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fun latin word of the day

apicula, -ae, fem. (ah-pee-coo-lah) – little bee

i really just adore latin diminutives. for all of u who want to embrace ur inner vergil, here’s the cutest term of endearment ever because bees are the most adorable

apparently this is a picture of a bee sleeping which is the best thing so enjoy

This was the tiny hamlet of Tynan in Co. Armagh. When we visited it the entire hamlet had appeared to have taken the day off. The church was closed, the shop was closed, the tractors were still. Anyway we took a short walk in the church grounds and cemetery for local and family history reasons. Some of those graves were old. Really old. I mean 15 and 1600s old. And the graves were on the crest of a hill with a lot of old trees and shrubs working their roots over and through them.
And guess what that means. It means weathering and soil erosion. And when that happens in a very old graveyard you might just find that some of the bones aren’t exactly where you left them. Strolling along catch something with my toe,
“oh what’s this, funny it looks like a bit of humerus.”
“Oh and this looks like a bit of tibia”
“Hmm and this looks suspiciously ocipital shaped.”
“Oh. Oh bugger. I see what’s happened here.”

Small chunks of very very old bone had worked their way to the surface right were anybody could trip over them. Or say, a fox or bird might pick them up and later drop them. Or were they might just tumble down hill in to the farmer’s field next door. Might get tricky. Plus, this is a church yard. These are the bones of people who had a Christian burial. They may be centuries old but respect still due etc etc.

So we think we should tell somebody so they can be properly re-buried. But as mentioned previously, the hamlet of Tynan was not open at that time. Nobody in the church, nobody on the streets.
Finally we find that a small doctor’s surgery is open. Hurrah. Where can we find the vicar we ask. Next village over we are told. And when will he be back? *shrug* So maybe we can leave a message.
We tried to explain the situation to the receptionist but for some reason she looked confused and somewhat sceptical. And didn’t take any notes. And wasn’t sure when she’d see the vicar next.

So we left it at that. The next day I was in work. My boss at the time was fairly active in his local parish so I told him the story and asked for advice. He asked his priest. His priest suggested the bishop of the diocese. So I telephoned the diocese of Armagh. Except the bishop was on holiday and the person I spoke to didn’t know what to do and seemed baffled. You’d think they never had random Enligh people ringing up telling them that they had found 400 year old bones that needed re-consecrating. So I was given a phone number. Some administrative office I guessed.
I telephoned. “Hello, this is the office of the Archbishop” I hear. Oh. I see.
So I start to explain the situation again. The woman seems a little taken aback, but says, one minute I’ll put you through to Alan. Alright. Fine.

Turns out that “Alan” was Archbishop of Armagh Primate of all Northern Ireland Alan Harper.

Nice chap. So I told him the story and finally, (and thank heavens I guess) he said “oh right, I see our point, I’ll get in touch with them and get that sorted out.”

And that’s how I had a nice chat about osteo-archaeology with the Archbishop of Armagh.

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As much as I adore 11/River, I’m actually convinced that 12/River would be absolute gorgeousness, and hella cute.

maximanxd  asked:

Thank you for the amazing stream. It was really interesting and fun! You cheered me up a lot and saved my evening. Thank you

Aaaaaawwww thank you!!! :D I am so glad you enjoyed my stream…. I mean I suck as hell at the gameplay, I didn’t realized how hard was gonna be to catch the controls after 10 years without playing TRAOD… so I always fear you gonna get bored/annoyed when I got stuck in silly moments D: Also damn, I have little memories or practically nothing at some points so… actually it’s like first time playing this game.

No, what the hell, first time I did better than this :D

Anyway! :D I’m very happy you had fun despite my sucky gaming, it’s my goal actually! Not trying to impress anyone (lol) but to have fun with TRAOD friends and pals! See you next stream - at the end of July! :) We’ll beat up - hopefully - Tomb of Ancients and Hall of Seasons! :D

Tomb Raider AU

So, it would be so easy to make this not quite an au, just the characters stuck on an island, but lets say full au for the fun of it.

