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They’re going to ask you some questions. It’s nothing to be scared of. You’ve been practicing. You’ll be fine. They’re going to ask you why it took so long, where you were, what you were doing, who you were doing it with, where are you were doing it. They want to know all about you.

It’ll be dark but you’ll be able to make out their shadows against the wall. Flames will flicker. You will know this place. You’ve dreamed about it. You know you know it well.

They will ask you if you want to do it over again. You need to practice, otherwise you won’t be prepared. You won’t know what to say. You have to think of something to say to them. They need a reasonable, well thought out response. What are you gonna say? Are you going to justify your actions, pretend there was a reason to do what you did? They’re going to require specific examples. And an alibi. You need to practice what you’re going to say when you die. They’re going to ask you some questions.

im gonna go this party tn and look super cute and have fun and im not gonna let the fact that someone who coerced/manipulated/assaulted me was invite sstop me im not gonna let the fact they might come ruin my plans, hopefully they don’t show up and if they do I’m gonna ignore them and party my heart out❤️

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Mark is a real person, by just not fictitious personality. Imagine how he'd feel reading your au. Frankly, the whole thing is a little messed up, and I can't think of any way for it to be fully justified.

Oh man, hiding behind fucking anonymous? Shows a real lot. I came to you, making a joke about it, but no, you hide like a little bitch.

Here’s a thing, fuck off and let people have fun, darling. Stop trying to dictate every little thing a creator wishes to do. If he is uncomfortable with it, I’ll stop. But he never addresses such things. He’s only ever stated the thing about lewd content. 

It’s fiction. It isn’t real. RARELY does an internet personality complain about their image being used in fiction. RARELY. Mark has seen himself getting fucked by Springtrap, dude. I don’t think the torture stuff is too much for him. He’s seen it. It is gaurenteed he has seen it. And guess what? Mark doesn’t give a shit. At least not enough to come and tell me/make a blanket statement to stop.

Good luck trying to stop little children who draw stuff like this. Stop trying to dictate what an artist can and can’t do. I’m tired of this super sensitive “YOU CAN’T DO THAT BECAUSE FEELINGS” bullshit. 

Again, if Mark had a problem, he’s speak up about it. NO ONE I’ve drawn like that/ written about has complained. And it’s not like I actually want this stuff to happen, I do not one bit. I am a pasifist and I am very against actual violence. I can’t even squish a goddamn bug, dude. I care deeply about Mark and want him to be happy. In a sense, my drawings of him are just characters.

You can do much better than complain about what someone wishes to do with their time, honey.

tl:dr; fuck you, i’m going to draw what I want to draw.

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I'm sorry I have to ask but what are dictations?

alright i don’t know if america or the uk or whatever have it and if thats the proper name for it, but it’s basically a competition where people sit in a room and write down a text which is being read aloud. and the text is usually orthographic hell. they’re quite popular in poland, each child has to go through those in primary school, that’s how they check your spelling (they’re more like tests in that case). there are lots of local dictations happening pretty much all year round and a huge ass one which is broadcast so that even people who don’t know how to spell such basic words as gżegżółka (jkjk) can take part. everyone gets super frustrated and it’s loads of fun.

The sneaky thing about “Love Myself” is that it’s just such a jammin’ song that you end up singing along, and then you realize, these are the words you should’ve been saying to yourself all along. And here you are, singing them to yourself. You should love you and you don’t need anybody else. You’re strong and you’re worth it. No matter what you’ve done in your life, you deserve to feel good about the person you see in the mirror staring back. You’re here to be wild and reckless, to be happy and sad, to change lives, to destroy and create. All these motions and emotions, you’re supposed to go through them. Don’t feel guilty about that and don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad for being a human just figuring life out. Love who you were, love who you are, love who you’ll become. Being here on earth is crazy and quite often unfair. But let that go and just have fun. Don’t let anyone dictate how you run your life. It belongs to you after all. You don’t need anyone else. This is about you, and your journey, and making sure you love you at the end of the day.

Unless your artist is a masochist and just loooves being told what to do … then keep your directions simple and clear. The artist is in this to have fun too. If you dictate every detail, every action down to how a character’s hand should be holding a flashlight, then you take away the one thing artists really want — to tell your story how they see it in their mind’s eye. Trust your artist. If you’re not sure, ask. If you’re still not sure, be thorough but not douchey. When the art comes back you’ll see how they handle directions and you can get looser from there.

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I'm curious your thoughts on a couple things. 1: How to define lawful good simply (in layman's) just to keep it easy for folk to digest? 2: Any historical folk that pop out as Lawful Good for you?

  1. Simple definition of “Lawful Good” - A belief that one should do whatever is best for the greater good, and that a system or structure should be present to ensure their needs are met and protected.  I’m not sure if that’s actually “simple” or not.  How about - “Be nice, but you don’t get to decide for yourself what ‘nice’ is.”
  2. Oh heck yes.  Listen up nerds, we’re going to talk about Lucius Quintus Badus Assicus Cincinattus.

You haven’t heard of this beefcake because he’s hella old school Roman, like “before Roman Empire” Roman.  Shortly after Rome got tired of doing the “King” thing, they were being run by a Senate (a period known as the Roman Republic).  As indicated by the name, it was a Republic, governed by the patricians(thank Jupiter they didn’t actually use the word patriarchs, tumblr would light this post on fire).

