Mle 1822/67 Tabatière rifle

Produced by the Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Etienne c.1822-41 and later converted c.1867-70.
17,5mm brass and cardboard Tabatière centerfire cartridge, single shot, breech loading, the breechblock double as an extractor.

Because it’s called the 1867 Tabatière people just assume it’s a copy of the 1866 Snider conversion, let’s just get that out of the way : it was developed in 1864 so the jury’s still out.
It’s an otherwise very similar modification in concept, with the main functional difference being the addition of a groove running from the breech along the back of the stock on the Tabatière conversions to load rounds more easily.
Such conversion were realized in France to supply the army with more breech loading rifles than the production of Mle 1866 Chassepot needle rifles alone could offer, resulting in the army tapping in the three previous types of percussion musket. This one was a Mle 1822 T bis.

This resulted in pretty big guns firing pretty big cartridges.

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"When you are ready to start streaming, swiping right on your feed will automatically open the camera function. In addition to the "normal" and "boomerang" options, in the latest update users will see the addition of a "Start Live Video" button at the bottom of the screen." They say you need to have the newest version of Instagram because it's in testing beta or something

I just updated it and it’s not there. 

Google Maps has changed again, and has become even more difficult to use than it was the last several times they changed it. It’s almost useless now, in fact. Honestly, I don’t know what it is about neurotypicals that makes them insist on “fixing” things that weren’t broken, making them useless or nearly so in the attempt. They also have a tendency to not fix the things that ARE broken. *Gives Tumblr @staff a significant look.*

I mean really, all they’re doing is alienating their users, driving away people who either knew how to use the interface before and now don’t anymore, or never got a chance to learn because they keep changing shit too fast for people to keep up with the changes. They might as well not bother to even pretend to give a shit about being useful to anyone!

If the world were run by aspies, websites would be designed to work well, the site layout would remain unchanged (except for unobtrusive additions to functionality), and complaints would be taken seriously. If aspies ran the world, store layouts would remain the same, changing only for holiday stock to be added or removed; you would always know where to find things because they wouldn’t move around for no good reason. And the world would be a lot quieter, because goddamn are neurotypicals noisy as fuck or what? Yeesh.

also it seems as if Klingon ship design has barely changed for hundreds of years

like there are ships in DS9 that are the same design as ships in TOS


what if Klingons really haven’t changed their ship designs?

Klingons build things for function and durability. They build their ships to last for centuries, rather than decades. Klingon ships are flying war bunkers, and just like broken bones, they are repaired in ways that make them stronger. 

A warrior could serve on, and eventually command a ship that their ancestors served on centuries ago!

New ships are manufactured from wreckage of old ones, and their functionality increased by the addition of new and more advanced technology. 

Furthermore, it is Klingon families that own the ships, not the Klingon military. Warrior families have entire fleets to their name, and volunteer the services of their warriors and ships to whatever cause is at hand.

No Klingon ship is ever 100% new. “New” ships are really just old ones that have been retooled and reconfigured using the materials from ships offered as tribute from families in the support of one cause. Many families could contribute smaller ships to the construction of a larger one in order to create a true patchwork of military might.

The Klingon military as an organization is primarily to serve as administrators to make sure familial fleets get to where they need to be and coordinate the war effort.

For Klingons, war is a family thing.


We are recruiting new staff members for DAILYEXO’s team. If you have some time to spare and are passionate about EXO, please consider applying for the position of a poster or a translator.


  • Posting staff: A familiarity with Tumblr’s basic functions. Any additional skills required will be taught through training.

  • Translators: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai. A good command of both the source (Korean, Chinese, Japanese) and target languages (English) is essential.


  • Position: Please specify the position(s) for which you are applying; specify the language(s) if applying as a translator.

  • Name: A nickname or similar, which may be used in addressing you.

  • Age group: Stating your exact age is not required, but a general age group must be provided.

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  • The applications are to be sent in through the submission box, or the Ask.
  • To facilitate easier communication, please ensure your ‘Ask’ is enabled, and that you are logged in to your Tumblr account while sending in the application. Anonymous applications can not be processed.
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  • Please note that DAILYEXO is run on a strictly non-profit basis.

NASA Selects Five Mars Orbiter Concept Studies

NASA has selected five U.S. aerospace companies to conduct concept studies for a potential future Mars orbiter mission. Such a mission would continue key capabilities including telecommunications and global high-resolution imaging in support of the agency’s Journey to Mars.

The companies contracted for these four-month studies are: The Boeing Company in Huntington Beach, California; Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Denver; Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems in Redondo Beach, California; Orbital ATK in Dulles, Virginia; and Space Systems/Loral in Palo Alto, California.

“We’re excited to continue planning for the next decade of Mars exploration,” said Geoffrey Yoder, acting associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington.

The concept studies will address how a potential new Mars orbiter mission could best provide communications, imaging and operational capabilities. They also will assess the possibilities for supporting additional scientific instruments and functionalities, in addition to optical communications. The orbiter concept under study would take advantage of U.S. industry’s technology capacities by using solar electric propulsion to provide flexible launch, mission and orbit capabilities.

The Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group, an organization designed to provide input to NASA from the Mars research science community, published a report six months ago on recommended science objectives for a Mars orbiter. These studies will provide input for assessing the feasibility of addressing these objectives. NASA also is pursuing partnership interest in contributing to this potential mission.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, is managing the concept studies under the direction of the agency’s Mars Exploration Program.

NASA is on an ambitious Journey to Mars that includes sending humans to the Red Planet in the 2030s. The agency’s robotic spacecraft are leading the way, with two active rovers, three active orbiters, the planned launch of the InSight lander in 2018, and development of the Mars 2020 rover.

My former organic chemistry TA just got this amazing tattoo and I thought I’d share.

The molecule in question is Tryptophan.

“Tryptophan is [one of the 22] essential amino acid(s). This means that it cannot be synthesized by the organism, it is needed to prevent illness or death, and it therefore must be part of their diet. Amino acids, including tryptophan, act as building blocks in protein biosynthesis, and proteins are required to sustain life. In addition, tryptophan functions as a biochemical precursor for the following compounds:


Additionally, he wanted to share this mechanism for those interested:

Mafumafu: “Twitter’s new function: “That’s not great! 💔”

An additional function that has been included with the transformation of “Favorite” to “That’s great! ♥”. If you’ve been given over a specific number of “That’s not great”’s, your account will be frozen, and all of your tweets up until now will be reported to your family and workplace.

If a function like that was created, human life will come to its end.”

(T/N: Instead of “like’s”, Japan’s Facebook & Twitter accounts called いいね!, which literally translates to “That’s great!”)