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Get one of those ahhhh What're they called spin fidgets?

ive got 2 fidget cubes but they dont … replace dopamine, they just let me distract myself kinetically while im trying to read or watch smth so i dont start looking for something else to do

pages 259 261 and 262 - sometimes, I like to pretend I’m not attached to floor with a chain and the dungeon I’m in isn’t just a room with a single door set high up on the wall. I like to pretend I am free to walk around and explore, and one day while pushing my fingers between two rocks something gives and a section of stone pulls away to reveal the entrance to a hidden labyrinth. I would walk down the dark path heedless of danger, thinking anything is better than sitting in one spot for eternity. Carefully making my way through the maze I would eventually find the end and my just reward. This one says money, but I’m thinking maybe a shower and sunlight and/or freedom. And if there’s a case of mineral and vitamin rich health shakes that will stop my body from disintegrating, all the better.

page 263 bottom - this set of blocks was cut from a larger set of blocks and perhaps, should people continue to shrink, will become the basis for an even smaller set of blocks.

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I always thought it would be fun to make like a little Fieldnotes book of useful charts and graphs that you could carry around in your backpack to settle arguments. This would go in there.