Alex is an archaeology student.  Her parents were archaeologists before her, but when her father died in a plane crash on his way back from a dig, her mother refused to go out into the field anymore and instead turned to teaching.  When Alex made it clear that she was going to go into archaeology as well, her mother wouldn’t talk to her for a month before then turning around and pushing her as hard as she could in her studies.

The summer after she finished her thesis, she found a position on a small expedition and was joined by girlfriend Lucy Lane, who had just finished law school, but had another six months before she had to be at her position.

At the last minute Kara, Alex’s sister, joins the crew in hopes to use footage she films for her capstone project for her film degree.

Also on the crew is Maggie Sawyer, a deck hand just trying to get away.

And some others, I’m sure.  J’onn as Roth.  Winn as Alex.  M’gann as Reyes.  James is there, but he doesn’t fit as Jonah the way the others do.  Lord as Dr. Whitman.


The expedition is trying to find an island myth claims is in the Mediterranean. (Not Themyscira or Atlantis, something else entirely).  The myths say that the island is home to [insert name here], demi-gad daughter of Jupiter who can control storms.

Alex is convinced the island exists.  [insert name here] not so much, but the island, yes.

J’onn, who worked with her dad, isn’t as sure, but is willing to test her theory.

Maggie ends up telling Alex a version of the myth passed down through her family.

Lucy spends like 75% of the time trying to figure out how to get her girlfriend and this hot deck hand to agree to a threesome.  (listen, she didn’t realize how boring it could get, being on a tiny ass boat with basically nothing to do.)

Kara films a lot of birds.

Then the storm hits and the boat goes down and Alex wakes up alone on a beach.

The rest would basically follow the plot of Tomb Raider (2013), with Maggie as Sam and Alex and Lucy kinda taking different parts of Lara.

In the longer run, Cadmus is Trinity, and Alex eventually learns that they killed/captured her father.

It would probably end up being about ancient divinities as opposed to whatever the immortal thing the actual games are about.

Could actually bring Diana into it, after they get home, have her approach them about it.  I dunno.

Overall, a lot of fighting, blood, some death, probably baby archaeologist Alex throwing up after killing someone for the first time.

also, i will be accepting all memes in my MEME TAG for the rest of the morning / afternoon !


Finished all the partners for Thousand Year Door! (plus Koopie Koo) Notes on my designs on each picture!

Used a different brush for Bobbery, didn’t really like it though 

Feel free to use my designs as long as you credit me!

On to the stars, bad guys, and more *~* There are so many characters in these games rip

Pretty sad right now. Last month, I bought tickets to go see AFI’s Atlanta show in July. So excited for it. Going to see them for a 3rd time and meeting a couple of friends to hang out before the show. Welp, my boss sent me an email last week letting me know that a project is starting around the 10th of July, if not the 17th of July. It’s a 5-7 week archaeology excavation. I have to be there the whole time. That means no show for me. I mean, I get paid pretty well, so there’s is that. And I do love my job as an archaeologist. I’m not complaining about working, far from it. The stars did not align for me this time to go see AFI.

Upside: Money and fun/hard archaeology field work.

Downside: Not seeing my favorite band of 14 years in concert.

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fun latin word of the day

anancaecum, -i, neut. (ahn-ahn-kai-cuhm) – a large cup that must be emptied “bottoms up”

for all your bacchic revels, my friends. go forth, be merry and get fucking hammered* **

 *if you do that kind of thing

**be safe about it bc dionysus cares and i do too

fun latin word of the day

uxorcula, -ae, fem (ooks-or-cue-la) – dear little wife [ANOTHER ADORABLE DIMINUTIVE]

also bonus: uxorius, -a. -um (ooks-or-ee-us) of a wife, wifely; very fond of a wife, henpecked because sexism has no age and also the pun/double meaning if we’re talking about ancient gays 

fun latin word of the day

denaso (1) (day-nah-so) – to bite the nose off (someone’s face)

so i have no idea why there’s a specific word for this but i love it because it’s such a great threat like ‘don’t you dare touch my food or so help me god i will bite your nose off.’ it brings an awful lot of class and monty python flair into your day to day conversations!