Royal Colors ; jjk

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pairing: jungkook x reader
genre: fluff, angst, royal!jungkookAU!
word count: 5k
WARNINGS: slight smut and character death
A/N: I hate myself for doing this to myself but hey when you have an idea you gotta write it down! enjoy!

Jungkook let out a groan as he stretched out his body across his bed. Slowly opening his doe eyes seeing the sunlight shine through the black curtains.

He lifted his hand up to his bare chest letting out a sigh as he stared up at the black ceiling.

“Prince Jungkook, you’re finally awake.”

Jungkook glanced to his right, seeing the butler in his doorway, wearing the black and white suit same as always.

“Good morning.” Jungkook yawned shifting himself up in bed.

“Your parents decided to go out for the day, so your older brother and yourself have the castle all alone.”

Jungkook nodded, knowing that means running the castle until his parents returned.

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lab partners | jungkook

summary: you’re not someone who likes group work, but jeon jungkook might be someone who’s going to change that. 
genre: fluff, high school!au, shy!kook 
word count: 2.426 

author’s note: nothing but high school teens bonding over discovering the anatomy of a dead frog. :) 

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Group assignments are something that you despise wholeheartedly. Your luck seems to always be on the opposing side whenever teachers partner you up. It’s either you get someone who is incredibly slow and incompetent or someone who does nothing at all. Most of the time, it’s nothing but stressful and frustrating episodes on your part and even if you always manage to score a good grade in the end, it perplexes you that the efforts you put were always more compared to everyone else’s. Yes, you’re the type of person who prefers and is best at working alone. This might make you seem uncooperative, but you like to think that they’re the ones who are just hard to work with.

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BTS LOVE YOURSELF 承 Her Concept Photos [color-adjusted]

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