fun with the pause button


You have seen me posting funny Markiplier faces. Now, here’s my most favourite video game character, Dante, with his funny derp faces from Devil May Cry 3. As you can see, I have way~ too much fun with the pause button >w<
I apologize for the low quality on quite a bit of them. Some were taken around the time before the 1080p feature was added on Youtube. Others either looked like that (No matter which HD/HQ video I watch), or turned out really blurry when blown up in size.
If you’d like a better view of them, you can either click on them or download them.

Imagine your first date with Remus

His hands are slightly sweaty and you can tell that his hair is much neater than it usually is. Though you usually like the way his hair looks, you adored the fact that he put so much thought into what he looked like.

“You know, I always thought that that shirt looked good on you,” You compliment casually, pulling on your overcoat for your walk to Hogsmeade village.

As you walk down the long, stone lined path to the village you remain in amicable silence, content just to be together.

“It’s freezing out here, isn’t it?” You say, breaking the quiet.

“Are you cold? Here, wear my jacket,” He offered, quickly unbuttoning the worn brown jacket he had on.

“No Remus,you’ll catch your death!” You insist.

“Well, I can risk a cold if you’re so uncomfortable. I want you to really have fun,” He said, his fingers pausing on the third button down. You smile kindly and take one of his hands, lacing your fingers together.

“I am having fun.”

Fair Game Fun || Open

Megan was leaned over the observation table, taking money and watching as people fought (basically to the death) for cake. “You know, there’s a reason I picked this game.” She stated as she moved to sit atop the table she had just been leaning over. “It’s so easy to sit here, take money, and watch other people do embarrassing shit. All while I drink tea and soak in the sunlight.” Another reason was because it was so much fun to fuck with people by pressing the play and pause button on the little radio system they had set up for use with their musical chair-esque game. “I am having way too much fun with this.”

Ok, look at this.  While watching the new TMNT trailer, I accidentally paused it at the perfect moment.  Right when April’s camera phone flash goes off, an instant light but not enough to see much.  Well look what I got. 

Let me explain what I love about this photo.  For once, it’s not Raph separated from the group high three.  Leo, the leader and obviously watching out for trouble, is standing alone.  Raph is WITH Mikey and Don!  This gives me hope that Raph isn’t going to be the punch line of isolation again.  Not that it was bad before, it was just a popular plot.  

Number two, Donnie is there.  Now that’s common enough to happen that people don’t get upset, but Don get’s left out a lot too because he’s the geek.  Even more now that he carries night vision goggles on his head.  But here he is with the rest totally belonging.  That is refreshing.

Lastly, Leo is really taking the lead here, protecting his baby brothers.  He’s not telling them to be quiet or to get down.  He’s letting them have their moment above the sewers before they have to disappear again.  Instead of being demanding, it seems he letting them have their fun while he watches out for them.  

Thank you pause button.