fun with archaeology

fun things overheard in my aeneid class today

“forgetting how far we can throw jupiter for a second….”

“it’s all bollocks forget everything i said everything i’ve taught you the last seven weeks is all wrong”

“do you really want your condom company named after like the trojan horse? that’s a pretty big failure to keep something from getting in”

“it’s just jupiter playing fast and loose with the truth so that a female deity doesn’t yell at him”

“jupiter told venus everything would be fine and we’ve literally just had eleven books of it not being fine”

“what would be more scary a giant horse filled with soldiers or a giant soldier filled with horses”

“reverse trojan horse” “is that a sex position?”

“here’s this sex crazed goat god”

“this isn’t the first time we’ve seen aeneas ripping a tree to pieces and being sad”

“we’re all gonna die again. great.”

“but they werent like “mooooo sacrifice me”

“actually if it’s ok with you aeneas i’d quite like not to die’

“he’s just this new guy who’s angry about things”

“i’ve lost all will to live and i just want to go home with my doggy”

fun latin word of the day

anancaecum, -i, neut. (ahn-ahn-kai-cuhm) – a large cup that must be emptied “bottoms up”

for all your bacchic revels, my friends. go forth, be merry and get fucking hammered* **

 *if you do that kind of thing

**be safe about it bc dionysus cares and i do too

fun latin word of the day

denaso (1) (day-nah-so) – to bite the nose off (someone’s face)

so i have no idea why there’s a specific word for this but i love it because it’s such a great threat like ‘don’t you dare touch my food or so help me god i will bite your nose off.’ it brings an awful lot of class and monty python flair into your day to day conversations!

fun latin word of the day

adustus, a, um adj (ad-uhs-tuhs) – scorched, burned

nivibus adustus – frostbitten (lit. scorched by snow)

sole adustus – sunburned (lit. scorched by sun)

aka maine where i go to college bc this is unfortunately accurate

although i am a paler color than the covergirl foundation makes

so maybe that’s just me

fun latin word of the day

mellilla, mellilae, fem. - little honey (term of endearment)

melculum, melculi, neut. - little honey (term of endearment)

i’m not sure why there’s no masculine diminutive of honey to make a cute nickname. maybe no one wanted to deal with vocative rules. whatever. 

on another note think about how cute vergil would be walking around calling all of his friends “little bee” or “little honey” or something like that