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Hello princess. *laser guns* Did it hurt when you fell from the sky? 💚

i wish my heart was made of space ice cream, ‘cause you’re making it melt!!

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I need to learn how to use spices. My family is primarily British so we basically just use salt and pepper, sometimes cinnamon with desserts but that's really it

what about garlic? you guys use garlic, right? and onions? vinegar? oregano? im pretty sure my blood is 35% vinegar tbh

sometimes I toss around the idea of Cooking with Kepler, I think it’d be a fun little youtube series where you see me fuck around in the kitchen. IDK what the fuck I’m doing but I make tasty things, usually! 

im pretty bad at baking though : / as evidenced by my continued failure to make cakes, breads, and cookies

Thanks For Being Awesome!

Just to say “Thank You For Being Awesome” I’m opening requests now through the end of 2017!

I’ll be taking 50 requests to complete between now and the end of 2017. You can ask me anything, writing meme prompts, AU ideas, new pieces, b-sides/behind-the-scenes of existing fics, smut, or what else comes to mind. 

I do have a few stipulations:

  • Any story I write will be between 900 - 1200 words. I am trying to keep things a little short since I have longer things that I am still working on and trying desperately to keep on schedule.
  • I won’t take every request that comes to me. I am reserving the right to say no on some things. There are some requests that can be a chore for me to write, and I want this to be as much fun for me as it is for you. 
  • I will start on these next week, and work on about three a week for the next fourteen weeks so your request might not be filled immediately. 

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR BEING SO AWESOME! It’s been a ride so far, and I hope for a thousand more adventures with you! 

i played a few rounds of qp w/ mercy after the latest patch went live, and honestly i’m not super jazzed about the new ult? being able to fly around is fun for a while, but unless you enjoy playing battle mercy it starts seeming kind of aimless after the novelty wears off?

i do really like rez as an ability tho, especially if you time it right w/ the ult, but then again i’ve always found tempo rezing way more satisfying that big rezes lmao

Enna aka @steverogershield

I want everybody who wonders or worries to know that Enna deleted her blog herself. Tumblr can be tough place, even tougher when you try hard to post regularly and some anons are still mean.

And trying to be active can get a lot to deal with when your life is really busy right now - which Enna’s life definitely is. Sometimes that leads to something that was supposed to be fun and was fun for a long time to become tough and hard, even dragging down if people are critical or mean and you can’t even fulfil your own expectations anymore.

That is apparently what happened to Enna and why she deleted her blog.

I get it and I hope you do too, sometimes life is hard, sometimes you have to cut back on some things to get back in control and not feel overwhelmed.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t miss her, because I’ll miss her a lot and I kind of panicked for a momemt when I realised her blog was deactivated. But I am sure she wouldn’t just do it for s*** and giggles and only because she really needs to do it to take care of herself and feel better.

She is fine. That is what matters.

Enna tried to stay for our sake but it didn’t work out and she says she’s bad with goodbyes so unfortunatelly that’s how she handeled it.

Still love you sweetie pie and hope you get all the good stuff life has to offer and more 💛

Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Thon week 17: Silver Lining

Words: 1153

Tags: Humour, Hurt/Comfort, Neighbours AU, Fluff 

Week 17 submission for the OHFAT hosted by @thebookjumper!

Notes:Tried something slightly different with this week’s prompt! I’ve always wanted to write a fic that’s composed entirely of texts/emails etc, and this was just me seeing how much fun it would be! (Hint: a lot. I wanna do a full length fic like this one day.)

Please let me know what you think when you’re done!

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Hey, so we have really thin walls and I just heard you crying. Are you okay? I live across the hall and I gave you my number when you moved in but we’ve never actually spoken since. So I’m sorry if this is weird. But yeah. Thin walls. Felicity x


Yup. That’s me. I walked right into you the day you moved in and made you drop a box of plates on the floor. Which I’m still sorry about, by the way. And I’m not at all surprised that you’ve never spoken to me since, so don’t worry about that. Those plates were probably expensive. Or family heirlooms. Oh god, were they family heirlooms?

Nope. Not family heirlooms. You’re safe.

Thank god. I panicked for a second there. Anyway… are you alright?

Yup. Fine.

Really? You don’t look like the kind of guy who just cries unless it’s for a genuine reason?

What do you mean?

I mean… someone like you probably would only cry if they were like, really upset about something.

Someone like me? You don’t know me.

I know! But you just look like the kind of guy who wouldn’t be phased by anything. You know? Just from seeing you around and stuff. Guys who look like you don’t usually cry a lot. Not that I’m playing into male stereotypes! Guys can cry as much as they like. I actually am a real advocate for that. It’s healthy. But what I’m trying to say is that guys who look like you, you know with muscles and expensive looking suits to work everyday, are generally the kind of guys who boast about never crying.

Not that I spy on you! Because that would be weird. I just do my makeup at the window every morning and I see you come and go a lot. I promise I’m not checking you out ever.

Okay maybe sometimes. But just a little.

And please tell me to shut up and leave you alone at any point. Please.

Oliver… Can I hear you laughing?

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  • Friedkin: Why didn't you tell me I have a bump on my head?
  • Riggins: I never noticed a bump.
  • Friedkin: Do not patronize me. If there's something wrong with me, then you owe it to me, as my best friend, to tell me.
  • Riggins: All right. You're narcissist. You're a sociopath. You're probably a psychopath. You're paranoid, sexist, and you make fun of the elderly.
  • Friedkin: Those are just quirks! Endearing quirks!

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Would you ever do a drawing video? You dont have to talk or anything i just want to watch you while you draw lol It's quite relaxing to watch people draw tbh

Id love 2 do a stream or smthn!! That would be a lot of fun!! It’s just gonna be me spending AN hour trying 2 get a line to go right bc I’m on a mac and using photoshop which is never a good combination and mac hates me!!! But I’ll give it a go!!

