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[[Hey, dude! Quick question! How is FireAlpaca when it comes to making comics? I'm making a couple now and my current programs are too clunky for me to keep trying to work with, so I'm looking around for some tips on better programs. :D ]]

FireAlpaca is super duper rad, and it’s pretty easy to use for making comics! Either FireAlpaca or Medibang Paint Pro (Both programs are free, and essentially they’re funcitonally similar, Medibang Paint Pro just has additional cloud-saving features and the ability to use textures, while FireAlpaca has an onion-skinning feature for animations).

Considering both are free it’s definitely worth checking them both out and seeing which one sings out to you more!

Making comic panels is super easy though. When you’re in either program, click on the “Layers” tab on the top, and select “Add Panel Material”. Choose a width for your border and it’ll be applied across the whole image as one border. After this, you can use the Divide tool (Left side, just above the eyedropper) to split the border into panels - It’s locked to vertical and horizontal axes by default, but holding shift lets you slice panels at an angle.

If you feel like the gaps between panels are too big, the Operation tool (A mouse cursor arrow, just above the Divide tool) lets you adjust each panel to your heart’s content!

a/A Week 1 Day 1

First day went by in a blur. No lecture today, just an orientation about the rules of the program. After the orientation we went straight to coding. I greatly enjoyed the Enumerables exercises. Creating methods like my_each, my_flatten, and my_reject builds an appreciation for the language itself and how much goes on under the hood. Also makes it all the more approachable.

After that we went on to creating a simple in-console version of Ghost. It’s a fun little word game and through some very basic blunders I realized quickly the value of a debugger and checking code as soon as you write it, not when you have 12 methods already written and you hope it all stays together.

My partner Lei taught me that loops using Ranges and #.each are superior to while loops in funcitonality and appearance. I’ll be using those in future from now on.

I also have compiled a list of topics I am not 100% clear about and I’ll be getting to them whenever I have a free moment. For accountability’s sake, here they are: -Destructuring -Splat Operator -‘’ -specifics of Array and Hash Defaults