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oh the holo i have is from the company viva la diva and idk if it's avalible everywhere, but otherwise fun lacquer has got a FUCKTON of holo's and stuuuff, i don't personally have anything from there but it seems fucking good!!!!

aaahh that sounds amazing i gotta check them out later

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Extasy - Jade + 24 Karat Diamond (H) - Fun Lacquer by Fernanda Valquiria


Dance Legend Android (aqua green holo)
Dance Legend Optical Illusion (plum holo)
Dance Legend Robots vs Humans (brown holo)
Darling Diva The Shapeshifter (yellow toned green holo)
FUN Lacquer Million Dollar Dream (gold micro glitter holo)
KBShimmer Big Tan on Campus (taupe holo)
KBShimmer Run it’s the Coppers! (copper holo)
Ludurana Superior (green toned gold holo)

Nails of the Day: Fun Lacquer Goodness of the Dawn

I’m trying a new brand, one made by an small nail polish brand. Fun Lacquer is based in Singapur (they deliver worldwide), and they make some of the most awesome glitters I’ve ever seen. I got two of them, to give the brand a try, and so far I’m liking this one a lot.

Goodness of the Dawn is a warm red polish full of gold and holographic microglitter. Perfect in two coats, and a lovely shade for Fall.

What’s on your nails today, ladies?