Literally gagged from the consistency of my toothpaste today so that’s fun. I haven’t puked yet so that’s incredible but I do feel like total shit if I even get a tiny bit hungry. Went to the grocery store today and everything smelt pretty horrible so I just grabbed what I thought could be good?? Also why does Safeway not sell salmon right now just cod colored like salmon 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 who does that?? Just be what you are fish

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Chocolate Glazed ;)))

If you could spend a holiday with anyone, who would it be? What holiday?
I’d love to spend a holiday w some friends! We hang out every Halloween, which is nice, and I’ll do that again any day. Although I’d really like to have a real Christmas or a real Easter for once. My parents tried celebrating em just for presents and food but never put enough effort into it and Christmas looks like it’d be so much fun if I could just get it right. Putting up a big ol tree and lights looks cool and idk if ppl even do gingerbread houses but I wanna do one and every year I live vicariously through my friends telling me about what gifts they got. It sounds really nice and I think I’d like it just as much as I like Halloween if I ever got to celebrate it? But yeah, I wanna do a real Christmas or another Halloween w whichever friend

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God seriously every request you get you're like "sorry we don't do that hehe" Just disband the blog if y'all aren't gonna post real imagines

I’m sorry, but I was unaware that I had to conform to what you consider a “real” imagine. (: This is, first and foremost, a blog primarily being run for fun. Neither Mod Spookzz nor I owe you anything, so don’t act so entitled. In our rules it’s stated that we have a right to refuse anything we want, no questions asked: keep that in mind when requesting

I’m sorry if me turning you down or refusing to do repeat scenarios annoys you somehow, but I’m the one writing. The fact that you were too cowardly to say this off anon speaks volumes, too. Please, just unfollow this blog if you can’t understand that I’m a real human-being and not a writing machine. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

so like ive never actually made one of these but since this is A Thing right now why not

Hi there! I’m Lashy and im 18, I’m here to vaguely rp my shut ins of fantrolls and ignore 90% of cannon in lieu of fun. I’m friendly I promise, even if I might seem a little scary with the way I talk. I’m usually up for anything, though i do have school so time can be a pain.

my discord is available on request once i get to know you, just make sure i know who you are when you send me a request. i have skype as well but discord is what i normally use.

i have. way too many fantrolls that need to be cleaned out actually. but most of them are friendly even if they’re a little shy.

come talk to me! i dont bite! cant say the same for my ocs though.

I'm sorry guys

I don’t think I’m going to stay on Tumblr for much longer. Or even on this planet for longer. I’m fed up of people in general RN. And I’m just fed up of myself and not being good enough. I try so hard in what i do and no one cares, or they will just say what i didn’t do right, than what i did. I have no friends, no proper family etc. So if you message me and I don’t reply this is why. Its been fun, I’m sorry 

The Not-Sanders Sides Tag - My take!

aka, If you want to get to know me, this is your chance!

So, @sketch-rambles tagged me on this very fun tag, so I decided to do it (right after freaking out for about 15 mins that they tagged me in something AAAAAA)

I also need to tag as many people as I made characters, so here are the people I want to see their sides (you guys don’t have to tho): @little-ravioli-writer,  @screwupanx@fosterdawgfan, @dan-yuna, @trixie85592, @sabriel-fanboy-83, @ssides and @that-one-anxious-sanderside (I know there are 8 people but I’m really curious about all of these people’s sides, LET ME LIVE MY LIFE, MOM)

Let’s make a summary of my sides. We have:

  • Determination aka. Roxanne (they/them or she/her, pretty much a Mx. Badass)
  • Curiosity, aka Angelica (she/her, logical/curious side)
  • Pride Queen, aka Rose (she/her, scarily similar to Princey)
  • Anxiety, aka Crystal (they/them or she/her, embodies my anxieties into a person)
  • Innocence aka Noemí (she/her, childhood self that never grew up)
  • Love aka Ruby (she/her, inner seductress)

Okay, now that that’s out of the way… Let’s take a deep dive on these sides!

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Don't you hate it when the people at your school need to to be edgy and make fun of foreign teachers' accents? And those same kids never try to do anything, they're always rude to genuinely nice teachers, curse out teachers when they're standing right next to them... and then right as they leave class they're like 'why are all my teachers so mean?? :(' like, no shiz, Johnny, I wouldn't be nice to you either. (1/2)

growing up in NC, i absolutely saw this a lot and its fucking infuriating. those are the teachers that i would do everything i could to be friends with so they knew they still had students who actually were good and cared about them


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Just saying that you can't rely on favoritism forever. At least give up like an Odin to him.

Nothing prevents me, or anyone, from relying on favoritism in a game, right? Unless we’re absolutely playing to win, in which case yes, you have to rely on the strongest units ^^ It’s obvious. But if you’re just playing to have fun and don’t care about winning, like I do, then favoritism doesn’t hurt.

Efficacy or favoritism are just ways of playing, it’s up to every player to decide what’s the most important for them. Some have fun winning and collecting top tier heroes, some have fun fighting with not-so-strong (or even kinda sucky) favs. Some like characters with broken stats, some just like characters for their personality. 

In the end, it’s just a game and players just want to have fun ^^

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*Sits down for baked banana and cake* Take all the rest you need! No rush, everyone will be here waiting for you. Thank you for writing the nsfw headcanons. They were a lot of fun to read 😏😏 💚💚

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You are such a breath of fresh air in my inbox right now ;3; 💕thank you so much I’m glad you enjoyed them! It was nice having something quick to do and it helped me get in the head of Nyx and Ifrit, they’re kind of a nice way to explore characters at a glance.