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To all the autistic people who have been bullied for being autistic

To those who were bullied for autistic traits, whether or not the bullies knew you are autistic

To those who were mocked and tormented for who they are

To those who were abused out of their autistic behaviors

To those forced into compliance either through ABA or bullying and abuse

Your stims are beautiful. The flapping of your hands, the rocking of your body, the bouncing, the spinning, all your stims are beautiful. I know that may be hard to believe with how many people have tried to convince you otherwise, but your stims are beautiful and you should be free to stim to your heart’s content.

You are not a broken version of a “normal” person. You are beautifully and uniquely autistic. You function on a different operating system, and while there may be challenges and struggles, there are also many good things. You see the world in a different way which allows you to see things others don’t. You experience the sensory world in a different way which can bring bounding joy. You are passionate and fierce, dedicated to what you love. 

I know your soul carries the battle scars of torment and abuse. I know it may seem like those scars will never fade. But one day you will be able to stim without fear. One day you will be able to infodump without feeling ashamed. One day you will be able to be yourself without all the baggage and pain. Hopefully that day is someday soon. Just keep pushing forward and doing your best to live authentically. Fight back against the voices of the bullies and abusers. I believe in you.

Live boldly

Live radically

Live autistically

i know this is an unpopular opinion but: jack and maddie are not abusive parents.

they’re not going to be winning parents of the year awards by any means, but they are not abusive. they are involved in both of their children’s lives but know not to push into their privacy. they trust their children to make good decisions and encourage them to pursue their interests even if jack and maddie aren’t interested. they don’t talk down to their kids when they’re arguing and speak to them at an age appropriate level. they aren’t emotionally or verbally abusive - even when danny is being disciplined, they are reasonable. they’re pushy when they’re concerned for his safety, but you can’t blame them when you see how dangerous amity park is.
it’s clear that they made sure that both jazz and danny knew the functions and operations of the lab, the ops center, and the home security system and that both of them knew the safety rules of both. they trusted their children not to abuse the equipment and to follow safety procedures (which danny did not do on multiple occasions).

do they have a violent and harsh approach to ghosts? yes, but ghosts that come through the portal are mostly violent and powerful. they are technically fighting a war - an invasion of poltergeists and mostly alone too. they are working to defend their family and city from a mistake they made. also, have you noticed that a lot of the weapons that they make only weaken and contain ghosts? that they haven’t actually made a single weapon designed to completely destroy a ghost? yes for the most part they have no empathy for ghosts, but they’re not out to destroy them. i do think that they put on a façade that makes them look harsher on ghosts than they really are - if jack hated and distrusted ghosts so much, he wouldn’t have released danny in million dollar ghost.

and yes, both jack and maddie get sucked into their projects, but they make sure their kids know where they are and will stop what they’re doing if jazz or danny need them. the only times they were shown as being completely neglectful is during the christmas flashbacks when they were so wrapped up in their arguments that they forgot their children (but also remember those were told by tucker/ghostwriter who are BOTH dramatic). they have both shown themselves to be more than willing to spend time with their kids and they were excited for it.

the fact that they don’t push into danny’s life when he is obviously wanting privacy isn’t abusive or completely neglectful. they make themselves available to him, spend time with him, and will do things in his best interest. they trust and respect their son and they keep an eye on him. the reason why they know so little about his problems at school are because danny doesn’t reach out to them. they have shown themselves open and willing to protect him, but danny internalizes his problems and refuses to talk to them. jack and maddie do try to have conversations with him and when he gets uncomfortable, they let him leave.

danny also knows all of this and he knows that they’ll love him no matter what (he even said so in bitter reunions and confirmed this in reality trip). there are a lot of reasons why he doesn’t tell his parents about his ghost powers (doesn’t want them worrying, doesn’t want they thinking they half killed him, doesn’t want them to accidentally reveal his identity, etc) and i think it’s the combination of those fears along with the worry that they might be scared of him/hostile towards him that stops danny from talking to them. even if you know something to be true (like your parents loving you unconditionally), there is always room for doubt and danny definitely suffers from that.

so no, i don’t think the fentons are abusive parents and i don’t think it’s right to try and label them as such.

