MBTI With A Sandwich -             Just Read :P

Yes, I am making this. No, you can’t stop me :P

ENFJ, ESFJ: Will give you the sandwich

ISFP, INFP: Will write a tragic story about the sandwich

ENFP, ENTP: Will adopt, name, and draw a face on the sandwich.

ISTJ, ISFJ: Will think about how the sandwich was made

INTJ, INFJ: Will think about how the sandwich will change the world

INTP: ISTP: Will write a revolutionary theory about the sandwich and how it impacts the course of the earth.

ENTJ, ESTJ: Will destroy the sandwich

ESTP, ESFP: Will eat the sandwich….


((thank you for those who joined me!  If anybody has questions about what kind of changes I made to canon in order to make this whole human allmates as kids AU funcitonal, please consult the FAQ <3 ))

Around the Sims | Seasons Announcements!

It can be a bit vain to post about Sims celebrations after the tragedy that stroke Paris, but on the other hand, the best answer to terrorism is to keep living.

So, let’s live and celebrate life. :p

From the 1st to the 24th od December, there’ll be a Advent calendar, with a new gift to download everyday, for 24 hours (yes, during 24 hours only, but don’t worry, if you miss one, all the gifts will be available again to download the 25th of December.

For Sims 3: the theme will be Sims 4 conversions again. For months (I’m working on this since August), I’ve been through every objects from the Sims 4 I’d want to have in the Sims 3. It makes a total of around 50 objects, all as funcitonal as possible, and recolorable, of course (because CASt rocks, it’s been a while since I haven’t said it! ;))

For Sims 4: I’ve converted more of my Sims 3 objects. As I get a bit fed up of redoing my stuff and want to make NEW things in 2016, I’ve been converting all the tiny things I made for Sims 3 I’d like having back in Sims 4; sometimes it can be a part of an old set of mine, sometimes just one object from a previous Advent calendar. I’m not sure about how many objects it makes, as I keep adding more! :D

For Sims 2: It was too demanding to work on 3 advent calendars (or I should have started on January!), so there won’t be for Sims 2, but there will be a big update on the 25th of December, with a mix of the objects I made for Sims 4 and 3.

This will no replace regular updates. :)