fun with youtube captions

Just visited the Chibi tag

it’s great that the fans who create closed captions for Chibi are having fun! But please remember that the point of Youtube closed captioning is so that the hearing impaired can enjoy the series.

Based on the screencap collection I saw in the tag, the fan commentary looked like it was getting so excessive that it was interfering with the actual transcript for the show.

Also I’ve seen cases of people who have mistaken the fan captions for RT’s “official” captioning of sorts, which as we know, can lead to lots of problems and misconceptions concerning RWBY (especially shipping stuff)

But the fact is that RT has called for fans on Youtube to contribute captions for their content. Anyone such as you or myself  could contribute captions for any of Rooster Teeth’s youtube content. Please don’t abuse this, and don’t make it hard on the people who actually rely on captions to enjoy RT’s content like the rest of us.

If you read this, thanks!