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I finally wrote and posted a new fic!

Title: Hale’s Modern Encyclopedia of Playing Cards (and Dating Humans)

author: thepsychicclam

wc: 49k

Summary: Wolves don’t date humans. And Derek’s okay with that. He’s got his Pack, his friends in the Pack network, and lacrosse. Plus, he plays cards with his grandma all the time. Stiles Stilinski definitely doesn’t factor into his life - no matter how much of a crush Derek has on him.

But when bird creatures attack Derek, Stiles, and their friends in the Preserve, Stiles finds out about werewolves and things get pretty complicated. For Derek at least. And he thought school was his only problem, but now he’s grounded and Stiles is hanging around way too much for Derek to ignore him any longer.

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Coffee Shops and Scars

Request: “hello there! your works are absolutely amazing and I enjoy reading them so much~ keep doing what you do!!! I would love to request a soulmate au where both newt and reader can feel and witness each other’s pain and even fresh wounds on their own body!! (eg. if newt gets a paper cut, so does the reader at the same time) welcome to the angst train _(:3/”

Word Count: 3,434

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Warning: Mentions of blood

Requested by @ah-excuse-me but also tagging @caseoffics and @red-roses-and-stories

Your friend holds a bowl of popcorn out to you when it happens.

You curse and grab your arm, curling up and grimacing.

“Again?” Is all Maria says, placing the bowl back in her lap and taking a handful of popcorn.

You groan. “I’m going to kill this idiot when I meet him.”

She laughs. “You’re going to kill your soulmate?”

“Yes.” You grumble.

“Well, how bad is it this time?” She crunches the popcorn in her mouth as the two of you ignore the record droning on in the background.

You remove your hand from your bicep. A red patch of skin grows under where your hand was clutched, bubbling up in the center. You hiss at the sight.

“Oh, that’s disgusting. Do you have your medkit?”

You nod, squeezing your eyes shut. “How the hell did he get a burn there?” You mumble, reaching to your hip and unlatching the medkit you carry with you. It holds everything from tiny bandages to a tourniquet. The tourniquet was a joke gift from another friend when they’d noticed all the scars covering your body, but you’re not so sure you won’t need it someday.

“Leaned against an open oven?”

“With their upper arm?”

She shrugs, tossing more popcorn into her mouth. “Possible.”

“Whatever.” You dig around in the bag and find the bottle of burn cream. You’d bought it six months before and used half of it already.

Maria looks back to the record player, watching the disk spin. “You’re missing the best part of the song.”

“I’m sorry, I’m a little busy.” You spit. You’d been having a perfectly good night before your soulmate had to go and do something stupid.

You finish applying the burn cream when a deep cut suddenly rips opens on your left forearm. A trail of blood rushes out of it, dripping onto your blanket before you can grab anything.

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what if yū and mika were idols?

whatever you do, don’t imagine richie and bill getting together. but, plot twist, stanley is secretly in love with bill.

don’t imagine bill and richie holding hands while they’re out with the group and the entire group awhs at them while stanley puts on a fake smile, joining in on the cooing.

don’t imagine stanley listening to bill gush over richie as stanley holds back tears.

don’t imagine stanley going over to bill’s house only to see polaroids of richie and bill scattered across his desk.

don’t imagine stanley realizing that bill and richie have been together for over seven months.

don’t imagine stanley going to beverly’s at two in the morning, in the middle of a breakdown, and tells her how he’s been hurting for seven months.

don’t imagine stanley putting his friend’s happiness before his.

don’t imagine bill breaking stanley’s heart, and bill not even knowing.

don’t imagine stanley being heartbroken.


Look at this cutest and purest dork. Super!Danny is a perfect precious baby filled with goodwill and justice and unnecessary alliteration, and maybe I’m misunderstanding something or just looking in the wrong places, but I cannot for the life of me understand why so much of the phandom seems to have it out for him. There is not a selfish or materialistic bone in his body.

anonymous asked:

I'm craving for some angst so how about their worst fight? Or the first time otabek ever lost his composure/yelled at yuri?


Anyways, onto the headcanon:

  • Otabek and Yuri really don’t argue a lot, they understand each other (and Yuri’s temper) well enough to know when to just let things go before they blow up into an actual fight
  • But when they do fight, it’s intense
  • Yuri yells a lot not surprising and Otabek just gets deadly calm and you realize “Oh shit, he’s mad”
    • They normally are able to make up fine within a few hours after a little time apart and they’ll watch a movie and cuddle as an apology
  • Their worst argument as a couple started over something petty, they don’t even really remember what it was about
  • They both had a long day at practice and were just really exhausted, which meant they were also extremely irritable
  • Yuri was yelling and Otabek was arguing, deadly calm like he normally would be
  • Until all of a sudden he just snaps and actually yells at Yuri
  • Yuri can normally mask his emotions quite well, but there was no way he could hide the hurt on his face when Otabek yelled
  • He had never heard Otabek yell before and lose his composure like that, no one really had ever seen him like that
  • Before Otabek could say anything else Yuri just said (much calmer than he had expected, but that was just because he was hurt) “fuck you” and the door slammed to his room
  • Otabek had known that he screwed up the second he yelled, but it would just add fuel to the fire if he went in and tried to talk to Yuri anymore, so he just left
    • As he was leaving he heard a single soft sob come from their shared room and his heart just broke

(I’m putting the resolution under the cut because this is going to be so long, so continue if you want to see the ending!)

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