function of music

Let’s all appreciate how INTELLIGENTLY  ‘What’s the use of feeling blue’ is crafted as a sequence

- derived from the Diamond lifemotif & therefore recontextualizes it; Especially clever as it was worked into the creepy ending theme leading up to this. 

It adds a bit of a dark funerary quality to the previous moments it showed up in. 

- It is worth noting that the diamond theme was deliberately designed to be alian and non-musical, so they esentially set a challenge for themselves

- And the song actually stays very faithful to the creepy jingly ambient sounds, though they somehow craft them into a melody and lets YD’s va do the rest as she conveniently has a very strong dramatic voice. 

- subverts the expectation of a villain song while still fulfilling all of it’s functions both musically and narratively - low notes, contralto, minions singing backup, swingy sort of melody, expositioning the antagonists and setting both the physical and ideological/thematic confrontation… (They represent, or are the leaders of a society where everyone - even the local God-empresses! - has to shut out your feelings to ‘function’, which is the logical opposite/antithesis/anathema to Steven) but at the same time it’s not a bragadocious declaration but a look beneath the queenly masks/ into their private lives, though they’re not quite ‘out shopping’ as this does inform why/how they act in their day jobs as evil overlords. As usual SU distinguishes itself by clever use & tweaking of the tools

- electro meets jazz, which is in itself creative, though if you wanted you could probably read further things into that. The Diamonds are basically electro outside, Jazz inside. It’s also a further pun (eve heard of ‘blue notes’?)

- Conveys both character, style/aesthetic and other information with astounding density basically. 

 - As cool as the music is lets not forget the roles the visuals play -  Their surroundings are quite ‘emphatic’ in the ways all that pink light drowns out their color palettes like a domineering shadow, how Yellow Diamond keeps moving around the bubbles for emphasis, and last bt not least the use of body language to establish both their individual characters and their relationship. BD is relatively static & phlegmatic and waterlike in her motions, sort of recoiling away from both YD and her responsibilities at the beginning, and hugging that pillar for comfort. YD, by contrast, does plenty 

Both have a distinct aristocratic tinge in words and gestures though BD goes more in the ethereal/mystically direction while Yellow is a lot more abrupt and stiff there (including when she’s briefly overwhelmed and ends up as the comfortee)

This scene would flat out not work if not for the very unambiguous comforting/ sister-like body language at work there, how the bond is conferred through both word choice (’we still love her’) and physical touch/ gestures.

Particular mention to that one shot where we see them holding hands with both their gemstones shown in the background (and their similar placement highlighted), more or less at the exact point when we realize that they’re both equally affected despite their somewhat different reactions. 

- Speaking of the environment though: Éven if they’re having this very private, very un-pharaonic moment, they don’t allow us to foget that they’re villains - most of those Rose Quartzes were probably innocent, the “silly quirk” they’re discussing involves keeping sentient/intelligent beings as pets, and we keep seeing how much Ruby and Saphire are still terrified of BD; Also, Greg’s and Steven’s escape attempts lampshades their titanic sizes. Not to mention that they go right back to cold bitch mode/’command voice’ when the door opens and their underlings show up. They also showing off their fancy singing slaves. 

The ‘props’ are as creepy as if they were sitting in a cavern lined with human skulls and bones, but in a clever sci-fi way that makes it even more insidious.

- Though it is also worth noting that it’s greg and steven - almost complete outsiders! - who get to see this scene, rather than their former subjects such as Peridot, Garnet or Pearl. If they did see they’d hardly be compassionate with their former overlords, (not could they in any way be expected to be) but thing are different for Steven who’s probably able to have a wider perspective on this and recognize that they’re still people, even if they are evil overlords. 


Jan. 27, 2017// final exams, ¼ finished

yesterday was my AP Biology final exam and I'm hoping that it went okay  (‘~`;) next up, advanced functions, music performance, and chemistry!

Ne vs Se vs Fe in music

After a very scientifically sound study of a sample of three people I know (couldn’t find any Te dom, although I so desperately crave one), here’s what I found out :

Disclaimer : it’s been tested on an ENTP (Ne-dom)(also me), an ESxP(Se-dom) and an ESFJ (Fe-dom)

Ne-dom : Wants music that sounds NEW and DIFFERENT (although I’m into a big Bach phase at the moment, but it’s because it’s very neatly arranged, like clockwork; I’ll hypothesise that Te- (or at least Thinking)-dom would like very mathematical music).

Se-dom : Wants music that sounds COOL and ENERGETIC. The Se-dom I know is my bandmate, who’s lead guitarist, and he wants to shoot his hot load of guitar solos all over the audience, he’s also really interested in the “show” aspect of lives, wants us to dress up and have choreographies on stage.

Fe-dom : Wants music that sounds PASSIONATE and HARMONIOUS. My Fe-dom mom cringes when I listen to jazz, because of the blaring trumpets and the janky rythms; she’s a big fan of italian music, because it’s all people yelling passionately about things; she won’t listen to a voice she doesn’t like, even if the singer’s good, and she loves songs like If I had a Heart (the Vikings opening) or Only Human by Rag and Bone man.

Of course, all input regarding this is bienvenu.

Best video game background music for focus
Extensive list with links to focus-inducing music

The primary source of ADHD-like focus challenges is altered dopamine regulation. Background stimulation can help keep dopamine levels regular, promoting consistent focus. Video game soundtracks are designed to be focus-inducing without being distracting, and thus are a great starting point for anyone looking for use music as a dopamine-regulation tool. This is a good basic list including links from reddit.

Gold Star For Me
Dodie Clark Ft. Carrie Fletcher

I’m a semi functioning human
but I’ve done pretty well so far
sure I slept in till like three
but I made a great cup of tea
so that’s one gold star for me

I might forget your birthday
I might not even know your name
but if you tell me a secret
it’s as safe as it can be
so that’s one gold star for me

no there’s nothing wrong with falling down
forgetting your keys is allowed
I cry at every film I see
but I’ll give you the best hug that you’ve ever received

oh I can barely count to ten in the morning,
my eyeliner will never even out
but I’ll smile till I’m blue
so that you will smile too
so that’s one gold star for me