fun with my son

Just finished watching Angel Beats for a second time but this time with my 8 year old son. I knew I would cry, because this show made me bawl like a baby the first time. 

But my son cried too. After making fun of me and his dad for saying we were going to cry. Even though he tried to hide it, he cried too. 

I couldn’t be more proud.

We’re gonna watch Madoka next.


                                                        you’re not the only one who is suffering. 

Okay, okay, I know that we’ll find out the context for this pic

in the new episode in a few days’ time, and really, whatever it is, it’s not that relevant and it’ll def be a fun scene anyway but can I share a thought?

While I’m 100% willing to believe that Phichit would accidentally catch Victor and Yuuri having a moment and snap a picture of it while he’s at it, does anyone else feel like the red background in the picture is a little too solid?

Like, it has no shadows, no texture, no nothing. What am I getting at?

What if people started making Victuri merchandise in the YOI universe after this

went public?

Like art prints, and body pillows and God knows what else and Phichit just happens to find that somewhere and snaps a picture?

That would be so meta.

voltron + aesthetics // favorite minor character - matt holt

 "Anyway, the point is, you’re a nerd.“

Hide - do not try to fight.

See, I like to imagine AUs where Miles and Waylon stumbled upon each other earlier during the game and have to hide together. Well, try, at least.
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Parenting, from what I have observed, is either this, or this ⇧. And not much in between XD

(From this old commercial here

Jingle Bells

Scrolling through my dash
On fourty eight cans of redbull
Deep through tumblr we go
Crying cuz the feelz

Fandom trash posting
Shipping till I die
What fun it is to say goodbye
To your whole social life


Fandom blogs
Fandom blogs
Sherlock all the way

Oh what fun it is to cry
When the doctor regenera-ates!


Fandom blogs
Fandom blogs
You cannot escape

Oh what fun to go binge watch
All the animes


Fandom blogs
Fandom blogs
Hunters get your guns

Oh what fun to run these blogs
Carry on my wayword sons!