Had to deal with alot of adult responsibilities today, so I wanted to draw something silly :’D I don’t know the Alpha kids very well yet but…Jake looks like the character that can lift all his friends effortlessly? I want to draw a Beta kids parallel soon~ 

Beta kids version!


Fun with Dirk and Jane [Part 1]

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Story by: aquilldeferred

Art by: toastyhat

Editing: alexissam

Narrator: shadetastic

Dirk Strider: terrachained

Jane Crocker: alexissam

Karkat Vantas: paulsrockinpagoda
Dirk and Jane: Hound of the Sassacres
Your name is Jane Crocker and this is the last case. In which Dirk Strider is acting weird, John Egbert has manly mangrit, Calliope is Down For The Count, Roxy Lalonde is the best friend ever, Karkat Vantas needs his punch card stamped, Dave Strider has a beautiful baby, Doc Scratch returns, and Jane Crocker's most formidable foe may actually be herself.
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This is (honestly, really, truly) the final installment in the Life with Dirk and Jane series. I worked long and hard to bring this to y’all and I hope it lives up to expectation. Please accept this as a love letter to my fans, and enjoy the ride!

(If u notice any mistakes I made pls tell me at once, I’m so deliriously tired and Done with this monstrosity. It is over 36K and emotionally fraught.)


I’ve had these pixel kids in my folder forever and finally finished them. Feel free to suggest one of them for me to animate like I did with Roxy and Rose!
Dirk and Jane Go to the Circus

Your name is Dirk Crocker and your roommate is driving you nuts.

In which Jane Crocker is not quite right at all, Karkat Vantas ruins all the things, Li'l Cal is a puppet in a human body, Kurloz Makara has a funny pipe, Roxy Lalonde is a super secret agent man, and Dirk Strider has to answer his own questions.

Here it is, fourth in the Life with Dirk and Jane series, fifth in Sherlockbound! 24,160 words, and I think clocks in as the longest Dirk and Jane fic of them all. Warnings for blood, past mentions of an abusive relationship, present taking advantage of that relationship, romantic tension, and murderclowns.

Happy reading!

Alpha Session AU - in which the kids got a better shake

So in Discord, we started talking about how the Alpha planets and their quests would work in an AU where the Alpha session was not fucking awful. I think having actual, viable quests and planets and things to do would be awesome, so we riffed on that for a while.

My Discord buddies are fucking insightful, brilliant people.

Land of Crypts and Helium.

Consorts: Axolotls! They live in the water, are amphibious, and have the most precious little faces. They would require Jane to stick her head underwater to talk to them, perhaps ask her friends for a rebreather, and basically force Jane out of her comfort zone to even communicate with them.

Quest: Reviving the land. By Jane’s house is a huge reservoir of water that is the lifeblood of her planet. It’s the only body of water of its kind in the land.

Her consorts are running out of water to live in, limited to a few ponds near her house. She has to figure out a way to take this enormous amount of water and get it all over the planet for her consorts to live in. Because Jane is endlessly sensible, she tries various methods to move that much water after doing research and getting a feel for things. But it’s just too big a task for her, she barely manages to expand one of the consort pools.

In the process, she nearly breaks the dam and loses all the water. If the reservoir is lost, she cannot complete her Quest and will be stuck. So her consorts direct her to Hemera.

Choice: Jane goes to Hemera to ask how she is meant to save her land. Perhaps she goe with an idea in mind already, like needing the power to build a river to move the water across the land. Hemera offers her the Choice: Jane can have the power to create her rivers and attempt her solution, or she can have a bag full of balloon seeds.

Jane’s greatest path of growth would be learning to have faith in things outside herself. So much of her interactions with her friends were darkly colored by her unwillingness to take a leap of faith and have trust. So, her Choice is about that leap.

Taking the seeds, she scatters them into the reservoir, hoping she did not just blow her one chance at this Quest. Thankfully, the seeds bloom into balloons, each one carrying a huge load of water from the reservoir and floating away to spread it across the land, slowly making new bodies of water and reviving the life there.

Land of Tombs and Krypton.

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