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I'm not sure if you're taking requests or anything, but could you draw a pastel Levi and punk Eren kissing? By the way, you're artwork is god sent. A pure bliss sent from the high heaven's 👌💯

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) hey there!

Yes (finally) I am but I haven’t said it oficially yet since I just came out from my hiatus yesterday :D

Also thank you very much, lovely! You’re too kind aaaaaaaahHHHAAHHHHaa ghggGGGG *cries*


Okay, so this is what I’ve been waiting for!!!

Eremin Month!

I’ve been planning this for a year+ and I have finally been getting ready for it!

It’s February now so I’ll give you all a running head start! August 1, 2017 will be the start of Eremin month.


There are none! You are free to participate as little or as much as you want/or are able to! If you’d like, you can submit things that are not on the prompt list as a contribution or post variations of the prompts.

You can be as standard or as creative as you like! Cosplays, food, fiction (ff, poems), visual art, scripts/skits/blurbs, AMVs, etc. Any form of expression will be accepted and appreciated!

Please tag your work as #ereminmonth (and #eremin collectively) so we can uniformly have a tag to see can all see your beautiful work. Everyone is encouraged to join in. ANYONE is welcome! This is to spread love and joy of our wonderful, blessed ship – especially for those of us who cannot participate in the week-long ship celebrations due to other lack of time or other responsibilities. This is an accommodation.

SO that’s all for now! If you have any questions, suggestions, or need any clarification, you can message me or send me an ask!

Thank you all. Love, love, love you all.

Below, are the prompts in case you want to copy/save them etc.

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Snk Characters and Hogwarts Houses

Just for fun :P (and also just our opinions.) Brought to you by @mercyandmagic and me. 


Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Reiner Braun, Connie Springer, Marlowe Freudenberg, Levi Ackerman, Petra Rai, Mike Zacharias, Nanaba, Dot Pixis. 


Bertolt Hoover, Historia Reiss/Christa Lenz, Marco Bott, Sasha Braus, Moblit Berner, Eld Jinn, Carla Jaeger, Frieda Reiss, Hannes. 


Armin Arlert, Annie Leonhart, Erwin Smith, Hange Zoe, Gunthur Schultz, Rico Brzenska.


Ymir, Jean Kirchstein, Hitch Dreyse, Oruo Bozado, Zeke, Grisha Jaeger, Keith Shadis, Nile Dok, Darius Zackley. 

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Eremarco week, a compilation ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ 

(click each image for more info!)


Mikasa does not stop texting with Jean. It’s too fun (and a little bittersweet) to hear Jean’s perspective on the things his teammates do and to make fun of Levi together. Eren is totally paranoid that the only thing they do is talk about him.

  • Me: *sees someone post a screenshot that includes Levi and Eren in the same frame without tagging it as ereri
  • Me: woah
  • Me: someone give this guy a medal

A little something for wassaat’s AU with mafiaboss!Levi and vigilante!Eren ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Story to this scene: Levi and his team were about to hunt someone down (probably for money), but then everything got slightly out of control, because there was someone else looking for their target. The stranger killed the target in front of Levi’s eyes, so Levi chased him, until the stranger escaped on the roof of an old industry building. The stranger stopped, pushed the mask away from his face and smirked at Levi, before disappearing with a smug “Maybe next time”.


eren, in his little flesh cocoon: i am the titan slayer, slayer of the titans


He pretends not to notice when he hears Eren settle behind him, feels the boy rest his head against the small of Levi’s back.

If the music filled them both, how could Levi refuse?

@inkshaming wrote a thing and it’s so beautiful, Y’ALL DON’T EVEN KNOOOW ㅠㅡㅠ

please read it because it has pianist!levi and all good things ereri :’)