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am i the only who noticed how the food (and well, everything) is grey? it's probably nothing but a concealed nod to dhmis 5, but still just something i noticed.

I figure it was because the puppets are emphasizing how “fun“ everything is, but the entire room’s in gray - the most boring and least-fun color there is.

This isn’t tied to any of the comics or the FFIX Illustration I’m doing for all of you, but I thought it’d be cool to show off some of the work I’ve been noodling with on my free time. This is a location illustration/concept for another project I might tackle in the future. It’s still not done–it needs a LOT of massaging and rendering–but I thought it’d be really cool to show how much work I put in before I even start coloring. 

Fun stuff. 

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(why not) Rin?

Blue. Clear water blue. Not as bright as the ocean, but still very pretty. It’s the color when you sneak out with your best friends to the hotel pool at night and have fun. It’s the color of the sky at 9-11 am. Pure and light.

//send me a name and I’ll tell you what color it is//

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i really want to start watching hxh but i am,,, intimidated. where should i start?

you shouldn’t be!!! i highly recommend 2011!!!!! it’s fun and colorful and 99 is dated and although I LOVE it, it’s not for everyone and is much goofier!!

pretty sure it’s on crunchyroll, i also strongly recommend the manga if u like reading too, some things are just more nicely tied up that way


I’ve been in a Teru mood lately

also I couldn’t pick just one palette…idk, which one do people like best?