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I always wonder whenever I come across someone who ships Jason/Tim, so I just thought I'd actually ask for once: how do you think Bruce would react when he discovered they were in a relationship? I mean, they're not technically related but he does consider them his sons and has adopted them both. Plus, there was the whole time when Jason seemed to hate Tim and even tried to kill him. There's also the possibility of it affecting their vigilantism.


A fair but loaded question- and you’ve come to the absolute, most inarticulate person on this hellsite. Buckle up friend, we’re going on this journey of discovery together.

Long post under the cut!

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artist tip: if you see something like wallpart or payposter that has a LOT of stolen art on it, it’s a phishing site

sites like those tend to pull results from whatever you type in, and they WANT you to file a DMCA takedown on them because their form isn’t legit. its a scam to collect your information. once you fill out their phony DMCA form, you’ve given them all the information you want

avoid sites like that like the plague. dont bother with a DMCA. dont try to report or interact with the site directly. just warn others about what kind of site it is and tell them not to go on it

just. pls. dont take sites like that at face value. thats exactly what the scammers running these sites want from you. they want you to see stolen art, get angry, and try to get it taken down so they can steal your info. dont fall for it

obviously art theft is a huge issue, but LISTEN please look at everything before taking action

sites like redbubble, society6, deviantart, etc are legit websites that art theft occurs constantly on.

but if its something like wallpart/payposter its a phishing scam

some things of note that might help you identify these sites:

  • as ive noticed, most of these websites pretend to sell artwork on posters or prints specifically. you wont find many if any tshirts or mugs or whatever at all.
  • most (but not all) of the time, their “report”/DMCA form is more obvious than other options on the site. every website has their report functions, but these phishing websites tend to make theirs much more obvious and more easily found (which sucks bc most legit websites SHOULD make their takedowns easier to access) because they’re counting on you to find it, click it, and fill out that information
  • if the website appears to have most or all of your art on it, this is a good indicator as well. some of these sites have a search function that operates like a google search, which pulls the images from various sources depending on the keywords you put in the search. the art isn’t actually uploaded or hosted on the website, it’s being pulled from external sources.

be careful out there yall, i know art theft is a huge problem and its an even bigger problem that scammers are taking advantage of the theft issue and conning artists into giving away their info


Dave at @defensivecreations just finished overhauling my non-functional @springfieldarmoryinc Range Officer Operator in 9mm. I can officially say that I now see the value in a custom 1911. The work Dave has done is phenomenal to this gun. It is now butter smooth, rails feels like it is on ball bearings, new @108performance trigger and internals is a massive upgrade, and I now have functioning sights. I did add the @wilsoncombat magwell and the @magpul grips on my own. Plan on seeing this ran at classes. Can’t recommend Dave enough. If you haven’t checked out the videos we have done with him, check out our YouTube channel. #1911 #practicallytactical

Gem Resources and a Brave New World

Warning: long theory post ahead

I have this theory that Homeworld isn’t actually lacking for resources, but they purposefully make lower quality gems as a way to keep their population docile and out of revolution. Gems are told they are not made to the standard of prerevolutionary gems, and that it’s the revolution’s fault. We know status is everything to Homeworld gems. So by depriving gems of their status and telling them it’s the revolution’s fault, the Diamonds can be sure the gems will hate and resent the very idea of revolting again the Diamonds.

Ok so how did I get here?

Peridot was told that dwindling resources are the reason she has no powers. Peridot is only her brain and her knowledge, nothing else. She is physically weak and has to rely on on Homeworld tech just to function. What other newly made gems have we met? The Rubies. We’ve gained the impression that rubies are not smart gems, they’re soldiers, and frankly, their lack of wit is used as comic relief. But when you look at our Ruby, and Eyeball, another pre-revolution Ruby, they aren’t dumb! They’re not smart like Peridot or Pearl, but they are way more conscious and self-actualized than the other Rubies. So for a Ruby, “dwindling resources” means no smarts. The band of new Rubies we met lack the critical thought to understand why they’re fighting, but they fight because that is their purpose. Because Rubies are foot soldiers, and don’t need to be anything else.

