function of music

Words I associate the signs with:

Aries: powerful, manipulative, energetic, high spirited, optimistic, potent, conflagration, confidence, yelling, arguments, warmth, sun, fire, sparkles, hazel, force, sports, kickboxing, heart-eyes, exquisite, allusion, white lies, sexiness, dominance uprising, gobsmacked, beatinest, fights, sounder, lively, lighters, nicotine, ambiguous, judging, craving

Taurus: reliable, responsible, hard working, material, money, honest, loyal, practical, solidarity, stubborn, content, possessive, uncompromising, unconditional, complications, brown, green, changes, ground, jobs, gardening, cooking, stability, hands, high quality objects, value, easy-going, wholehearted, raw, purity

Gemini: ambivalent, thinker, two faced, overthinking, unlabeled, writers, cantankerous, words, poems, tongue, speaking, lips, curling, tea, mornings, dawn, breezes, spring, breathing, laughter, mysteries, puzzles, unraveling, ominous, paradox, yin yang, opposites, doublethink, pieces, two pieces of one whole

Cancer: moon, water, moonlight, sea, water, feelings, moodiness, dangerous, helpless, hopelessly, art, forgiving, assuming, tears, loneliness, emptiness, mental illness, feathers, birds, animals, home, family, children, society, psychological studies, stars, astrology, poems, artists, watercolor, pastel colors, insecurity, apothecary, apologizing

Leo: self esteem, confidence, labels, blazing, lion, roaring, light, names, assumptions, chide, conflict, coruscant, flowers, amaranthine, dimes, diamonds, mining, flashing, paramour, lover, affair, honesty, positivity, generosity, creativity, humor, jokes, cheerful, arrogance, inflexibility, stubborn

Virgo: analyzing, suppressing, shyness, kindness, loyalist, hardworking, practical, overly critical, insecure, judging, books, cleaning, studies, school, numbers, sotto voce, languages, wonders, holding on, stable, furniture, shops, medical, doctors, nurses, down-to-earth, feasible, doable, handy, functionality, finances

Libra: harmonious, music, instruments, pens, poetry, writing, extrovert, popular, cooperative, problem solving, diplomatic, gracious, delicate, social, fair-minded, justice, gentleness, talking with others, outlets, outdoors, nature, hugs, warmth, solace, family, kindness

Scorpio: death, ominous, paradox, mystery, inevitability, serene, seriousness, darkness, craters, abyss, heartache, breakups, ferociousness, deflorating, roses, wilting, sex, divagating, pelvis, lovers, one night stands, dominance, kinks, puzzles, complex, rawness, honesty, loyalty, incredulous, decreasing, schadenfreude, serendipity, imperfections, sibylline, staring

Sagittarius: traveling, world maps, cities, villages, culture, rounded figures, running, sports, mountains, lightheaded, breezy, go with the flow, airplanes, leaving, disappearing, walking, wandering, stubbornness, adventure, games, young love, long distance relationships, distance, lights, fireflies, discoveries, camping, firewood

Capricorn: practical, hardworking, finances, jobs, money, self control, managing, forceful, unforgiving, know-it-all, knowledge, smartness, discipline, discussions, reliable, expecting the worst, tradition, family, status, different, underrated, underdog, quality, craftsmanship, time

Aquarius: independence, friendship, temperamental, in the moment, running, disappearance, progressive, original, different, humanitarian, helpful, aloof, frightful, emotionless, numb, running from emotions, self control, determination, apitude, funny, self discovery

Pisces: drugs, wondering, wishing, hoping, imagination, shyness, darkness, abysses, mental illnesses, incomparable, incapable, insecurity, psychologically, dreams, hallucinations, allegory, bruises, bonding, pellucid, helpless, colorful, helplessness, craving, anxiety, anxious, nervousness, feeling too much, sadness, good friendship, manipulative

It baffles me that we have a president who:

•has gone golfing 30+ times in 6 months
•rarely attends his daily intelligence briefings
•has hired his kids to work next to him in the White House
•has managed to cause so much dysfunction in Washington congress cannot function normally
•plays musical chairs with his own cabinet
•has, for the most part, failed to deliver on his campaign promises
•uses morning news shows to decide what topics to address
•engages in Twitter feuds
•has continuously had an approval rating in the low 40’s-high 30’s
•has been stopped from entering the entire country of England
•lies more often than he tells the truth
•had his daughter sit in for him at an international summit
•pissed off major allies via phone calls
•lost the trust of major allies
•trusts the Russian president more than his own intelligence department
•falls back on the excuse of “fake news” whenever confronted with facts
•is mocked around the world for being an incompetent leader
•uses twitter as his main form of communication
•attacked members of the media and threatened free press
•has failed to appoint hundreds of government positions
•tweets memes to make fun of a major news agency

And there are still people out there that think he’s doing an incredible job

Looking for blogs to follow!

