fun with temperature

INTP Thoughts

*snacking on homemade fries*

Mmmm. These are the perfect temperature right now. Not exactly cold, but not hot either. Just the right temperature to absorb all the flavors.

Well, I suppose they could be considered hot in a relative sense. Like compared to absolute zero, they’re burning up.

Nobody’s ever gotten anything to absolute zero, but if they did how would they measure it? Any instrument couldn’t give a measurement because, theoretically, its atoms wouldn’t be moving.

Is there anywhere in space that is at absolute zero? I sort of doubt it. Maybe beyond the edges of the universe?

I wonder what the temperature of a black hole is… I don’t even know. Would it be cold or hot?


*is now googling with greasy fingers while still munching on fries*

seasons in the us (so pls shut up)
  • winter: northerners make fun of southerners when everything shuts down over two inches and ppl put on north faces anytime it goes below 60 degrees bc northerners forget the south doesn't have infrastructure to handle snow and ice and their roads are built differently and their houses to different codes so ppl die
  • summer: southerners make fun of northerners when the temperature hits triple digits and ppl refuse to leave their houses and don't know how to cope with the heat bc they're not used to it and have a harder time bc their houses and electrical lines are built to different codes and so if the power goes out or a/c doesnt work ppl die
  • fall/spring: everyone forgets this bullshit so six months later the cycle of weird shaming fuckery continues

Magnetic Levitation Using Liquid Nitrogen