All this got me thinking about a Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. In this book, we are introduced to a perfect utopia – aka totally terrifying and creepy Dystopia. Like the gems, humans in the book are created, not born. Status is determined before humans are born, by manipulating them in utero. Alpha status humans are tall, beautiful and intelligent, and get to enjoy all the wonderful things in life. They spend their lives lounging around, going to parties and having orgies. Similar to how Bismuth described that the spires she built were for important philosophers to think in. It seems that high status gems don’t need to work, they have nobel jobs like philosopher, or Sapphire, the fortune telling princess. Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons in the book, have less and less from the moment they’re born. With each class, humans are further disabled, and given jobs and lives that fit their abilities. An Epsilon has hardly any higher functioning, and operates an elevator for their entire life. They will be content there because they are mentally incapable of doing more or imagining more. This is how you keep people happy. Each person is a cog that fits perfectly in the machine and the whole world runs smoothly. Except of course, that isn’t the case. Like Homeworld, it is a perfectly oiled machine without any love or emotion. Without chaos, you lack passion. The world is sad and monochrome. Similarly, from what we’ve heard from Peridot, she only started living when she came to earth. Nobody lived on Homeworld. You had your place and that was your entire purpose. Gems are not made extraneously, they are made to serve. Anyways, It’s a really fucked up book, but also a very important one.

SO, how do you keep a gem out of revolution? You take away theyre ability to do so. Bismuth showed us that the foundation of Rose’s philosophy was that you can be what you want to be. Bismuth could make swords and Pearl could swordfight. Beautiful. The Diamond’s prevent the gems from coming up with these revolutionary ideas by disabling them. A Ruby will not be upset with being a foot soldier if she doesn’t have the cognition to form the thought. A Peridot will not be upset by only being a Kindergardener if she lacks the strength or powers to do anything else. And to top it all off, it isn’t the Diamonds fault that gems are one dimensional. By saying the revolution was the cause of no resources, every gem who wishes they were stronger or smarter or capable of more, has the revolution to blame. Not their evil overlords. It’s genius.

end rant.

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What do you think about Credence/Real Graves? I find it creepy and wanna know how you feel about it?