So my dash is really dead and I’m looking for some blogs to follow! Please reblog if you post:

  • come from away
  • the great comet
  • bryce pinkham
  • laura osnes
  • hadestown
  • ghost quartet
  • aaron tveit
  • wicked
  • classic musicals
  • pretty much any musical / play that isnt or ham.ilton

a guy came to set up my wifi today IM BACK IN BUSINESS YALL WOOO

also here are two exchanges that happened in case any of you were under the impression that im a socially functional human being

me: *turns music off when worker comes in*
verizon guy: you can keep the music on i dont mind
me, out loud, to a real human being: OH WORM?

verizon guy 10 minutes later: okay your wifi should be back on. your network is called “Mothman VIP Access Meet & Greet?”
me: ……………..yea

domestic klance
  • Keith and Lance are both horrible cooks, neither of them can cook if their lives depended on it
    • They make a lot of salad
    • Keith can make 1 (one) thing: pasta
    • pockets. Every damn day.
    • Lance even needs help getting his poptarts out of the toaster
  • Keith sleeps on the left side of the bed, closest to the door
  • Lance sleeps on the right side of the bed, closest to the window
    • They still squabble over equal blanket distribution
    • “That’s my pillow!” “No, yours is the lumpy one!”
  • Lance likes to do dishes by hand because growing up, his family didn’t own a functioning dishwasher
    • He puts on his music super loud and sings and dances a little while washing dishes
    • Keith can’t resist a little sneak attack from behind, of course
    • Especially when Lance swings those hips. Do you really expect Keith not to playfully pinch that cute Lancey Lance butt
  • “Babe, your turn to plan date night tomorrow”
  • “Order pizza and cuddle to Ghibli movies”
  • “We’ve done that the past 3 months on your weeks, Keith”
  • Keith just likes to have Lance lay on his chest on the couch because Lance’s skin is always smooth and cool and he feels nice
  • Lance doesn’t mind, he likes napping on his mullet man
  • Keith lets Lance braid his mullet when he’s busy and can’t give him proper attention, sometimes Lance puts in ribbons
    • “You’re a princess now, princesses don’t have to do homework. Now come play outside with me, I wanna catch a butterfly!”
  • They like to go outside and catch butterflies only to set them free
  • In summer they catch fireflies
  • And in fall they catch inchworms and caterpillars
  • Keith caught a moth once and named it Mothman
    • “Mothman isn’t real, Keith.”
    • “Mothman IS real and he’s RIGHT HERE”

feel free to send me more or add on to this

the cognitive functions as stringed musical instruments

Thanks to @mbtipartyblog for letting me write a “cognitive functions for stringed instruments”!

Fe: cello– it is said that the cello sounds most like the human voice of the strings and has a rich voice, appealing to a large audience. It is often the melody along with the violin and takes care of the ensemble with its low voice, even willing to play eight fucking notes over and over again in Pachelbel’s Canon.

Ne: guitar– the guitar is all over the fucking place. From baroque to country, guitars are versatile and can play all sorts of different genres, fulfilling whichever interest that the player has at the current moment.

Se: ukulele– the smaller cousin of the guitar, ukuleles remind people of the Hawaiian islands, filled with white, sandy beaches and sweet hibiscus leis. Fun and enjoying life, ukuleles exemplify the music of the care-free and adventurous. Also aesthetic as fuck.

Te: violin– getting the majority of solos, especially if they play the first part, violins absolutely need to have their shit together. Ambitious and dependable, they must be able to lead the section and, quite frankly, the entire ensemble.

Fi: viola– ya know, the melancholy “big violin”. You have to be really content with the instrument and edgy as fuck to stay with the one instrument that is the butt of jokes and that everyone overlooks. Despite all of this, the viola is unique as it’s one of the few instruments to play the alto clef and just as important to the ensemble as any other instrument.

Ni: harp– harboring one of the most magical tones of all instruments, the harp requires a sense of mysticism and skill that most people do not naturally have. Harps have a hypnotic voice and have definitely transcended standard orchestra fare.

Si: double bass– also severely overlooked by most people, the bass plays one of the most important roles in the orchestra because it usually maintains the tempo and reminds players of the current chord they’re on: the important, tried-and-true things to keep constant to be a successful ensemble.

Ti: piano– because it has 88 keys and pretty much spans the entire musical range, the piano can be very independent. Its range and keys also allows a chance for the player to understand music theory in a visual manner and the mechanics of music.


My musical selection for the next week :

- The Tear Garden  :  The Brown Acid Caveat

- Coil :  Another Brown World / Baby Food (EP)

- Jarboe / Father Murphy ‎ :  S/T (EP)

- Muslimgauze :  Wish Of The Flayed

- Cheerleader 69  :  Mother of the 1966 bombs

- Minimal Man   :  The Shroud Of

- Function Disorder  :  West

- Obsessive Discipline  :  Consecration

- John Carpenter And Alan Howarth ‎:  Halloween III - Season Of The Witch 

- Unsane  :  Sterilize 

The Cognitive Functions & Music
  • [I was listening to music and I started thinking about why and how people listen to music differently, so I tried breaking it down to the cognitive functions. All of your functions would be relevant, but just as it does in your life, your inferior function should be what drives your desire to listen to music. Tag with your type and whether or not it's true for you. I'm curious.]
  • Ti: wants to understand the composition of music, the ways in which various musical elements are combined; seeks to deconstruct music
  • Te: enjoys the harmony of music, the sum total of the various instruments, the way everything sounds together; seeks coherence through music
  • Fi: seeks to understand self through music, preferring songs with relatable lyrics and introspective messages; wants to discover self through music
  • Fe: wants to understand others through music, endlessly consuming the emotions behind songs and taking them on as if they were their own; seeks to connect with others through music
  • Ni: seeks depth in a particular genre, exploring the various styles and sounds within it; is interested in mastering a genre
  • Ne: seeks a broad variety of music, always interested in different genres and sounds; wants to discover all music
  • Si: seeks nostalgia through music, reliving memories with soundtracks from meaningful films/shows and songs tied to experiences; is transported to the past through music
  • Se: enjoys the auditory aspect of music, the sound of music and its various sensory elements; seeks to fill the silence with music