Cincinnatus’ son Caeso (yes I spelled it right), made some serious political enemies who brought some trumped-up charges against him.  He YOLO’d & skipped town, leaving his dad to pay a hefty fine which resulted in Cincinnatus losing much of his land & family farm.

Not too long after this, the Roman army was getting its butt kicked by an approaching army, and the Senate was like “frick on a stick, we can’t decide what to do.  Instead of all this bureaucracy, why don’t we just let a dictator make all the decisions for us.” You would expect perhaps a collective WTF from the patricians, but instead they agreed and decided to make Cincinnatus  “Master of the People” aka, The Boss.

Now, you’re probably thinking “Wow, I can’t believe Cincinnatus convinced them to do that,” because you’re thinking why would anybody want a dictator.  But remember, this is 450 BCE and most folks had a king/emperor/dictator, so it was more like the Romans were asking for a red mustang for their birthday because their friend Becky got one for hers.  Oh, and by the way, while the Senate made this decision, Cincinnatus was out plowing his field.  (not a euphamism).  He wasn’t even there to “convince” them he should be In Charge, they came up with the idea on their own.

So while the Senate’s in a tailspin of “The British are coming!  The British are coming!” (well, Aequi, but whatevs) Cincinnatus is busy playing Old MacDonald.  The Senate shows up at his house and he looks at them all and goes “WTF why are you doing at my house?” and they say “Umm, You look like a hick, why don’t you put on some better clothes?”  (Painting above entitled “Cincinnatus gets pissed at uninvited guests but changes clothes for them anyways”)

So Cin gets his church clothes on for them and they say, “Good you don’t look like a redneck anymore c’mon we’re going back to Rome” and he says “why?” and they say “oh yeah, you’re The Boss now.”  So he gets back to Rome and instates a draft to go take care of the invading army, but instead of then saying “Good luck suckers, I’ll be plowing my field (total euphemism) while you’re at war” he instead falls in line with the infantry and charges in with the rest of them.

After Rome is saved (and he doesn’t slaughter all of his enemies mercilessly as was the custom of the day.  He definitely slaughtered some of his enemies, but no more than he felt he had to), he came back to Rome and said “Whelp, back to the farm.”  The Senate said, “Um, you sure?  You’re still The Boss.  You could do anything you want.”  And he said “Anything?” and they said “Yes anything.”  And he said “Anything?” and raised his eyebrow and they went “Yeah, anything” and he said, “Cool, I’m going back to my farm.”

That’s right, Cincinnatus decided being a farmer was more fun than being dictator, so he bailed (see what I did there?).  But that’s not the only time he passed at being a dictator.  Several years later, there were some rumors that a dude named Spurius (yeah it’s probably why we got the word that means what it means) was trying to get himself crowned king of Rome.  There was a conspiracy and nobody was really sure who was and wasn’t involved, so the Senate said, “Hey, remember Cincinnatus?  He’s a pretty stand-up dude.  How about we turn over the reigns of government to him, instead of somebody who sounds spurious (badum-ching).”  Once the conspiracy was put down (at the end of a sword), Cincinnatus said “can I go back to my farm now?” and they all said “Yeah, okay.” 

So he gave up being dictator not once but twice, serving the Roman Republic to the best of his ability, even after it cost him his family and his fortune. This brought out later comparisons between him and George Washington, who also could have probably had the United States of America on a silver platter because everyone loved him so much but he just wanted to go back to his farm.  The comparison was so strong that officers in the Continental Army formed the Society of the Cincinnati to honor the ideals of civic virtue, limited authority, and serving one’s country.  (The city in Ohio was named after it as well).

Other kick-ass Lawful Good historical people I would have talked about if this post wasn’t already too long:

@people who hate on things just because they're popular

chill my man. be happy. have fun. don’t let popularity dictate what you can and cannot like and don’t look down on people whose opinions differ from yours. just relax my dude

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Do you know any of the other cabin names other than Roanoke and Zodiac. And Zodiac is a reference to the Zodiac Killer right?


A few weeks ago Noelle revealed that the Lumberjane cabins were named after unsolved mysteries (link here, if you haven’t seen it) and since then I have been itching to make a post examining all of them because I am Lumberjanes trash and also because I really love the cabin names? And mysteries? 

(Especially mysteries).

So here:

First seen in issue 1 (duh), and named for the Roanoke Colony - a group of 118 English settlers who vanished sometime between 1587 and 1590. By the time the disappearance was discovered, their houses and fortifications had been dismantled (implying the departure had not been a hurried one), and the word ‘Croatoan’ was carved into a fence post, taken to mean the settlers had left for the nearby ‘Croatoan Island’. It was another 12 years before a search was mounted, and no sign of the settlers was ever found.

Theories range from ‘integration with another settlement’ to ‘slaughter by either the Powhatan or the Spanish’, though none of these has ever been proved.

This one didn’t show up until the very end of issue 8, and (as mentioned) is presumably named for the Zodiac Killer, a serial killer active in California during the 60s and 70s, and believed responsible for 20-28 deaths (although he claimed as many as 37).

The name ‘Zodiac’ was penned by the killer, in a series of letters written during the time he was active, several of which contained ciphers (only one of which has been definitively solved - the killer at one point described himself as ‘crackproof’).

As yet, the killer has not been identified, though the case remains open.

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