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voltron + aesthetics // favorite minor character - matt holt

 "Anyway, the point is, you’re a nerd.“


I spent a week making this… It’s supposed to take place after the inevitable un-brainwashing and un-coma-ing of Steve and Tony, respectively. I felt that the writers probably wouldn’t resolve what was said in The Oath, and took it upon myself to deliver the angst. Have fun.

my favorite fics [7/?]

Show Me How the Fire Works by @dearly/turnyourankle [50k]

The Styles-Twist holiday in the Catskills is supposed to be just that: a family holiday. A last hurrah before Harry relocates to the states for uni. Instead, it quickly devolves into a honeymoon for his parents, leaving Harry and Gemma to fend for themselves. Harry quickly befriends the staff at the resort, and is enticed by Louis, one of the dance instructors. Harry gets in over his head in an attempt to impress him, but with Gemma egging him on and a ticking clock, how could he not at least try?

Or, the Dirty Dancing AU no one asked for.


As Penguin dreams about Jim Gordon, Nygma overhears his sleep-talk and thinks that he values Jimbo moreso than himself. Ed’s jealousy soon turns to relief when he hears that Penguin is actually dreaming about killing the Detective in cold blood. He grins and lets his feathered friend carry on with his murder fantasy.