Speed up swatch load time
  • Speed up thumbnail list formation
  • Remove ugly red X’s from the thumbnail list
  • Settings to adjust automatic file opening on saving
  • Recent Projects list
  • Settings to adjust the number of recent projects in your recent projects list
  • Different color buttons for Export and Import
  • Full screen capability
  • Merge .package feature
  • S4S will save the window size you selected and reopen at that size
  • Model viewer updates for changes made in the Warehouse without needing to close/reopen .package

The tool has come a long way and there is still more to come.  Please stop by Studio forums and let the team know if you have ideas or suggestions for further features or improvements to existing ones.  Also consider posting a link to or picture of your work or a helpful comment to another creator with a question about a project.  Our forums are a vibrant, pleasant place to post :)

As always, the team appreciates the support, energy, and inspiration our community provides.

Happy Modding!

Mafumafu: “Twitter’s new function: “That’s not great! 💔”

An additional function that has been included with the transformation of “Favorite” to “That’s great! ♥”. If you’ve been given over a specific number of “That’s not great”’s, your account will be frozen, and all of your tweets up until now will be reported to your family and workplace.

If a function like that was created, human life will come to its end.”

(T/N: Instead of “like’s”, Japan’s Facebook & Twitter accounts called いいね!, which literally translates to “That’s great!”)


Cucumber: on average around 95% water, this veggie helps flush out toxins and alkalize the body while delivering a powerful nutrient punch.

Garlic: stimulates the liver to encourage production of detoxification enzymes.

Broccoli: delivers a large dose of vitamins while neutralizing and eliminating toxins.

Lentils: extremely fiber-rich (1 cup cooked has 62.5% of your RDA!), lentils aids in toxin elimination, lower cholesterol, and balance blood sugar.

Turnip greens: loaded with antioxidants and sulfur-containing nutrients (Without sulfur, the body cannot properly detoxify substances such as pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins and heavy metals), turnip greens also contain phytonutrients called glucosinolates that help activate and regulate detoxification enzymes.

Walnuts: infuse the body with healthy omega-3 oils to assist detoxification.

Turmeric: stimulates liver function. (Also a great addition to your diet for all-around health). Red pepper: when it comes to cleansing, vitamin C is one of the cream of the vitamin crop because it transforms toxins into digestible material. One red pepper contains about 3 times more vitamin C than an orange.

Grapefruit: a class of its own, grapefruit lowers cholesterol, prevents kidney stones and aids the digestive system, which set it apart from the other citrus fruits.

Watercress: keeps free radicals away from cells, energizes cleaning enzymes in the liver and is a natural diuretic.

Mung beans: used by Ayurvedic doctors for thousands of years, this easily digestible bean absorbs toxic residue from the intestinal walls.

Artichokes: chock-full of cynarin, which increases bile production and promotes healthy digestion.
Whole grains: full of nutrients and antioxidants, whole grains are incredibly high in insoluble fiber, keeping you regular, which is especially important while detoxing.

Remember to always hydrate, which further helps dispel impurities.

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