I want to start by saying that all discussions below are simply how i feel, not a moral judgement of the pairing or its’ shippers. I personally don’t like this pairing, and can’t see it working out. These are all my personal opinions, i respect others decisions and reasons to like the pairing. Beware, a long ass psychological talk and character analysis of sorts.
Let’s start with Credence. Credence is a victim of child abuse that’s continuing into his adulthood, so i’m pretty sure that he was experiencing post traumatic symptoms way before meeting with Fake!Graves. We don’t really get into detail with Credence in the movie, but the psychological impact of the abuse he’s endured is very evident. Low self-esteem, feelings of shame and guilt, social withdrawal, passivity, anxiety, depressive symptoms, repressing emotions and memories, self-destructive behavior (obscurus), these are clear signs of post traumatic disorders. When Credence meets Graves, he appraises him as safe and forms a close attachment to him. He sees Graves as his escape, his protector and someone who truly cares for him. This makes Graves’ betrayal and abuse even grander. Credence already had attachment issues due to his continuous abuse, we can see this by his unhealthy dependence to Graves. Graves’ betrayal shatters Credence’s sense of safety, trust, faith in intimate relationships and attachment patterns all over again. This type of continuous abuse has a cumulative effect on the person, it’s making the stress symptoms he’d feel double in regards of magnitude and effect. It’s sort of like… this building didn’t have a solid base, and now fake Graves came and knocked the weak points down. This is why Credence snaps and lets the obscurus fully take over. He’s at his breaking point. Now, i know what you’re thinking, “but it wasn’t the real Graves who did that!” I know, i’m getting there.
Let’s nerd this out a little. The functioning of brain is impacted when it’s exposed to trauma, all cognitive functions operate differently and a whole a lot of neurological stuff happens. You probably don’t care much about that. What i’m saying is, brain in the face of trauma works differently. Our brains are prone to generalization under traumatic circumstances. It sort of lumps stuff together, makes associations, and rings alarm bells when it sees them again. This is an effort of brain to recognize the danger in order to protect itself.
Real Graves might not be the one who’s abused Credence, but his appearance is still a trigger. It’s a fight or flight response, he sees Graves and his mind immediately makes the connection with pain, hurt and betrayal. He feels unsafe and threatened. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t this Graves who hurt him, the associations is still there. Exposure to cues that are related with his trauma should be gradual. Credence needs time and space away to fully heal to break that association. Social support is very important for his recovery, but the doubleganger of his abuser is not the right person for this job. There’s also the fact that it’s very likely for Credence to be experiencing cognitive difficulties in the recovery period, it’s really unfair to expect him to fully grasp and internalize the fact that two Graves are different people.
I don’t find it healthy for his healing process to be involved romantically with someone who looks exactly like his abuser. In fact, in a real life scenario, i’d regard this as a self-destructive behavior even. Credence needs to unlearn his old behavioral, social, cognitive and emotional patterns and form healthier and more functional ones. He needs to regain a sense of safety, control and trust to be able to do this. A relationship with Grave’s compromises this. Personally, i think he needs a healthy period of recovery before even considering a new romantic relationship, and when he does he needs his partner to be someone he can trust, feel safe, and move forward with.

TL;DR I’m way too interested in Credence’s psychology and recovery to be able to like this pairing. I can’t make both the pairing and a healthy recovery work in my mind, so i’m not interested.

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Do you suppose that a person who's spent about 2.5 years training themselves to withstand/ignore pain by say experiencing 4th degree burns over his entire body, would be able to throw one punch before collapsing after being stabbed in the lung?

Okay, so, two problems up front. The first being that: Fourth degree burns aren’t painful. There may be some exceptions, but the nerve endings are cooked, so nothing remains to transmit to the brain that this should hurt, or even that the injury is occurring. The second is that: Fourth degree burns don’t heal. As I mentioned a second ago, fourth degree burns are where the tissue has been cooked, the meat itself is dead at this point.

Without immediate and extensive medical treatment, fourth degree burns are life threatening injuries. These are where the burn gets into the deep tissue, destroying muscles, ligaments, tendons, and any nerves unfortunate enough to be affected. Usually, fourth degree burns penetrate to the bone, so if it’s a limb, that’s not coming back.

Also, note the word I used above, “cooked.” That’s a pretty good description of the kind of damage we’re talking about here. It’s not something your character can walk away from.

Second, following up on what I said the other day about injuries, pain, and adrenaline. If you missed it, the very short version is that adrenaline actually impairs your ability to feel pain (to a degree), so if you’re in combat and take a bullet, or get stabbed.

To an extent, none of this matters, a character can keep fighting with a collapsed lung, but their ability to breathe will be impaired. Lungs function operate based on controlled air pressure, so when they’re punctured, they tend to deflate, halving the victim’s ability to breathe. They’d suffer everything that comes along with hypoxia: Shortness of breath, lightheaded, easily fatigued, and confusion, (I assume the confusion would take a few minutes, but I’m not 100% certain). A collapsed lung can also cause the victim to go into shock.

There is a point to teaching people to manage pain, and the methods for that, ranging from extremely intensive exercise to some varieties of very controlled physical abuse, but setting someone on fire does not qualify as either, and fourth degree burns are something that will halt your character’s training, it won’t toughen them up, but will turn them into a slab of meat, cooked well done.

