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So things went a little crazy tonight. I was participating in @askarkham‘s livestream and we ended up making a new Batman ship that I’m planning to write a Fanfic for that has the working title of “It takes a lot to scare a cat”. I will try to keep it from interfering with my writing schedule with Unseen, but I will be posting updates for that here as well as on my main blog.

I’m SUPER hyped for this fic though and I hope y’all enjoy it!

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Comfort fic: The boy's crush is terrified of thunderstorms, but they are traveling with Noctis regardless, the boys sees their crush is terrified one night while camping, how do they "comfort" their crush?

Hey non, I’ve seen a similar ask/answer to this somewhere else so I took it to a different route without the smut. Not what you asked for, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. This is based on the fun from the livestream the VAs did!

The Regalia is missing.

But that’s not the worst part, oh no.

The world is full of thunder, endless reels of claps and rumbles that make you jump and start on your chocobo. None of the chocobo’s are bothered by the storm and are running up ahead on the road away from Wiz’s chocobo post. Yours is skittish and slow, darting its head this way and that while you try to contain your fear which the chocobo is obviously sensing.

When the guys turn and find you a mile behind them they circle back and watch your chocobo stamp its feet and cry out every now and then. You sit nervously on top, heart racing as the storm rages on.

“Awww, little guy must not like thunderstorms.” Prompto is obviously talking about the chocobo, but your cheeks turn red at the thought that he might be talking to you, embarrassed of your fear being discovered.

A streak of lightning crosses the sky, followed by a flash and a large boom. You cry out in fear at the same time your chocobo bucks you off and flees.

The guys dismount immediately, Noctis coming to your side first and helping you up. “You ok?”

As you’re about to lie your ass off about being fine, another crack sounds from overhead, lighting the world with unrefined power. You flinch and fight back tears as adrenaline overwhelms your system, and you would run if you could but there’s nowhere you can go.

“It wasn’t the chocobo that was afraid of the thunderstorm was it?” Gladio asks, though you know he knows the answer. They all do.

You look down and shake your head fiercely as a low rumble sends tingles across your skin.

Ignis places a hand on your arm and. His expression is soft as he says “Let’s make camp for the night.”

As you trek through the woods up to the safe haven of a camping site you twist your fingers in to the hem of your coat as the lightning worsens, the darkness of the night making the flashes more intense.

Camp is up quickly, though not quickly enough for your liking as you stand underneath the cloudy sky, feeling like you’re about to be struck down.

The light rain forces you all to eat supper inside the tent, and though you feel better in the lit space, closely packed in with your friends who are chatting loudly, you still flinch at every crack and boom.

Laying down to sleep is a nightmare and you’re on edge, you know the guys either side of you can feel how tense your body is.

In the awful quiet of the night every deep rumble shakes you to your core.

And then it starts with Prompto.

“When the night has come, and the land is dark,” his voice is off key and everyone stills to listen as his voice wavers with nerves at the attention.

“And the moon is the only light we’ll see,"Noctis joins, their voices boosting one another’s confidence and firms their tune a little.

To your right Gladio is settled with arms folded behind his head, and you hear   His deep bass voice provide "bom bom, bombom bom,” as a backing tune to the lyrics. You smile in the darkness

“No I won’t be afraid, no I won’t be afraid, just as long as you stand, stand by me.” Their voices are sweet, and you feel warmed by their voices destroying the quiet, and the rumbles fade away.

“So darling, darling, stand by me. Oooh stand by me, oh stand now, stand by me.” Ignis joins with his baritone, and you smile up at the roof of the tent as their singing drowns out the outside world.

“Stand by me,” you sing quietly, and happily.




Have fun!


SNS week day three: sns family

It’s meeeeee (and my uncontrollable duckbutt hair). Hahah well anyway y'all know how much I love this fam so guess you call this a appreciation post for all ya guys 😘 Anyways let’s get started 🌈

First off can I just say that EVERYONE in our fam is so hella gorgeous??? Like I can’t stress how pretty y'all are like you were 👏MADE👏TO👏SLAY👏 xoxo I also love how culturally diverse we all are like the fact that we all are so different yet we all love the exact same thing really makes me glad to be with all of you 😊

Secondly, I fucking L O V E how good we all are at defending our ship! I absolutely love it when I see peeps trying to invalidate our ship when BAM! Then we come and absolutely just defend our ship like aaaaaah!!! I mean if our fandom was a debate team, then we would just wreck the competition 😂😂😂.

Thirdly I absolutely adore all the amazing content that y'all being out! Art, edits, text posts, cosplay, fanfiction…Everything you guys produce is just wonderful and im always happy to like/reblog sns content 😇

Finally admire how accepting our fam is 😊 When I first started shipping SNS I was afraid that I would look like a dweeb and get unnoticed and such. But you guys are just such nice people and I’m glad that I could be apart of this fandom ✨

Heheh in the end it’s all for our sons, Sunshine Boy and Edgelord 🐸🌞 x 🌙🐍 Also huge shout out to @bahare-uzuchiha for making sns week possible!!! This is my first one and I’ve been having hell of a lot of fun watching livestreams, looking at all your rad posts, it’s been really fun my dude so thank you for this!!! xoxo


livestream requests for @ottomanliest, @madredhattie, @romanianwarrior, and @vampiressmyrnamaeve …. click on the pictures for the descriptions of the requests! thank you to everyone who came by (even those who couldn’t stay for very long) - it was really fun seeing you all!