fun with friends

A friend asked me what Welcome to Night Vale was about. My response:

“ It’s about this town in the middle of the desert. There’s a dog park, but dogs aren’t allowed in it. There is also a library, but I’m pretty sure the librarians eat anyone who goes inside. All of the interns at the radio station die in terrible ways, except for that one who ended up becoming Mayor. And that one who quit after being attacked by a hatchet wielding journalist. Angels are real (but no one’s supposed to say so), and they are all named Erika. Mountains are a myth.”

She doesn’t talk to me anymore.

My friends and I were playing that game where everyone has a card on their head and you have to ask questions and guess what is written on your card:
  • Me: Am I an animal?
  • Them: Yes
  • Me: Mammal?
  • Them: No
  • Me: Am I a reptile?
  • Them: Think so...but you'll probably correct us.
  • Me: Do...I have arms?
  • Them: Yes
  • Me: Am I a frog?
  • Them: Yes
  • Me: Yeah they're amphibians.