The issue is, a lot of writers take the idea of things like extreme training, and push it way past any reasonable stopping point. Fourth degree burns is up there with shooting a character to teach them to control pain. Unless they have superpowers, it will transition from the kinds of pain someone can learn from and into actually killing the student. A character might get to the point where they’re being struck with a staff and taking the blows without injury through proper muscle control, but you’re not going to run them through with a sword, or set them on fire. That doesn’t teach anything, and will seriously injure the student.

Following on that, the purpose of striking a student is to teach them to take blows without being injured. They’re learning to tense the muscles so the impact doesn’t cause harm.

Exercise is where you learn to tune out pain. Someone used to sprinting on wet sand will be far better suited to powering through pain than someone who was repeatedly set on fire by a sadistic instructor. Also, I called this extreme exercise earlier, but this stuff is still pretty tame. It will include things like asking the students to exercise in unpleasant circumstances, not ones that pose an actual treat to them.

So, in short, yes, they can keep fighting, though it’s not going to be as simple as they fall over, they’ll slow down, start losing track of what’s going on, probably get far more seriously injured because they’re still trying to participate against unimpaired foes, and then collapse.


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Ti and Ni Friction In An INTP
  • Ni: *emerges from the shadow realm* What that person just said is super incorrect.
  • Ti: Yeah, it seems that way but we have virtually no prior knowledge collected on this topic so we have to let it slide until we know for sure.
  • Ni: It's so obvious they're wrong. Why aren't you doing anything? Also that guy over there is bad news so just do yourself a favor and avoid him.
  • Ti: We have literally never met him. He is a complete stranger and judging someone without knowing anything about them is illogical.
  • Ni: Fine, ignore me. Bet you can't ignore the feeling of anxiety and impending doom...haha.
  • Ti: Okay, which one of you other functions is conspiring against me with Ni? There will be no mutiny today!
  • *silence*
  • Ni: *Ni takes opportunity of silence to speak up* Listen Ti, I know you don't trust me but I'm pretty sure this huge, important thing is going to happen. I made a whole file of this stuff for you so you should probably analyze it and figure stuff out so you can be something called BEING PREPARED FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!
  • Ti: No need to shout. Just explain how you arrived at this conclusion in sequential order. Can you do that?
  • Ni: Well no... but you have to listen to me! It's super obvious! Why can't you see it???
  • Ne: Yeah, Ni is so full of shit because it's ignoring all the other valid possibilities. There are 4893 possibilities by the way.
  • Ti: Yes, that makes a lot of sense Ne. Also I narrowed that number down to ten.
  • Ni: *muttering bitterly* I narrowed it down to one.
  • Ti: No one asked you to and no one ever will because you do it wrong! Also the only one who gets to question me is me because I can question myself using logic and objectivity. *banishes Ni to shadow region*
  • A day later:
  • *The huge, important thing Ni predicted occurs*
  • Ti: Hmm. I am once again unfazed by something that has shaken the foundation of the people around me. It is as if I knew it would happen all along. It must be because I'm so logical and I figured it out subconsciously while working on another problem.
  • Ni: *in the shadow realm* *grumbling over pages of some exotic book* I fricking told Ti so! But will I be given credit? No. Will Ti ever act on the information I present it? No of course not. *mocking Ti's voice* It's not logical. Well it was right so ha the joke is on Ti!

Wow have a look at this rare find. Up for auction is a vintage Casio CK–200 boombox. This is a very unique find my friends. This is a boombox that has incorporated into it a keyboard!!! All the keys have been tested and they are in working order. The tape player has also been tested and is also in working order. Am an FM tested and in working order. All the features and functions appear to be operating as they should.

Gem Hierarchy Part 1: An Overview

This contains spoilers!!

Part one in a large series on Gemetics and Gem society.


