8-week-old Devi is venturing farther into her pool with her mom Funani always close behind. #CuriousCalf

A 4-day-old hippopotamus calf pokes its head out of the water at the San Diego Zoo in the United States. This is the mother’s fifth calf and the first one in three years since she gave birth to Adama in 2011. The calf is on exhibit now with its parents Otis and Funani.

Picture: AP Photo/San Diego Zoo, Tammy Spratt (via Pictures of the day: 3 April 2014 - Telegraph)


New Baby Hippo Makes a Splash at San Diego Zoo

On March 23rd, San Diego Zoo welcomed into the fold a new baby hippopotamus, born to Funani.

Thus far, the zoo reports both mom and calf (sex not yet determined) are doing well. The video makes clear this assertion, as the new baby gets a few training bounces off Funani’s nose in the water.


Big mama Funani loves the water jet.