“(Left) We are friends from high school. Back then whenever we hung out, I thought he shouldn’t become a teacher, but right now I’m majoring in biology education, and he’s majoring in math education.”
“(Right) One time during one of our science tests we were using sodium. If it touches the water it quickly reacts and boils. So, we stole a chunk of it and spit on it. The reaction was so quick it caught on fire. We weren’t caught, but..”
“(Left) That sort of behavior convinced me that he might not be the best example for other students.”
“(Right) He’s wrong. Wouldn’t this just show my true academic curiosity?”

“(왼쪽) 고등학교 때 친구예요. 그 당시 항상 붙어다니면서 봤을 땐 얜 선생님은 하면 안 될 것 같았는 데 지금은 수학교육, 생물교육을 전공하고 있어요.”
“(오른쪽) 한번은 과학 실험시간에 나트륨을 사용하고 있었어요. 근데 그게 물에 닿으면 반응이 빨라서 끓거든요. 그래서 나트륨 덩어리를 훔쳐서 거기다 침을 뱉었는데 반응이 너무 빨라서 불이 붙었어요. 들키진 않았지만.”
“(왼쪽) 이런 행동이 학생들에게 모범이 되지 않아보였거든요.”
“(오른쪽) 아니에요. 이거야 말로 진정한 학문적 호기심 아니겠어요?”

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Hello hello hello!

We’ve been considering amending the fic page for a while now to make it a little more user friendly, and yesterday it finally got done!

You can find our entire collection of fics at the top left on the “stories” tab, and when you go in… the page will look something like this:

All stories are able to be sorted by warnings and ratings, AU or canon, by fandom and by pairing. We’re still fixing up some of the wayward tags on there but otherwise 99% of them will be found right where they should be!


Hopefully this helps people find our stuff more easily. It was a lot of fun making this and populating it, and we can’t wait to fill it up further!

Let us know if you would like any more tabs added and we will do our best. In the meantime… ENJOY! And thank all of you for your patience and support <3

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