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I know I will regret many things in this life, but I fear this will be the only one to haunt me to my grave.

signs as underrated seventeen songs
  • idk if these are truly considered "underrated" but yknow
  • aries: 아낀다 adore u (vocal team ver.)
  • taurus: 만.세 man.sae (hiphop team ver.)
  • gemini: omg
  • cancer: 끝이 안보여 space
  • leo: ah yeah
  • virgo: 몰래 듣지 마요 don't listen in secret
  • libra: 유행가 hit song
  • scorpio: 이놈의 인기 still lonely
  • sagittarius: my i
  • capricorn: jamjam
  • aquarius: 떠내려가 drift away
  • pisces: 글쎄 i don't know

the weirdest part of adulthood thus far is when people you knew Back In The Day start having babies and their personality & social media presence jst dissolves into “i have a baby”. granted it’s not all of them, but it’s weird to see someone’s feed descend into “mommy & memes” like that when you knew them before
Autism, Mental Illness, and Physical Illness
So I wanted to do a thing to see what most commonly co-occurs with autism just for informational purposes. All information collected is private and will be used anonymously. This survey is for autistic people (both self-diagnosed and professionally diagnosed). Please check off all options that apply and fill in any options that aren't available in the other section. As things are added to other, they will be added as options to select. Please share this survey with others so we can get as much data as possible.

So out of curiosity, I want to find out what neurodivergencies and physical illnesses most commonly co-occur with autism. I would super appreciate it if any autistic people reading this would take a couple minutes to fill out the survey. All autistic people, self diagnosed and professionally diagnosed are welcome to take this survey.

Once the survey is done, I’ll collect the info and make some fun charts to share with everyone.

Please share this survey far and wide so we can get results from a wide variety of autistic people.

Thank you!

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Also how do you charge things and what exactly does that do?

We’re going to use crystals for examples just to keep things clear but you can charge literally anything. Charging is essentially temporarily filling your crystal with temporary intent and energy. For example you can charge your rose quartz one night to help you found self love and appreciation, and then later cleanse it and charge it for a passion/sex inducing crystal if you want. Another example would be amethyst, you could charge it one night to aid you in astral projection and then the next day use it to aid in sleep or meditation. There’s a couple ways you can go about charging your crystals/items.🌿

Charging Shit

  • Leave it in the sun for a little! Charging my crystals and herbs under the sunlight is one of my favorite things to do, the sun is such a warm constant energy to pull from. 
    • Charging the following crystals in the sun will damage them or cause them to fade: Aventurine, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Citrine, Kunzite, Sapphires, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz. Although Amber & Opal may not fade in the Sun, they can become brittle from the sun causing them to crack so I have added them to this list as well.
  • Moonlight, a lot of witches I know specifically charge under the full moon. Don’t fret if you miss the peak full moon, the full moon usually lasts around three days. Leaving crystals out in moonlight not only cleanses them but can also charge them!
    • Different moon phases have different meanings and you can charge your crystals based on the phase and your intent. @orriculum made a fun little moon phase chart you can find here!
  • Sound is another fun option! Everything has a vibration, especially sound. Since we are helping to set a crystal’s vibrations back to its original state or help alter it to a new one, it makes sense that sound can help us with that.
    • I tend to use my voice in song if I want to use sound because I’m practitioner of galdr, throat signing, bowls, chanting, music you love, all work too!
  • Visualization or Reiki. You can cleanse and give your crystals an extra little energy boost with Reiki energy or your own. Simply hold the crystals in between your hands as you and infuse them with the energy. It always helps me if I visualize the energy flowing through my body as a shimmering gold light and I pull it from different parts of my body into my hands. When my hands start to feel warm i focus on transferring the energy and intent!
  • Smoke cleansing - not smudging. Lavender, palo santo, and sage are other wonderful energy cleansers. You simply run your crystals through the smoke or waft the smoke over your crystals. This method also cleanses any of the areas around your house. You can honestly just use incense, that’s what I do and plenty of scents work for cleansing.
    • Chamomile, jasmine, lavender, safe, palo santo, frankincense, myrrh, pine, sage, patchouli, and rain incense all work well for me!
      • Alternatively, you could just throw whatever you’re trying to work into a handful of cleansing herbs. I tend to leave my crystals in lavender a lot.
  • Water! When I run my crystals under running tap water in the sink I visualize the water cleaning out any negative energy. This will get them clean physically as well as cleanse their energies. Keep in mind that there are some crystals that you need to avoid putting in water. A good general rule of thumb is to not submerge crystals with a MOH hardness level of 5 or less. 
    • Also if you are going to keep the crystal in the water for a long period of time, make sure it does not contain iron – like Hematite, Magnetite, and Lodestone – because it can cause them to oxidize. Other crystals will dissolve in water like selenite, halite, rock salt, calcite, opal and more! Do research before putting your rocks in water to make sure it’s not toxic or such.

There’s probably more but dinners done and I’m hungry. I hope this helped! 💕


✉Metanoia✉ - BTSxReader 

Years together, training, working and having fun, reaching the charts as a team. Being the only girl in BTS, the boys continued to support your hardships. But what happens, when some of them starts paying attention to other females, specially ones you have had a rough past with.

