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Greyhound CSI

Discovered at 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Detective Laura Brady has declared the death of this cushion as a homicide. She is quoted as saying, “This pillow definitely met with foul play. This was not an accident and was certainly not from natural causes.”

Detective Brady went on to note the brutality of the crime scene. “There was a clumsy attempt to bury the evidence with soil from a nearby flower pot, but there was no hiding this stuffing-bath.”


Police are looking closely at the Skinny Dog Gang, specifically Candy, and Chocky (the suspected mastermind). “Chocky has a history of stuffy murder. We have found more than a few disembodied squeakers in Chocky’s crate.” But so far, police have not been able to make the charges stick. Candy is a people whisperer. She can make people forget anything bad she’s done just by looking at them with her big brown eyes.

This picture documents Candy’s charming behavior in action. Just seconds after this was taken, the owner of the feet got up to play with her.

Don’t be fooled by Chocky’s cuteness in this photo. He can destroy a stuffed toy in 30 to 60 seconds. “I’ve seen the devastation first-hand many times,” says Detective Brady. All long dogs, noodle snoots, pointy nosed sighthounds, and any other members of this large community are urged to report any and all suspected sightings to the local PD.


A comiXologist recommends…


Flash #21 continues right where Batman #21 ended, but this time it’s from The Flash’s perspective. I can’t say enough positive things about this storyline so far. It has so many of the great things from Rebirth—levity, legacy devices, callbacks to storylines long past—along with the freshness and edge that came from the New 52 relaunch.

Where Batman #21 was heavily saturated in intense action and mystery, this issue takes us on a fun CSI sci-fi journey featuring the incomparable cosmic treadmill! Yes, that’s right – one of my favorite old-school DC plot devices makes its triumphant return in this issue. With Batman and The Flash stumped about what happened to the Reverse Flash, Barry and Bruce have no choice but to use the time travel treadmill to follow Thawne’s path through time and the multiverse to see what he saw and find out what killed him. To deepen the mystery, it seems like the prime suspect might wind up being the Flash himself (or a version of him—either alternate dimension or future).

There were a lot of really fun elements in this story as well. For one, seeing Alfred and Barry hang out while Bruce rests is a sight not often seen (not by me at least). It was also interesting to see Batman hang on to the cosmic treadmill using a bat-line while the Flash ran through time and the multiverse.

That isn’t to say that this book is all fun and frivolity. There are some heavy elements and substantial reflections in this book as well. Flashbacks (no pun intended– this is serious) to Barry’s death in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Cameo by Johnny Thunder and a callout to the loss of the DCU JSA. A particularly illustrative simile comparing steering the cosmic treadmill to trying to catch a single, specific snowflake in a snowstorm. The creators of this storyline and the team over at DC are doing an amazing job of managing ‘The Button’ so far. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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The final batch of Turbo FAST episodes came out on Netflix recently, including the episodes I boarded on! It was SO COOL to see it animated, I wanted to put in some comparison shots for you fine folk on the internet!

I learned a lot on this show and from the incredibly talented artists at Titmouse, I will always remember these snails fondly. Shout out to my ridiculously talented board partner Kiki and my director Phil Allora, who basically taught me all the ins and outs of storyboarding!

Camren in Brazil 2014

So Ive seen this video going around recently and decided to pull out my CSI skills to do some digging….I didnt come up empty handed 🌚 This is not a theory, just a collection of information :)


A video posted by WELCOME TO MY PARADISE (@camrenparadise_) on Sep 22, 2016 at 7:13pm PDT

As you can see, Lauren starts to leave but then stops because she didnt want to leave without Camila so she and turns around reaching for her to come with.

So I did some digging and this was on October 12, 2014 at the Z Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil

They just so happened to have done a m&g the same day! Here’s a just a few of the pictures:

We also got this iconic Camrenah selfie. Look at the captain and her ship 😍

So that’s all the fun little information my CSI self dug up! Hope this filled your Camren heart 😜