Varieties- Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Jasper, Carnelian, Biggs

Main Functions: Soldiers, Guards

These Gems are created as foot soldiers and guards. All Quartz Gems so far have been created on Earth (with varying levels of success) and all share a very fun-loving but violent personality. Quartz Soldiers all have the ability to roll into a high-energy ball and roll into targets, and their body types are very muscular and tall. There are many Amethysts, Jaspers, and Carnelians on the Human Zoo Base, where they are kept busy so as not to mingle with the other Homeworld Gems. Currently, all Rose Quartz aside from Steven are held bubbled in a special chamber on the Human Zoo Base.


Main Functions: Bodyguards, Scouts, Fighters

Rubies are bodyguards and scouts, with very small bodies and fiery personalities, They work in squads (such as groups of 3 or 5) and are not very smart and are quick to anger. Rubies can generate heat and fire, especially when upset.


Main Functions: Precognition, Strategy

Sapphires can see into the future, allowing them to plan accordingly and create detailed strategies. They can also generate cold fields and ice, especially when agitated.


Varieties: Blue, White, Yellow

Main Functions: Public Servants, Status Symbol

Pearls do menial tasks such as cleaning, secretary work, and opening doors. They are referred to as ‘made to order’, and are conditioned to be very timid and to defer to their superiors. However, Pearls are also capable of the same level of thought as a Peridot when allowed to grow and also have a motherly nature.


Main Functions: Scientist, Technician

Peridots operate all known machinery the Gems use, including the Hand Ship, Gem Injectors, and Roaming Eyes. Era 2 Peridots come equipped with limb enhancer due to their diminutive size, and are able to control metal when pushed.


Main Functions: Construction Worker

Bismuth bodies can survive being superheated and can be formed into various tools for their work. Although Bismuths are employed as builders and construction workers, they can create anything that they put their mind too, including weapons.

Lapis Lazuli:

Main Functions: Terraforming

Lapis Lazuli Gems can control water, giving them enormous power. They are used to terraform planets for Homeworld use, presumably removing the water from them to make room for the many Gem structures that will perforate the planet’s crust and mantle.


Main Functions: Delegation, Discipline

Varieties: Holly Blue, Crazy Lace

Agates are disciplinarians, used to keep order among ranks and delegate tasks to lower Gems.


Main Functions: Ship Pilot

All Nephrites currently known piloted a Homeworld ship during the Gem War.


Main Functions: Leadership, Geogenesis

Varieties: Blue, Pink, White, Yellow

Diamonds are incredibly large and durable, able to withstand extreme damage. They can create new Gem species (such as Pink Diamond’s Rose Quartz cut) and can corrupt other Gems into a bestial form through a ‘song’. Diamonds are the matriarchs of Gem society and are greatly respected and feared.

Yes I coined the term Geogenesis for Gem birth

“Caged Hearts” ch.4

The fourth chapter of this fic, based on @king-branch‘s AU, finally. :’D I hope you’ll like it, the “real” story is starting to begin from now on. <3

Also, I finally tagged my previous chapters with the tag “caged hearts”, ‘cause my blog’s fics are kinda messy and disorganizated, I didn’t do it before ‘cause I’m a dumb banana. :P

[Song of this chapter: “Little Do You Know” by Alex & Sierra.]

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Naval Special Warfare Development Group
The Navy’s Tier 1 Special Missions Unit

The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), or DEVGRU, is a U.S. Navy component of Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOCThe primary mission of the Joint Special Operations Command is ostensibly to identify and eliminate terror cells worldwide. JSOC is a component command of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and is charged to study special operations requirements and techniques to ensure interoperability and equipment standardization, plan and conduct special operations exercises and training, develop joint special operations tactics and execute special operations missions worldwide). 

It is often referred to as SEAL Team Six, the name of its predecessor which was officially disbanded in 1987. DEVGRU is administratively supported by Naval Special Warfare Command and operationally commanded by the Joint Special Operations Command. Most information concerning DEVGRU is classified and details of its activities are not usually commented on by either the White House or the Department of Defense. Despite the official name changes, “SEAL Team Six” remains the unit’s widely recognized moniker. It is sometimes referred to in the U.S. media as a Special Missions Unit.