A/N: Instead of random text convos, I made it to a series. Enjoy! 

Here’s a taste of what it’s going to be like, though this story is going to be slightly different. 

➳Namjoon/Yoongi/Jungkook:  Your a girl member of BTS. Jungkook, Namjoon and yoongi’s girlfriends hate you, but they don’t see it because of love and gets mad when you tell them. PT. 1 // PT 2

>>Part 2 

Left Align
  • Lawful Good: yeah I may be a liberal cuck but I'm going to defeat capitalism with boycotts and Hillary Clinton hats, please buy these hats
  • Chaotic Good: I just shared ten thousand memes to the masses while skipping the organizational meeting because other leftists make me want to kill myself
  • Neutral Good: I just organized a really important action during which we discovered A) we're very good at riling up the media and B) we're broke. I haven't slept in 2 years
  • True Neutral: I can't wait to kill myself. What are you talking about, I know that won't stop capitalism. I just want to die
  • Lawful Evil: I'm going to fuck a tank and then the tank's going to fuck all of you and then I'm going to fuck the tank again.
  • Chaotic Neutral: I threw a brick through a starbucks window and didn't get arrested because I'm white, what have YOU done for the cause huh??? HUH???
  • Chaotic Evil: The technological singularity/living in the woods eating our own shit/crystal healing/the free market will defeat capitalism and save us somehow
Newt Scamander and Important Harry Potter Dates

1897 - Newt is born.

1899 - Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s summer – Newt is two.

1901 - Tina is born – Newt is four.

1908 - Newt begins Hogwarts, Tina’s parents’ die (around then) - He is 11.

1913 - Newt is expelled – He is 16.

1914 - World War I begins – Newt is 17.

1918 - World War I ends, Newt is commissioned to write Fantastic Beasts – he is 21.

1925 - Newt sets off on his year in the field – He is 28.

1926 - Newt travels to NY, Tom Riddle is born – Newt is 29.  

1927 - First edition of Fantastic Beasts published – Newt is 30.

1928 - Shenanigans in Paris, Hagrid is born – Newt is 31.

1937 - Tom begins Hogwarts – Newt is 40.

1939 - Hagrid begins Hogwarts – Newt is 42.

1942 - Tom opens the Chamber; Hagrid is expelled.  – Newt is 45.

1945 - Dumbledore and Grindelwald battle – Newt is 48.

1947 - Newt establishes the Werewolf Register – He is 50.

1950ish - Molly Prewett and Arthur Weasley born – Newt is 53.

1960 - Marauders born – Newt is 63.

1965 - Newt creates the Ban on Experimental Breeding, his proudest moment; Remus Lupin is bitten by Greyback; Rappoport’s Law repealed – Newt is 68.

1968 - Molly and Arthur graduate – Newt is 71.

1970 - Bill Weasley born – Newt is 72.

1972 - Charlie Weasley born – Newt is 74.

1977 - Marauders graduate – Newt is 80.

1979 - Awarded Order of Merlin Second Class for Services to Magizoology, put on a Chocolate Frog card – He is 81.

1980 - Harry Potter’s year born – Newt is 83.

1981 - Luna Lovegood born, Dark Lord defeated – Newt is 84.

1989 - Charlie Weasley graduates – Newt is 92.

1991 - Harry’s year begin Hogwarts – Newt is 94.

1993 - Hagrid is hired, Buckbeak sentenced to death, Newt appears on the Marauders’ Map – He is 96.

1997 - Dumbledore dies – Newt is 100.

1998 - The Dark Lord is defeated once more – Newt is 101.

1999 - The Golden Trio and Luna graduate – Newt is 102.

2006 - Albus Potter is born – Newt is 109.

2016 - The Muggles learn about Newt’s 1926 exploits – He is 119.

2017 - Albus Potter begins Hogwarts, newest edition of Fantastic Beasts published – Newt is 120.

Unfortunately we do not know how long Newt lives after this.

2018 - The Muggles learn about Newt’s 1928 exploits – He is 121.

2020 - Delphi Voldemort attempts to gain power. – Newt is 123.

2024 - The Muggles learn about Newt’s 1945 exploits – Newt is 127.

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Get one of those ahhhh What're they called spin fidgets?

ive got 2 fidget cubes but they dont … replace dopamine, they just let me distract myself kinetically while im trying to read or watch smth so i dont start looking for something else to do

pages 259 261 and 262 - sometimes, I like to pretend I’m not attached to floor with a chain and the dungeon I’m in isn’t just a room with a single door set high up on the wall. I like to pretend I am free to walk around and explore, and one day while pushing my fingers between two rocks something gives and a section of stone pulls away to reveal the entrance to a hidden labyrinth. I would walk down the dark path heedless of danger, thinking anything is better than sitting in one spot for eternity. Carefully making my way through the maze I would eventually find the end and my just reward. This one says money, but I’m thinking maybe a shower and sunlight and/or freedom. And if there’s a case of mineral and vitamin rich health shakes that will stop my body from disintegrating, all the better.