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Vodka Marshmallow Pops🍭

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Naturally blond Montparnasse tho??

And thus we go back to the age old trope of “Enjolras and Montparnasse as brothers”

Enjolras’ hair is naturally lush and blonde, shining under the sun like a halo, crowning a handsome face. It falls into soft ringlets when he lets it grow, and it’s soft to the touch.

All of that also applies to Montparnasse. Until he’s 13 or so, and discovers hair dye. He got tired of the whole “You boys look so much alike!” spiel. He’s not his brother. He doesn’t want to “look like someone”. He wants to be intrinsically unique and handsome, not compared like a knock off brand of his brother.

Years later, no one can tell Enjolras and Montparnasse are brothers. There’s a slight family resemblance, but nothing you can catch at first sight. But what is bred in the bone comes out in the flesh. So it’s with great amusement that Grantaire looks at Enjolras and Montparnasse’s baby pictures and discovers two chubby blonde cherubs. Then two blonde toddlers. And two blond preteens. Followed by a radical shift in hair colour when teen years hit.

The pics end up pinned on a cork board at the Musain.

Montparnasse isn’t pleased 


It’s funny because it’s true.

(But, you know what, I’m not going to give in to despair. Because 1) there are WAY more of us than there are of them and 2) seriously, fuck that guy.)





Okay, but I’ve wanted to know this FOREVER and I can’t help but speculating, because even his cut off answer of “Well, a long time ago I-” contradicted most of my previous assumptions. 

  1. MY PREVIOUS GUESS: Okay so there are those preliminary character sketches that sensei did of Shouji’s face and I’ve lost it now, but he basically had a dinosaur-y looking mouth, so I thought he might’ve been made of fun of it or something? 
  2. But that doesn’t make much sense because heroes are the MAJORITY in bnha’s society, and there are so many mutant-ish body forms that come with the quirks that I feel like it would be weird if Shouji was made fun for it. And, also, if that was the reason, his answer was fairly nonchalant, so there’s probably not a lot of trauma behind the reason of his mask. 
  3. ALSO he said “a long time ago” and if he did keep the dinosaur mouth in his preliminary design, he probably would’ve had it from birth and he wouldn’t have just decided to wear it “a long time ago” UNLESS it’s referring to how he decided to start wearing it? But all I can think of was that it was bullied into it or something, and again, the nonchalant answer contradicts. 
  4. OR SECOND GUESS: That his mouth just looked so dang scary that he decided to start wearing it for sort of the same reason that blind people wear glasses just because other people are bothered by their eyeballs OTL and I guess that still might still be applicable because Shouji seems like a pretty chill dude and I can his decision “oh shoot the kids are kinda scared of my mouth, maybe I should cover it up” not being a really traumatic one for him. 

I’m pretty sad to see so many users leaving FR. It feels like the community used to be a lot more livelier when I first joined–I’m not sure if it’s just me becoming more withdrawn, or if it’s because so many people have actually left or lost enthusiasm. I remember the tag used to be much more active and there were these big events we made ourselves. [Remember that time when everyone was posting about their clan runes? And when the beast clan lore first came out? I wish we’d do more stuff like that.]

On one had I definitely agree with a lot of the complaints; the site loses its luster after while and there’s not a lot left to do. And, I’m pretty sure most of us have been here since at least 2014, and seeing it trudge along at such a slow pace since then has been frustrating/disheartening. But on the other hand, I really hope the community doesn’t die out. 

I was never very involved in any fandom before and sort of felt isolated, especially while posting my drawings. But now there’s people who like my art and reply to my posts and want to talk to me, and I know that probably sounds pretty selfish, but It used to be so fun and I’ve met so many good people here since I joined, and I don’t want to lose that. orz