DEVGRU and its Army counterpart, Delta Force, are the United States military’s primary counter-terrorism units. Although DEVGRU was created as a maritime counter-terrorism unit, it has become a multi-functional special operations unit with several roles that include high-risk personnel/hostage extractions and other specialized missions.

The Central Intelligence Agency’s highly secretive Special Activities Division (SAD) and more specifically its elite Special Operations Group (SOG) often works with—and recruits—operators from DEVGRU. The combination of these units led to the most significant special operations success in the Global War On Terror.

I hurt my foot walking today (stupid outdoors, this is why I don’t visit you!) and it just happens to be my right foot. I need literally one thing functional to operate my sewing machine… my right foot…

And I guess maybe at least one hand and one eyeball. I guess I have a 50/50 shot of hurting my right foot, but I really wish it had been the left one.

The Frustration of Veterinary Medicine.

Picture this: a dog presents with acute onset paraparesis, pyrexia, joint effusion along with bilateral glaucoma.

You put together your problem list, work out your overall assessment of the patient and put together a plan of how you are going to approach this case.

You start with a basic physical plus neuro and ophthal exam. Maybe you then want to follow with a CBC, biochem, UA as baseline. Maybe you want to follow with a CSF tap plus joint taps. But then maybe you want to also send your patient off to CT. Your mind is just ticking over your differentials just trying to figure out how you can help this animal when you hear those words come out of the owners mouth: “I have about $20 to my name, doc”.

Those words change everything. One of the most frustrating, heart breaking and soul crushing things about the veterinary profession is money. 

I understand and appreciate that money is obviously an issue in human medicine as well, and that is a whole other kettle of fish. What I am talking about is when an owner simply cannot afford to start a work up or continue a treatment for their pet and the end result has to unfortunately be euthanasia.

I have previously harped on and on ‘if you can’t afford veterinary treatment for your pet, that you should simply not have one’. In saying that, I understand that circumstances change. People lose their jobs and are barely making rent, let alone supporting their family and their beloved Fido. People end up with an unexpected fluffy when Nan passes away. Things happen. That is just life unfortunately and sometimes the only option is euthanasia as that animal will suffer without treatment. 

Yes, there are other options out there other than euthanasia. There are companies such as VetPay that allow you to take out loans in order to pay for that emergency GDV surgery. There are adoption agencies that are willing to take on patients with fractured legs or Cushings and crowd fund in order to treat these animals. An option that is not available (a majority of the time), is doing a procedure or providing treatment for free. 

There may be clinics out there with a benevolence fund or do pro bono work. But do understand that a majority of clinics will not have systems like that in place. Veterinary clinics are unfortunately businesses. Like all businesses, they do require money in order to operate and function. I wish we lived in a world were healthcare for animals existed. Do understand that veterinarians are not money hungry, soulless beings. 

If we could fix every puppy that came in with parvo for free in order to prevent it from breaking your daughters heart, we would. If we could perform chemotherapy on your white fluffy to extend his life for a few more months, we would. 

Veterinarians are in this job because we care and we want to improve lives of animals and their humans. We didn’t get into this mentally challenging and sometimes heartbreaking field for the money. We don’t put ourselves through 6+ years of schooling and thousands of dollars of debt because we want to euthanaise peoples pets. We, as much as you, want to treat illnesses and repair injuries that have a potentially good prognosis. Unfortunately, circumstances do not always allow us to. We understand that sometimes euthanasia is the only option, as much as we, as well as you, don’t want it to be. 

narryspace-deactivated20170214  asked:

Hi! Approximately two years ago I took the mbti test and I was ISFP but yesterday I took it again and now I'm INFP. What are the differences and similarities between the two types? Thanks :)

Both are led by dominant Fi and influenced be inferior Te. Their tertiary functions can operate very similarly to each other when unhealthy. The major difference comes down to the secondary function of Se and Ne. ISFPs look to act on their Fi, while an Ne looks to understand their Fi. ISFPs are looking to live life how they envision it with their Fi and an INFP looks to find the true meaning and purpose of their Fi ideals. ISFPs are similar to ISTPs as they want to be hands-on in what they are doing. They are called ‘The Artist” because whatever their Fi passion is, their Se wants to experience and act on the FI like an artist. Their Se is their form of expression of their Fi. INFPs are often stereotyped as writers and wanders lost on a path of discovery. They work with impressions and patterns of the outer world in hopes of finding understanding and balance with their inner world. Being a writer would makes sense as dealing with metaphors is the closest they can get to trying to grasp the meaning of their Fi. 

