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It Started With A Waffle: Inception Cookies

“Inception Cookies are one of the items I became known for, especially selling at shows. People buy what they think is just a giant chocolate chip cookie, walk away from the table, bite into it and make some sorta pleasantly surprised face when they discover the harmony of the Oreo and chocolate chip cookie all in one package. Then, they turn around, point at the cookie, and give me a thumbs up. Make these cookies for your friends and don’t tell them what’s inside.”


Lucky for us, Clara is sharing her famous Inception Cookie recipe from her new cookbook, Clara Cakes: Delicious and Simple Vegan Desserts for Everyone!Get her book online and in stores now!

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When You Realize You're the Team Mom

*me the cleric and our teenage blade singer casing a taxidermy guild hall that might contain the entrance to a secret gang hideout and coming upon a storage room*

Bladesinger: I kinda wanna steal something, just to mess with him.

Me: you are not wasting our excellent stealth checks for pranks.

Bladesinger: But my teenage rebellion.


DIY Embroidered Vans

If there’s one trend we’ve been consistently obsessed with this year, it’s definitely embroidery. We’ve chainstitched our entire wardrobe from pocket T’s to backpacks, and we’re not stopping there. Customize a pair of Slip-Ons with a fun saying, initials, or even inside jokes for a super cute and personal holiday gift. Get the deets on how to hand embroider your kicks below.

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It's literally my job title

My party is in a local inn, trying to strategist and figure out a plan of attack to deal with a local noble we suspect of kidnapping peasants and selling them to a death cult. I’m playing a rogue with the Assassin specialization, and a background that’s made her hate nobility on principle. Last session we used my underworld contact to gather information on the nobleman, and I found out that a rival businessman had placed a hit on him for 1000 gold. 

Me, to the DM. “So. After sitting in the corner quietly and picking my nails with my knife out of boredom for the last hour, I stealth and slip out of the room.” (Rolls 30+ because double stealth proficiency, bitches.)

DM, grinning, because he knows where this is going. “You're gone. Nobody notices.“ 

The rest of my party, OOC; "Wait what.”

Me; “I slip out of my window at the inn and head for (nobleman’s) manor." 

The rest of the party; ”WAIT NO.“ 

DM, grinning like the Cheshire Cat; "You guys aren’t there. You guys are still debating strategy.”

Our fighter; “Well would we notice that she vanished?”

One round of perception checks later, and they do notice I’m gone, but have no idea where I am. While they panic and try to track me down, I proceed to stealth into the nobleman’s house, loot his study, and slit his throat in his sleep, only to nat 1 my acrobatics check to climb out his window and nearly get murdered by the guards while trying to run like hell, escaping just barely with 3 hit points left. 

Later on, back in the inn, the rest of the party is yelling at me. 

Our paladin, as he’s healing me; “What the fuck were you thinking??”

My rogue, weakly, still bleeding; “Dude. I’m an assassin. What did you think that meant?”

Our barbarian, the always pragmatic; “And, to be fair, she did solve our problem…hey are you getting paid?”

Me; “Hell yes.”

Barbarian; “Nice." 

Paladan; "Pelor give me strength." 

A commission I just finished up of some super cool tiger-colored sneakers for Fang the tiger! These fun sneakers are worn instead of fursuit feet, and have sturdy rubber soles for use both indoors and outdoors.

We are currently OPEN for all commissions as of this writing- email for a price quote on your special project!