Meanwhile, an ISFP would have a problem with this form of thinking and operating. If you want the world to match your inner world, go out and physically change it with Se. Act on it! But an INFP would question the ISFP for not stopping and questioning their experiences. An INFP has a tougher time getting lost in the moment of artistic inspiration that comes naturally to the ISFP. For the ISFP is physically embodying their Fi, not analyzing it. 

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The best way to contrast this is with Zuko (ISFP) and Uncle Iroh (INFP) from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Zuko’s Se is often annoyed with Iroh’s Ne. Zuko wants to find a way to act on his Fi. Iroh will sit and want to find the greater meaning of their shared Fi. Zuko doesn’t have time for that and wishes Iroh would step up and DO something. Iroh wishes Zuko would stop and reflect more. Ask questions! “What do YOU want?” 

Just a dream

For CS AU week
Future CS
Angst below

It was a sunny evening when she told him. One of those evenings when the world turned gold as the light shone off each surface. It glinted off the windows of the quiet town, and it danced on the water. They walked down the shoreline her arms wrapped around his, their fingers linked together. 

Emma had her shoes off, hanging from one hand, swaying with her steps. And they walked that line of firm wet sand, the rocky sand rubbing at her feet, a gentle burn soothed by the cool water each time the waves would reach up.

She slowed for a moment, her feet sinking a little into the sand as she stood still, finally done running. He turned to her when he felt her stop. His eyes flickering between hers as though they could see her hesitation written in them.

 “There’s something I need to tell you,” she said biting her lip, not sure how to get the words out. Words that had been threatening to burst out of her for days.

“Is everything all right, love?” he asked her just a hint of worry slipping into his voice.

“Yeah,” she smiled reaching up to put her hand against his cheek. “Everything’s fine.”

He held her gaze as he dropped a nod to her. That one he always gave her, the one that gave her permission and courage to unburden herself.

She squeezed his hand to anchor herself as the words left her in little more than a whisper, “Killian, I’m pregnant.”

“Pregnant?” he stared at her dumbfounded as though he had never heard the word before. She let out a small, nervous laugh as she watched him struggle, and the sound seemed to bring him from his thoughts. The shadow of fear that had flickered over his expression replaced by warm love as a smile stretched over his lips, that smile he saved for her. The one she loved more than all the others.

“You’re sure?” he asked and that eyebrow of his raised just a little. 

She nodded and then his arms were around her lifting her and she buried her laugh in his neck as he spun her once around. And then he set her back on the soft sand, his forehead resting against hers. A small laugh escaped from him into the narrow space between them.

“We’ll have a little one?” he asked her in disbelief, something like joy in the tears caught in his eyes.

She smiled widely, her head bobbing as she nodded eagerly. “Yeah,” she breathed and then he was kissing her again. She wanted to stay in that moment forever, wrapped in sunshine, all their dreams coming true. 

They waited a couple weeks to tell the others. And for that time it was their secret. It was in the glint in their eyes as they met across the table at family dinner. And it was in the quiet between them as they sat and read together in the afternoon sun. And it was something beautiful in those quiet moments, the intimate feel of him against her, a new connection as their eyes met, their breaths coming together. It was in his weight over her and her laugh breathed in his ear. It was a love she never thought was possible, and she was almost reluctant to share this happiness with everyone else. Because in that moment it was only them and the rest of the world fell away, for that moment it was only them and soon it never would be again.

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